Bier Haus Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

In the midst of action-packed slots with graphics that are almost too dark to make out, Bier Haus is a refreshing change. The jaunty tunes in this 5-reel, 40-payline slot immediately draw you in, and the characters and symbols on the reels make you wish that you were experiencing Oktoberfest in person. For now, Bier Haus will be your gateway into the tradition and one that will see you definitely getting into the spirit of it all.

Players can give the Bier Haus reels a spin for free right here at Slots Temple without having to part with their hard-earned cash. It doesn't matter if you prefer to play your slots on a desktop, tablet or mobile device; you will be able to access this fun game on all platforms, wherever you have access to the internet. If you're looking for an upbeat slot that is simple and fun to play, look no further than Bier Haus.

The Bier Haus theme

The German slot title Bier Haus translates very simply to "Beer House" in English, so if you didn't quite figure out what the theme would be earlier, you may have a better understanding now. Just the thought of this type of establishment evokes the idea of having fun with friends, so it comes as no surprise that Bier Haus is a cheerful slot.

From the symbols on the reels, you are quickly taken to Oktoberfest, the German celebration of Bavarian culture that also happens to be the world's largest beer festival. Originating in 1810 in the city of Munich, the tradition began as a celebration of the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen and has since expanded with events taking place all over the globe every October. The Bier Haus slot continues this celebration with some subtle and not-so-subtle references and creates a real feel-good factor for those playing.

How Bier Haus looks

Click to play Bier Haus, and you are taken into a small tavern with brick walls. It's a dark yet cosy space that feels as though you are stepping foot in a traditional German pub. The reels are set on a dark green backdrop that is bordered by a gold outline. All of the playing options are found at the bottom of the reels, allowing new players to figure out just what they need to do to get started.

Brightly coloured playing card symbols appear on the reels and add to the traditional symbols that can be associated with Oktoberfest. Among them are beer steins, an accordion, a Bavarian tankard, acorns, a view of a German castle, a keg that includes a scroll that reads "Bier", and a man dressed in traditional German clothing lifting up his drink as if to say "Cheers!" There are also smiling blonde waitresses who pop up to help reveal one of the special features that the slot has to offer.

How to play the Bier Haus slot

As mentioned earlier, the inclusion of all of the slot options and controls sit together at the bottom of the reels, making it easy to know how and where to start. The only exceptions are the balance, sound and settings options, which sit inconspicuously in the top right corner.

The first thing to notice is that the 40 paylines are not set and can be adjusted. This can be done by using the small arrows at the side of the lines option. Players can choose from between 5 and 40 paylines to play depending on how lucky they are feeling. In addition to the paylines, the bet per line is also easily changed using the arrows to the side. Those who like to play safe can start with as low as 0.01, while the high rollers can bet up to 1.00 per line. This means that for each spin, you can choose to bet between 0.05 and 40.00 in total. It's a great way to personalise your game, and the decent variation available means that Bier Haus may appeal to those who like to bet small and those who like to go all in.

Once you have made the necessary adjustments, you will see your total stake in the total bet box in the centre of the options bar. Next to that is a box that simply says "win". Its sole purpose is to inform you how much you have won when you land a winning combination. At the end of the options bar is the spin button, which is the way to get the reels spinning!

The only other main option available at the bottom of the screen is the payable button, which will explain the importance of each symbol and where they need to land in order to gain a big win. You can also look into the slots features here so you know what each of the symbols mean and what can trigger something special.

Underneath this option are two very small icons, each with letters on them. There is a C icon and a QB icon, which stand for Classic and Quick Bet. These are your options for how you would like the reels and the various options to appear on the screen. The classic panel view is just what it says: a classic view where the options mentioned earlier are set out across the bottom of the screen in specific sections.

