Dead or Alive Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

In Dead or Alive, you’re after the NetEnt gang - wanted men, all five of them. Their faces are on the posters, and there’s a reward out. They need to know there’s a new sheriff in town, and this lawman’s faster on the reels than any gunslinger. The situation’s definitely getting wild and sticky. The Sheriff’s got them there sticky wilds on his side too. So let’s take a look at how wild things can get in Dead or Alive gulch.

Dead or Alive Sound and Graphics

It’s a dark and stormy night - it always is in Dead or Alive. The hurricane lamp is swinging away, and it's all looking very gloomy. However, inside the saloon, we have a great game to play. The graphics in Dead or Alive are great with lots of detail. Look at the holster for the gun, for example, or the cowboy leather boots with the spurs - very nicely drawn. There are lots of symbols, including of course the sheriff’s gold star, a cowboy hat, a wanted poster and then the least well drawn, which looks like a cup of espresso but in fact must be a tot of whiskey. The scatter is two crossed pistols and three bullets.

The colour scheme is an authentic sepia, brown-tinged look - no garish reds or greens here. There are some animations too. When the pistol scatters are triggered, you see the chamber rotating, and the sound track gets exciting. When you get two scatters on reels 1 to 4, the fifth reel revs up a gear, and so does the music.

The soundtrack is pretty good - creaky wood, barking dogs and a whistle in the dark. When the reels start spinning you hear the sound of an old cash register being opened, followed by a whirring sound while they spin and some country cowboy guitar music when they stop.

In free spins mode, you’re in full-on saloon bar territory, with a great soundtrack including a honky-tonk piano. The other sound effect puts you in mind of someone sneezing, but maybe it’s meant to be a whip cracking, so hold the Kleenex. You’ll hear this sound whenever you click on one of the control buttons down at the bottom of the play area.

Another Win for NetEnt

The posse from our favourite Swedish games developer have lassoed another winner with this one. Like many of the best-known names in the online slot world, they have their roots in games for traditional casinos and have been through a few identity changes. They were certainly ready to move online when the opportunity presented itself. So as early as the mid 1990s, they were establishing an online gaming presence. They’re now big enough to be listed on the Swedish stock exchange.

Their first huge title was probably Gonzo’s Quest - still going strong today. Since 2015, their games have begun appearing in land-based casino slot machines through an agreement to supply them to William Hill’s betting shops. So they’ve almost come full circle from their early roots under another name in land-based casinos.

Playing on Mobile and Tablet

This incredibly popular title is widely played in casinos online. You can access it via mobile or tablet and on a PC or laptop. It’s seven years since NetEnt started releasing games for mobiles, and its mobile offering just gets better. There’s no need to download anything - you just access the game via your browser.

NetEnt has been developing games in HTML5 for years with a standard presentation on desktop and mobiles. Today, nearly 40% of their income comes from games played via mobiles. Their mobile offering gives you everything you would get from playing the game on a PC.

The mobile games part of the company is called Touch. Having a special focus on mobiles has helped them deliver probably the most playable and robust mobile slots around. They’re designed for touch-screen devices and are quick to load on smartphones. Some games are also Chrome browser-friendly on both iOS and Android devices. The one thing you can’t do is play using Firefox as your browser.

Let’s Get Playing!

For information on the game rules, symbol values and paylines, click the “i” button at the bottom left of the playing area. You’ll be taken to the Help section. Once you’re in the Help section, use the right and left arrows to move from one information screen to the next. To close the Help box, click the X in the top right-hand corner.

The Wanted posters are wild and can substitute for all symbols except the scatter - the two crossed pistols. All wins are paid left to right, with just one win on each betting line - that’s pretty standard in all slots.

Scatters in Dead or Alive

If you want to get that reward in Dead or Alive, brandish those scatters. Five of those crossed pistols will net you a cool 2,500 - you can have a great time in Gulch City with that. But four scatters are only worth 25, while three get you four and two scatters get you just two.

Using Scatters to Get Free Spins

Get three or more scatters (the crossed pistols) and you can win 12 free spins. Inv, winning lines pay out twice your wager - this is the kind of free spin we all like!

