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If you’re looking for an online slots game that’s literally out of this world, then look no further than Cosmic Eclipse, one of the newest offerings from the NetEnt stable of casino games.

With stunning graphics, unique features and a gorgeous ambient soundtrack, you’re sure to be captivated by this beautifully designed game. NetEnt are renowned throughout the gaming world for producing games with extra layers of playability, and Cosmic Eclipse certainly doesn’t disappoint. And because the company is all about making online slots games accessible to players no matter where they happen to be, you’ll find that the game displays seamlessly across all your devices, so whether you prefer to play on your desktop or laptop, you’re guaranteed the same great experience as when you play on your mobile and tablet.

First Impressions of Cosmic Eclipse

Most online slots games employ some sort of background screen against which the playing area is set, but in this game the background has a part to play too. You’ll notice from the opening screen that the background is dominated by a swirling vortex, elegantly crafted in moody shades of pink, purple, blue and violet. Twinkling stars surround this black hole, gently being pulled by its gravitational force, and the overall effect is quite hypnotic and restful.

If you can tear your eyes away from this compelling sight, you’ll see that the playing area is located to the left-hand side of the vortex. Set against the deep indigo of deep space you’ll find five reels, each containing three rows of symbols. Continuing with the deep space theme, the icons on the reels depict planets and asteroids, all carefully detailed with craters and rings in jewel-bright colours.

The whole effect is absolutely stunning. Add in the cool ambient jazzy background music, and the overall effect leaves you in no doubt that that you’re out in the furthest reaches of the universe where normal rules no longer apply.

About Cosmic Eclipse

Some online slots games take ages to get to grips with, requiring the player to trawl through several pages of information screens before they can take to the reels. This game makes it easy for even complete newbies to get stuck in straight away, as the controls are fairly intuitive.

The simplicity of the game also extends to its features - unlike so many other online slots games, there’s only one Bonus feature to discover, but it’s so compelling and well designed that you’re unlikely to tire of it. And since it has the capacity to bring substantial rewards once triggered, you’ll welcome every opportunity to witness its delights again and again.

There’s a good betting range, so whether you like to play it safe or you’re a budding high-roller, you’ll find the gameplay offers something for everyone. You can even just play it for free and enjoy the relaxed vibe from the swirling colours and haunting synthesiser track, which is something that few slots games can claim to offer!

Cosmic Eclipse Slot

How to Play Cosmic Eclipse

The player’s console is very straightforward and intuitive to understand. With ten fixed paylines there’s no need to spend time deciding on how many lines to include with each spin of the reels, and one less decision to make means more time can be spent enjoying the gameplay.

Begin by deciding on the amount you wish to wager. You’ll find the control for this to the right-hand side of the central Spin button, so simply click or tap on the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons either side of the coin value to select your coin. Your options range incrementally from 1p up to a maximum of £1, so there’s plenty of leeway for choosing how much to bet.

Now head for the buttons to the left-hand side of the Spin button and select your level. This controls the number of coins you wish to wager for each spin. A window to the left of the selection button will display your total bet for the next spin, and this wagering sum remains static throughout all future spins unless you alter it manually.

Now you can either click or tap on the central Spin button to set the reels in motion, or you can opt for the Autoplay function. Choosing this option allows you to select from a range of options varying from 10 to 1000 automatic spins, saving you from clicking or tapping each time you want to set the reels spinning. If you decide to use Autoplay, you can cancel the feature at any time during gameplay by pressing on the Stop button, which will return you to manual settings immediately.

To the bottom left of your console you’ll see a spanner icon, which allows you to tailor the game to your exact requirements. Here you can choose whether or not you’d like to see the Intro screen the next time you play, and you can also opt to use the spacebar to spin the reels as well as choose the Quick Spin option for faster gameplay. You can also toggle the sound on or off and view the rules of the game by clicking on the ? icon. And within the player console area you can click on the ‘I’ button to see the paytable.

The greatest returns are to be had when you achieve five orange planets on a payline, followed by the yellow and green planets. The rocks pay out less, but they can still produce an impressive win when you achieve the maximum number across a winning line.

Look out for the Wild logo, which can substitute for any other symbol across the reels, apart from the Bonus, and can help to create a winning line when it appears.

Cosmic Eclipse Black Hole Bonus

What really sets this game apart from the rest is its Bonus round. This is triggered when the Black Hole icon appears - it can only appear on the fifth reel, but when it does it brings its own unique Bonus round into play, complete with absolutely stunning visuals. You certainly won’t have seen anything like this before when playing online slots games!