The quick bet option is a little different. Although it doesn't change the reels or symbols, it combines the bet per line and total bet options into one easy-to-use section. This means that instead of clicking the arrows to increase or decrease your line bet, which will in turn affect the total stake, you can easily just click on the total bet amount that you would like to play per spin. You can also easily click onto the max and min bet amount rather than scrolling to find your selection.

The option to change how many paylines you play is still on the classic panel view, but you can decrease this and then hop over to the quick bet panel and select your total bet amount. It all depends on whether you prefer to be in control of all of the small details, or whether the total stake is your main concern. Not many slots have this feature, so it is a nice little inclusion from WMS, whether you actually use it or not.

Bier Haus paytable

With 40 paylines, it can be a little confusing for new players to see what is considered a winning combination, which is where the paytable comes in. Just click onto the paytable icon in the bottom left corner of the options bar and the paytable, along with winning symbols, will appear.

The lowest-paying symbols on the reels are the playing card suits. The pink diamond, purple club, red heart and blue spade all pay the same amount regardless of which one lands on screen. Find three of the same symbol and you can win up to 5.00, whilst four matching symbols give you 15.00 and five pay out 75.00. Keep in mind that these winnings are all based on the maximum stake being played. For lower bets, the amount that is paid out will decrease depending on the total bet.

The next symbols that may find themselves on the reels are all of the references to Oktoberfest. The acorn that sits against autumn leaves and the accordion symbols pay out the same, with 10.00 given for three matching symbols, 25.00 for four, and 100.00 rewarded for five of the same.

The Bavarian tankard, scenic castle view and bier keg are next on the list of important symbols. Getting three of them will pay out 15.00, four gives you 50.00, and a full set of five depends on the symbol you have landed. Five matching tankard symbols gives you 100.00, the keg pays 125.00, and the castle rewards players with 150.00. The final standard symbol is the Bavarian man cheerfully enjoying his beer whilst wearing the traditional Lederhosen. This will give you 20.00 for three, 100.00 for four and an impressive 500.00 for five.

There are three other symbols that you may notice on the reels: the three pint glasses, the waitress with a green background, and the same waitress with a purple background. These are the special symbols that you should look out for if you want to trigger one of the available features.

Bier Haus basic features

The image of three pint glasses is the Wild symbol and will substitute for all other symbols, minus the two feature symbols, to help create a bigger and better winning combination. When you just seem to be missing one symbol out of a potential winning combo, the Wild is the feature that you want to see as it will allow you to win on what seemed like an unlucky line.

Bier Haus Free Spins

The pigtailed waitress symbol is the Feature, and with two of these, it is important to know the difference. The Feature symbol sees the waitress against a green background smiling out from the reels and is one of the keys to triggering the free spins feature. The other key rests with the waitress who is set against a purple background holding three beers, also known as the Gold Feature. If you land five or more of these symbols, whether combined or as individual symbols, you will receive a minimum of five free spins. However, this number can be increased significantly depending on how many extra Feature or Gold Feature symbols you have landed in addition to the triggering five. Each extra will award you with a further five free spins, which can continue up to a maximum of 80 in total.

Once you have triggered the free spins, the Gold Feature symbol will be replaced by a Persisting Wild, a symbol that is almost identical to the original Wild but with a gold border. This is an additional feature that will lock into position for the remainder of the free spins feature. Just like a standard Wild, this will substitute for all other symbols minus the two features to help you win more.

If that wasn't enough for you, you may also come across the Wild Feature symbol. This only occurs when a Feature or Gold Feature lands in the same place as a Persisting Wild, causing it to be replaced by a Wild Feature for that one spin. The difference with this symbol is that it will substitute for all symbols, even the features that were previously out of bounds. This symbol can also combine with the Feature and Gold Feature to offer even more free spins if you find five or more of them scattered on the reels.