In free spins mode, the wilds are sticky and will hold their positions for as long as the free spins session carries on. Even when you retrigger the free spins, the original wilds will stay sticky. You can retrigger free spins once in every free spins session.

Better yet, during a free spins play episode, sticky wilds appearing on all of the reels get you five extra free spins. Not all games give free spins during free spins, so this is definitely a plus point for Dead or Alive. Sticky wilds are just like normal wilds and substitute for all symbols except the crossed guns scatter during free spin sessions.

Dead or Alive Symbol Values

The sheriff's gold star gives you 1,000 for five appearances, 125 for three appearances and 20 for one appearance.
The holster and gun gives you 750 for five appearances, 100 for three appearances and 20 for one appearance.
The cowboy hat gives you 400 for five appearances, 75 for three appearances and 15 for one appearance.
The cowboy boots give you 300 for five appearances, 60 for three appearances and 12 for one appearance.
The whisky gives you 200 for five appearances, 50 for three appearances and 10 for one appearance.

As with many slots, Dead or Alive also uses playing cards. Like the symbols, these pay on five, four and three appearances, as follows:

The Ace gives you 100 for five appearances, 20 for three appearances and 10 for one appearance.
The King gives you 75 for five appearances, 15 for three appearances and 5 for one appearance.
The Queen gives you 50 for five appearances, 12 for three appearances and 4 for one appearance.
The Jack gives you 40 for five appearances, 10 for three appearances and 2 for one appearance.
The Ten gives you 25 for five appearances, 10 for three appearances and 2 for one appearance.

A Simple But Fair Game

Dead or Alive is quite a simple slot. There are no bonus features, games within games, quests, items to collect or things to find. However, it’s pretty fair in the way it treats players, particularly during the free spins sessions.

Game Settings

Way down at the bottom left of the play area you’ll see a little spanner. Click on this to adjust the spin speed - you’ll see an X in the box next to this option if a faster spin speed is selected. Similarly, if you’re using a tablet or PC with a spacebar, you can choose to use this as your spin starter. This can be handy if you don’t have a mouse or touchscreen - it saves having to fiddle about with a touchpad.

Next to this, there’s a sound control to raise or lower the volume of those whiplashes.

Advanced Autoplay Options Available

The word AUTO is displayed on the bottom menu bar and on the left of the Start button. Click either of these to set the autoplay options. A box opens, showing different numbers of spins and displaying right and left arrows. Click on the right arrow to increase the number of spins you want - you can go right up to 1,000. Click on the left arrow to decrease the number of spins - the minimum number is 10.

To start the autospins, just click on the number you’ve chosen. The box stays open as the spins start, but now it displays the number of spins that are left in this autospin round. There’s also a Stop button. Click on this to stop the autoplay. You’ll see the autoplay options box again and can either choose a different number or close the options box and go back to manual play.

There are also advanced autoplay options, and these are more sophisticated than you’ll see in many slots. Click on “Auto” and when the box opens click on the “Advanced Settings” arrow at the top of the box. You’re then given a set of clever options for when you want to stop your pre-set Autospins.

You can stop the autospins if you get any win or only if you win free spins. You can also set various limits. So you could set the spins to stop if you win more than a certain amount or if the cash you are holding increases by a certain amount or decreases by a certain amount.

A lot of thought has gone into this relatively simple game to make it an enjoyable and customisable playing experience.

Play Lines and Wager Level

With Dead or Alive, you only have nine paylines, and you can’t adjust the number of paylines. Now there are people who never bother to change the number of paylines, even though the slot they are playing will allow them to. So they won’t be too bothered by the fact that Dead or Alive doesn't allow you to adjust the number of paylines.

However, you can of course adjust the size of your wager. You can choose a wager level of from 0.01 to 0.50. At the bottom left of the playing area is the coin value display with a plus and minus on each side - you can use these to raise and lower the value of your bet. There’s also a Max Bet button next to the Spin Start.

Return to Player (RTP)

You'll find varying estimates of the Dead or Alive RTP online. However, the consensus figure is around 96.8%. While Netent does have some slots in the 97% range, this is still a pretty generous figure and on the higher end of the average RTP you can get while playing.