The Black Hole symbol on reel five starts the vortex to the right-hand side of the playing area spinning. As the colours start to whirl and spin, the Bonus symbol changes into one of the active symbols currently on the reels. Now the vortex starts to spin even faster, and 15 diamond shapes appear around its outer edge. All symbols on the reels that match the new Bonus symbol are tugged and pulled towards the vortex as they each settle into one of the empty diamond shapes. You are now awarded a series of free spins in which any symbols that match the altered Bonus are pulled towards the vortex and drawn to one of the empty diamonds. Wilds also count as active symbols, so they are drawn into the Black Hole too. Meanwhile, winning lines can still be achieved during the bonus as usual.

Once all 15 diamond shapes have been filled, or when no matching symbols appear following a free spin, the feature draws to a close and the reels are emptied of all icons, leaving them blank. Now the vortex releases all of the captured symbols and throws them back on to the reels in such a way that the player is guaranteed at least one winning line. Depending on how many symbols were captured by the vortex, this could result in a substantial win, which is heralded by a meteor shower as your credits are awarded.

This is the only feature that occurs during gameplay, but it’s such an impressive sight that players are unlikely to lament the fact that there are no additional features. And since the bonus round seems to be triggered quite frequently, it’s possible to achieve some excellent results, depending on how much you have wagered.

Getting to Grips with Cosmic Eclipse

We always suggest that players should spend as much time as possible playing new games in free play and demo mode before wagering real money on them. In fact, we even recommend that seasoned players should take time getting to understand all the ins and outs of a game in as much depth as possible before betting their hard-earned cash, as this is the very best way of understanding how a game works.

Cosmic Eclipse is very different from so many other slots games, so we recommend aiming for at least 500 spins in free play mode, as this will let you assess for yourself how frequently the bonus round is triggered, and this can lead to more informed choices once you head onto one of our partner sites to play for cash. Not all game developers are keen to allow players to take advantage of demo mode, but for NetEnt Free Slots are an important part of their package, as they always aim to provide their players with the best possible online gaming experience.

Try playing in demo mode with a variety of betting options so that you can see for yourself the best way of building up a substantial prize pot without the risk involved in betting with real money. Then once you have fully acquainted yourself with the rules of the game, you can start wagering, secure in the knowledge that there will no unpleasant surprises.

Or, of course, you could just keep playing in demo mode, enjoying the beautiful graphics, hypnotic swirling of the vortex and relaxing ambient soundtrack of this unique game!

What Is the RTP of Cosmic Eclipse?

The RTP of a game, or Return To Player, often confuses people as it is essentially a theoretical amount. It is based on the premise that, over an extended period of time, a player could expect to receive back a specific percentage of the money that they spend.

Of course, statistics calculated over a lengthy period cannot possibly relate to one individual playing a game for a few hours, so it’s important not to assume that each time you play you can expect to receive the RTP shown for a game. However, it does serve to show the type of return that all players combined can expect to receive, but bear in mind that one player may make a considerable profit while playing, but another may end up out of pocket.

With that in mind, the reported RTP of Cosmic Eclipse is reported as being 96.52%, which is fairly standard for a game of this type.

Other Games You May Enjoy

If you enjoy playing Cosmic Eclipse and you’re keen to discover more space theme slots, then NetEnt has another well-loved title in its catalogue. The Starburst slot is one of its most popular offerings, attracting slots fans from around the world thanks to its gorgeous graphics and cool soundtrack. In many ways it’s quite similar to Cosmic Eclipse, although it lacks this game’s thrilling Black Hole Bonus. But try it out and you’ll see many similarities, which isn’t surprising given that it’s created by the same development team.

Starburst features winning lines that pay both ways, so wins are calculated from left to right and also from right to left, offering extra ways to win. Stacked symbols and exploding wilds give the player ample chances to scoop that all-important big win, while the opportunity to activate re-spins keep the gameplay fast and furious. This is one of the most popular titles available to online slots fans, and there’s a reason why it consistently appears on lists of the most playable games.

NetEnt really is the go-to game developer for space-themed slots, with online reviewers claiming that there’s no such thing as a bad NetEnt slots game. And the company proves the truth of this once again with the wonderful Space Wars online slots, which features some of the cutest aliens that you’re ever likely to see on a screen. But don’t be fooled by the wacky graphics and out-of-this-world soundtrack - with 40 paylines, wild substitutions, re-spins and stacked and cloned winning symbols, the opportunity for a winning streak is always close at hand.

Disclaimer: Cosmic Eclipse trademark / license is owned by Net Ent. This site is not endorsed by Net Ent.

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Slot Data
Slot Name: Cosmic Eclipse
Software: Net Ent
RTP: 96.52%
Volatility: Medium volatility
Paylines: 10
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): £0.10 (GBP)
Max Bet: £100 (GBP)
Top Win: 600
Features: Wild Symbol , Respins , Medium volatility , 5 Reels
UK Available in GB? Yes. Net Ent have a UKGC license and are allowed to offer their games at UK licensed casinos.

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