Bier Haus sounds

One of the first things you notice about Bier Haus is the jaunty tunes that greet you when you click to play the game. It is an inviting sound that is highly upbeat and makes you want to visit the Bier Haus in which the slot is set. If you are taking your time before spinning the reels, you will find that the music stops and the steady murmur of other patrons enjoying a drink with their friends can be heard, along with the occasional clink of glasses. It's a great way to keep the player feeling like they are within the setting and keeps them involved in the slot much more that those that fall silent whenever a break from spinning occurs.

There are also the familiar sounds that can be found in traditional casino slots in Bier Haus. The subtle clack of the reels landing along with the pings when you form a winning combo can be heard, along with a cymbal crash when a Feature lands and looks set to trigger the free spins. Otherwise, the music is the only noteworthy sound and one that instantly makes this an upbeat and fun slot to play.

What Is the RTP of Bier Haus?

Bier Haus is a medium-variance slot that has a Return to Player percentage of 96.28%. This means that even if the Oktoberfest theme and cheerful music don't reel you in, this is one slot that is worth taking a chance on.

Bier Haus slot free to play

If you ever wanted to take a detailed look at a slot game without having to spend a bunch of money for the privilege, you've come to the right place. Not only can you play Bier Haus without a lengthy signup process, but you can also play it entirely for free. Instead of using real money, the site offers its players credits that can be used to test out their slots. It's the perfect way of figuring out the gameplay without spending your own money. Once you have spent all of your credits, you don't need to worry about being out of pocket. Instead, the credits will reset if you restart the game or if you decide to give another slot a try.

You don't need to enter any personal details. Just find the slot you want to try and click to play instantly. You don't even need to download anything, which is a massive bonus for those who want to try out multiple slots. There is also a handy search function at Slots Temple that allows you to search for a game or filter them by game maker, theme or other categories.

However, once you have found a slot that appeals to you, you may decide that you want to take it to the next level and play using real money. Although pay-to-play slots are not available at Slots Temple, they can recommend various online casino sites that feature your chosen slot. From there, you can decide where to spend your money and hopefully become a jackpot winner.

Play Bier Haus on the go

However you like to play your slots - whether you prefer to fire up your desktop computer, get comfy with your laptop, or play whilst you are out and about with your mobile device - Slots Temple has something for everyone. In addition to Bier Haus, all of the slots available at Slots Temple are available to play on desktop, mobile and tablet, allowing you the choice of deciding just where to play. There are no restrictions; as long as you can access the internet, you will be able to play Bier Haus.

Bier Haus real money play with no deposit

Whilst playing Bier Haus for free is a great way to learn more about the game style, you may want to try your luck at playing for real money. However, first you might want to check to see if there are any casino bonuses involving Bier Haus that could allow you to play for real money before depositing any cash.

Although there are no current no deposit offers involving Bier Haus, some online casinos have been known to allow players to try to win big on Heidi's Bier Haus, a slot that is very similar. This 50-payline slot comes from the same game makers, so you can expect very similar game play and some familiar faces on the reels. Casumo Casino and Dunder are two casinos that have previously had no-deposit free spins involving one of these slots, although their current offering is for the Starburst slot. It is worth keeping an eye out as these offers change regularly.

Bier Haus slot review

There aren't many slots out there that instantly put you in a great mood. Thankfully, Bier Haus is one of them. With its upbeat music, players will automatically be tapping their toes along to the tunes whilst they try their luck on this 5-reel, 40-payline slot from game makers WMS.

Along with the music, the happy faces staring back at you from the screen put a smile on your face, especially after you realise that they are celebrating Oktoberfest. This German tradition celebrating beer is known for its fun-filled events all around the world, so what better way to spend it than in the rustic tavern that you find in Bier Haus.

Players can select to play between five and 40 paylines, with each line worth a minimum of 0.01 and a maximum of 1.00. This means that you are able to play a total bet of 0.05 or up to 40.00, which is more than enough choice for small players and high rollers alike. The slot could benefit from a max bet option, although this can be accessed if you are playing using the QuickBet panel and would also be a little more enjoyable with an Autoplay function. Unfortunately, this is not available in Bier Haus, so players must manually spin the reels. It's not a major issue, but it is something that could be improved.