The UK Gambling Commission authorises gambling and slots in the UK, and it makes the point that the RTP percentage is always an average. It’s a percentage that needs to be achieved over a number of spins. For some games, it’s calculated across 10,000 spins. That means that if you’re spinning fifty times, you may be way above or below the stated RTP.

So what does that actually mean when you’re playing Dead or Alive? You have to accept that the RTP isn’t very helpful, because random variations in play may mean that in any one session you don’t get 96.8% of your money back. This works in exactly the same way for free slots that are using coins for credit. So unless you happen to have a lot of time to run the Autospin feature, and a calculator to work out the percentages, it’s probably not worth bothering about. The only time you’d really sit up and take notice is if a slot had a very low RTP - 70% say - because you probably would notice that even when playing for a limited time.

And - not many people know this - slots don’t have to have a set level of RTP. If someone wants to bring out a slot with an RTP of 10%, there’s nothing to stop them - except the fact that people wouldn't see any point in playing it. As it is, games developers use the RTP as a bit of a marketing device to promote their games. And the competition between games houses keeps the RTPs nice and high while ensuring that none of the online sites and casinos go broke!

Variance and Volatility

Two of the main things that a slot player is going to notice are variance and volatility. To some extent these are the same thing. They mean how varied the game play is and to what degree you will experience highs and lows while playing. Slot players develop strong views about what type of volatility they like in a slot game. Some always opt for medium-volatility games because in a way they’re less predictable - you might get a run of wins, or you might not.

In a high-volatility or high-variance game, you can get a long dry period of hardly any wins followed by a big bonus win. The drawback is that during the dry periods, your balance rapidly diminishes, so these slots are a bit “all or nothing”. Slots that allow you to double your winnings or lose the lot could also be described as having high volatility. These slots are undoubtedly more exciting, and some of them allow you to win 1,000 times your bet. But you can hit a long streak with no payout action.

Low-variance games are much more placid experiences with much less volatile game play. You tend to get more frequent but smaller wins, and when you get a multiplier on your wager, it will tend to be modest. The advantage of low volatility is that you can make your stake last a lot longer, because it gets topped up with lots of small wins.

Dead or Alive is a medium-volatility game. But as mentioned above, NetEnt now wants to cater for those players who want high-volatility games that offer the chance of really big payouts. The games will have the same RTP as NetEnt’s standard games but with much bigger prizes. So volatility is definitely a driver in games design as far as the developers are concerned.

A great advantage of Slots Temple is that you can select the games that have the volatility level you like. Just click on “Features” in the top menu and choose the level of volatility you prefer.

If You Like Dead or Alive You’ll Love These!

Yee ha! There are lots of Western-themed slots! Why not start by trying Cowboys go West? The graphics aren’t quite as realistic, and it’s a lot more Technicolor, but the sound track is very good. Cracking gunshots, manic fiddle playing and loud cries of Yee ha! This is a five-reel, 25-payline game - but you can adjust the paylines.

The game comes from World Match, who are pretty generous with the free spins. You can win up to 12, and during a free spins round your bets are multiplied by two. What’s more, there’s a great bonus game. We’ve all seen the shot in the cowboy film where the sharpshooter lines up the tin cans on the wall and sets them all jumping as he hits every one. This game lets you do the same.

You have to get three or more Bonus Game symbols to get a shot at the tin cans, and then you need to hit six out of the nine cans. Each can has a different prize, and you get to see these once the Bonus Game is over.

Cowboys Go West is a unique game with a great bonus round and definitely worth trying if you don’t know it. It’s also easy to configure - you can set your bet level, autospin number and paylines.

If you’re feeling a bit saddle-sore, why not head on down to the saloon in Wild West, a great title from NextGen? The graphics are quite cartoony and very cute. There are plenty of gunshots and country bluegrass guitars twanging away on the soundtrack. You're comfortably seated in the saloon, with its classic swing doors and wagon wheel light fittings hanging from the ceiling.

In Wild West, poker is the only game in town, so it’s not surprising the horse is playing it too. There’s an icon of a money bag stuffed with coins and poker chips, and one of the highest-paying symbols is the very friendly-looking bar maid.

They say you can take the girl out of the bar, but you can’t take the bar out of the girl. Well, in this game you can have a good try, because if she pops up multiple times, she can be worth up to 1,000 coins! Other symbols include the inevitable cowboy boots and of course some hard liquor. Every time you get a good win, poker chips shoot up in the air and everyone fires their guns to celebrate.