If you love free spins, there is no need to look elsewhere with free spins forming the main part of the fun bonus feature. The blonde waitress acts as both the Feature and Gold Feature symbols, which is your ticket to reaching the free spins round. Five of them will do the job, but if you are lucky enough to land even more of them, you can add a further five free spins to your total. Altogether, you could end up with up to 80 free spins, which is a pretty decent amount. Bier Haus also has Wilds that will substitute for other symbols to create a winning combo and a good selection of other symbols to help the money come rolling in.

Overall, Bier Haus is a feel-good slot that has a great free spins feature. It can be played on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, allowing full flexibility for those playing. It is also completely free to play here at Slots Temple, so you don't need to worry about spending all of your pennies whilst you have fun spinning the reels. It's a slot for those who don't like their games to be too complicated but can still appreciate the great graphics, jaunty tunes and entertaining features.

About the Bier Haus game makers WMS

WMS, also known as Williams Interactive, is the company behind Bier Haus and a whole host of other popular slots. Hailing from Chicago, WMS launched the first slot to feature a multi-line and multi-coin bonus in Reel 'Em In back in 1994. Since then, they went on to become one of the first game makers to add video into their classic slots, thus creating a range of exciting and fun slots. They have offices all over the world and are known as one of the biggest and best software developers in the gaming industry.

WMS is known for its impressive selection of reliable and smooth-running games that continue to be at the forefront of innovative game play. In addition to Bier Haus, some of the popular slot titles you will find include a range of Monopoly-themed games, The Simpsons, Yahtzee, Crystal Forest, Cool Jewels, Wizard of Oz and Montesuma. From land-based casino games to online slots, WMS continues to create a high level of entertainment for its gamers who regard their exciting bonuses and upbeat games as some of the best.

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If the theme is what you enjoyed about playing Bier Haus, Bier Fest will be right up your street. Set at the time of Oktoberfest, this slot looks quite similar in terms of the smiling waitresses and frosty beer symbols. It is a 5-reel slot with 25 reels and includes wilds and scatters to keep the game lively. There is also a taste of the traditional German music that made Bier Haus so fun to play. As long as the accordion carries on, Bier Fest might just be worth a few spins.

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Whilst Bier Haus is particularly upbeat, London Pub tones it down with this classic-style slot that has up to 81 different ways to win. With symbols including black beer, golden whiskey and long smoke, this is a more conservative affair, with the only sounds coming from the spinning reels. There is a crowd cheer and some subtle murmurs if you manage to reach the bonus level, which rewards you with a tasty multiplier. It's the perfect slot to just sit back and play whilst relaxing, in the hope of hitting the 12x multiplier.

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Another offering from the same game makers as Bier Haus, this 40-payline slot also includes a happy yet more whimsical soundtrack as it follows Alice and her journey to meet the Cheshire Cat. Whilst the occurrence of wilds and a free spins bonus are very similar to Bier Haus, a mystery symbol, wheel feature and the opportunity to play on up to four sets of reels makes this slot a little more action-packed.

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Not quite a slot that shares a similar theme, this WMS offering has the same feel-good factor that Bier Haus was so good at creating. This time, however, that warm feeling inside comes from the inclusion of several adorable kittens. There is a calm yet playful soundtrack that matches the faces of those meowing and purring back at you from the reels, whilst the free spins bonus feature is fun to play. There are four main reels, with a fifth bonus reel that includes a different cat, each with its own significance to the 40 paylines. With names like Mr Whiskers and Bubbles, it's hard not to enjoy the fuzzy feeling that this slot brings, even if it is admittedly a little cheesy.