If the cowboy shows up on reels three, four and five, he’s wild and he’ll give you five free games. During the free games there are random prizes if the scattered chip symbol turns up.

They were always trying to outdo each other in the Wild West, so it’s not surprising we’ve got a slot called Wild, Wild, West - so good that NetEnt named it twice! This title has really high production values, with a full-on soundtrack featuring a great Western theme and lots of animation. It’s one of the most immersive slots around and demonstrates the way that slots are becoming more game-like all the time. What’s more, it’s free! Well, it is here at Slots Temple anyway.

The theme is a train heist as the train makes its way along the railroad in the middle of the desert. A big win - let alone a mega win - is announced with a bunch of guns firing wildly in the air. In keeping with the game’s theme, there’s a great cast of characters. The number “7” train is the scatter. If it stops at stations on reels three, four or five, you can win up to 30 free spins. That’s very generous - not many games give you that many. What’s more, you can retrigger during the free spins, with no cap on the number of times you retrigger.

Wilds are different in Wild, Wild West - well, they would be, wouldn’t be? As well as the basic wild, there are others that are tied to a wheel of fortune. As you’ll gather, this is a really well executed slot with great graphics, absorbing game play and fully realised theme that really raises the bar.

Staying in the Wild West, take a look at iSoftBet’s Indian Chief. In terms of complexity, it’s right at the other end from the NetEnt title. No scatters, free spins, multipliers or bonus games. Just a simple three-reel slot with a non-progressive jackpot.

So why would anyone play it, you’re wondering? Well, for one thing, there are times after a hard day’s cattle rustling when you just need a simple slot. Indian Chief is that slot. And secondly, the maximum bonus is huge - 5,000 coins - so they don’t mess around.

Some people will relish the colourful graphics and the straightforward play. Others will get bored and look for more challenges in another slot. Let’s face it, with nearly 3,000 titles at Slots Temple, everyone has plenty of choice!

Are There Different Versions of Dead or Alive?

Some slots have different versions, and you may find a slightly different one with the same title and theme from the same provider but with a progressive jackpot or different payouts. However, there are no different versions of Dead or Alive.

Play Responsibly

When you’re playing free slots you’re only spending time, and that’s a great thing about them. They’re an excellent alternative to the online casinos, where you have to register and deposit money in order to pay. Even if you register with a casino that allows you to play for free on a “no deposit” basis, it can be tempting once you’ve registered to simply switch over, deposit some cash to get a bonus and then find you’re playing for money all the time.

You can play for free at Slots Temple without being tempted to flip over to wagering for money. So it’s a great site to use if you have been playing for money and would like to wean yourself off that habit. There are thousands of titles here at Slots Temple. That’s far more than are carried by online casinos. So instead of betting money, why not explore the amazing slots on offer? One of the great features of Slots Temple is that as well as searching on individual words, you can explore themes such as Outer Space or Ancient Egypt.

Even when you’re playing for free, you need to control your play so that it doesn’t take up time you should be spending on other things. For example, if you find that you’re getting behind with your studies or not arriving at work on time because of playing slots, you need to take a look at your slot use and regulate it so that it doesn’t adversely affect other aspects of your life.

Some people schedule playing times or tell themselves they can only play when they’ve completed a task they need to do, whether that’s doing the washing or writing an essay! Others try to stop themselves getting too obsessed with a particular title and vary the titles they play so that none of them gets a grip on them.


Can I play Dead or Alive for free?

Yes, you can, right here at Slots Temple, the best free slots site there is online. What’s more, you can play lots more slots based on cowboys, Indians and the Wild West.

Does Dead or Alive have free spins?

Not only does it have free spins, it also has sticky wilds during free spins. You win 12 free spins when you get three or more scatters, and in free spins mode you get paid out with a multiplier of two. What’s more, you can retrigger - getting free spins while you are already in free spins mode.

Can I win real money while playing Dead or Alive?

Not at Slots Temple because it is a free slots site. To win real money, you would have to sign up to join an online casino, and then you would need to prove your identity. Then you would need to deposit cash into your account. Any winnings would be subject to a play-through requirement, so you’d have to wager more money before you got your winnings. So free slots are an uncomplicated, hassle-free way to enjoy slots.

Do you have any Dead or Alive Tips or cheats?

No cheating here! Dead or Alive uses a Random Number Generator (RNG). This is pre-programmed to ensure that the game really is random each and every time you spin. So tips aren’t going to help you get more spins. However, we all know that games are sometimes in payout mode and sometimes not!

How do I know it’s really random?

Players are always arguing about whether their favourite games really are random. But to ensure legality the Gambling Commission insists that companies which are providing slot games for wagering, or purely for entertainment, have to comply with a set of technical standards. These force the games providers to use fully tested RNGs that have been shown to be truly random. The Gambling Commission checks to ensure this is carried out properly.

Can I play Dead or Alive with no deposit?

You don’t need a deposit to play Dead or Alive - at Slot’s Temple it’s free, as are lots of other great slots.

Can I download Dead or Alive?

You don’t need to - you can play Dead or Alive on mobile, tablet or on a PC without needing to download the game or install an app.

Do I need to know any other Dead or Alive games before I play this one?

There’s only one Dead or Alive game. It’s a standalone, so there’s nothing you need to know before playing.

Are all slots random?

No, there are some slots that are not random, but the Gambling Commission says you must be clearly told which type you are playing. All the Slots Temple slots are random slots. The Gambling Commission tests every slot to ensure that its randomness and stated RTP are accurate.

Do free slots give more free spins at certain times of the day?

No. It doesn’t matter what time of the day or night you play or how many other people are playing online. The free spins are generated randomly. And no matter whether you’ve won or lost previously, the odds are exactly the same for your next spin.

Does Dead or Alive have a progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is when each game played helps to build up a jackpot that any player in the game can win. Dead or Alive doesn’t have a progressive jackpot. However, if you look at YouTube, you’ll see great wins by players of Dead or Alive.

Is there a VIP programme for free slots?

No, there isn’t a VIP programme for free slots. However, if you are already a member of a VIP programme in an online casino, you may get special access to free slots when playing there.

Are there fewer free spins when you don’t gamble with cash?

There are exactly the same number whether you play for free or pay with cash or play for free. The number of free spins is set by the RNG, which is explained above.

Will using free slots make me a gambling addict?

This is unlikely. But if you find yourself spending too much time playing and are concerned that you might be addicted, click on the GambleAware logo at the bottom of the home page screen. There you’ll find tips, techniques and tools for controlling your playing time and the way you use slots. If you get over-involved in playing, take it as a warning to think long and hard before joining up to any casino where you are playing with real money.

If you feel your gaming might be causing you problems but aren’t sure, there are some great self-assessment tools online. Go to Gamcare or GambleAware and fill in the self-assessment. It will help you decide whether you need to cut back a bit.

Which is the best site for free slots?

Slots Temple is undoubtedly the web’s best site for free slots. This is because it has a unique selection of free games, including all the great games designers such as NetEnt, WMS, IGT, Playtech and, of course, Microgaming. It’s also got the latest news and views about the world of slots.

One of Slots Temple’s great features is that it allows you to pursue your gaming interests by following themes or looking at games that feature the number of reels, level of volatility, payouts, bonus types and free spins that you’re looking for.



* Dead or Alive trademark / license is owned by Net Ent. This site is not endorsed by Net Ent.

Game Name: Dead or Alive
Software: Net Ent
Themes: Action & Adventure, Wild West
Volatility: High Volatility
Features: Bonus Games Free Spins Wild Symbols Scatter Symbols
Paylines: 9
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.9
Max Bet: 36
Top Win: 1000
RTP: 96.8%
User Reviews
Overall score: 3.4 out of 5 stars
M MaskedMan
An oldie but a goodie 04/12/2019

Played this a fair few time over the years, I like the sticky wilds in the free spins feature - it's given me some decent wins in the past as wins are doubled during the feature.

P Player1Slots
good free spins 30/11/2019

Played this a few times. Wins hit quite often and free spins not hard to get which is always good. Plays really well on mobile. NetEnt slots always worth a spin IMO, also Dead or Alive 2 is on here as well.

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