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If you find yourself looking for WMS slot titles that are fun to play, this one fits the bill. Music lovers will enjoy the rock and roll soundtrack whilst trying their hand at landing something big on the 100 paylines. It doesn't look like any of the game maker's previous offerings, and that is due to the inclusion of Colossal reels. This itself makes this Kiss slot look extremely exciting before you even introduce the main features. With wilds, scatters, free spins, multipliers and a nudging feature, this slot will keep you spinning the reels.

Bier Haus FAQ

Can I play the Bier Haus slot for free?

Yes, you can. Bier Haus is just one of the many slots that are available to play for free at Slots Temple. You don't need to worry about entering any personal information, including your payment details, as the site runs on a click-to-play scenario. Games are all played using credits that are automatically given at the beginning of a game, and even if you run out, you can just refresh the slot to get some more.

Does the Bier Haus slot have free spins?

Yes, free spins are the major bonus feature in Bier Haus, and there are several ways to trigger it. In order to progress through to the free spins feature, you must find 5 Feature or Gold Feature symbols on the reels. This will automatically award you five free spins. In addition, if you land any more of the Feature or Gold Feature symbols you will receive a further five free spins per symbol, up to a maximum of 80 free spins.

Once you are playing the free spins feature, you may also be lucky enough to add more free spins to your total by landing five or more of the Feature, Gold Feature or Feature Wild symbols.

Can I win real money while playing the Bier Haus slot?

If you are playing Bier Haus through the Slots Temple site, you will be playing using free credits and are unable to win real money. If you do want to test your luck and use real money to play Bier Haus, you can visit one of the online casinos that offer this slot. Slots Temple can recommend several tried-and-tested online casinos for those who are feeling lucky.

Do you have any Bier Haus tips or cheats?

Due to the Random Number Generator (RNG) that is used, there is no way to cheat the outcome of Bier Haus. This is to ensure that the slot is completely fair to play. You are therefore unable to determine the outcome of this game and like most slots, you have to rely on luck.

The only tip for those playing Bier Haus, especially when playing with real money, relates to the time and money spent doing so. It is easy to get carried away when playing slots due to their fun and entertaining nature, and features such as autoplay and turbo spin can make time run away from you.

It can be very easy to forget about your budget or commitments away from the game, so it is always wise to plan your game play before you sit down. Many online games casinos have options such as bet limit and notifications that will remind you if your balance drops below a specified amount. There are also time reminders that will pop up to advise how long you have been playing the game. You should always set your loss/win and time limits up before you play to ensure that you don't exceed them.

If you do feel that you are having a hard time walking away from playing, you can often set up breaks away or restrictions to stop you from playing. Slots are about having fun. Once you start to lose more money than you play, it can become dangerous, so always think through your budget and playing time in advance.

Can I play the Bier Haus slot with no deposit?

Yes, you absolutely can. All of the slots here at Slots Temple are completely free to play, so you don't need to deposit any money before you can get the reels spinning. Instead, you can take advantage of the slot credits that will refresh at the beginning of each game to allow you constant access to the games available.

If you do want to look into playing Bier Haus using real money, the slot may be available as part of a sign-up bonus that many casinos have. These often allow a certain number of free spins on one particular slot, so it is worth checking if Bier Haus is part of this before joining a new online casino site.

Do I have to download anything to play Bier Haus?

No, no downloads are required. The great thing about Bier Haus and the other slots available at Slots Temple is that you can simply click to play. There is no required signup process, and you do not need to download any additional software in order to play. Just click onto your preferred slot and play immediately.

* Bier Haus trademark / license is owned by WMS. This site is not endorsed by WMS.

Game Name: Bier Haus
Software: WMS
Themes: Travel / Countries, Food
Volatility: Medium volatility
Features: Wild Symbol Scatter Symbol Multiplier Free Spins Medium volatility 5 Reels
Paylines: 40
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.4
Max Bet: 2000
Top Win: 2500
RTP: 95%
User Reviews
Overall score: 3.2 out of 5 stars

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