Zeus III Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

Zeus is a powerful and authoritative figure, generally described as being tall, and the Zeus 3 online slot game captures plenty of the tension and drama that runs through many of the ancient stories that feature Zeus. Zeus 3 brings a new look to the trilogy of Zeus games. Zeus 3 is, as the title suggests, the third part of a popular series of games based around the life, times and experiences of this Olympian God, but it also stands alone and has quite a different look from the first two instalments. It’s pretty much perfect and ready to go, whether you know the previous two games or not. Zeus 1000 was the first in the series to be released, and the second game, Zeus 2, was only released to Facebook.

How to Play Zeus 3 Slots

Zeus 3 isn’t a game to rush, so before you get going, you should first open the game and take a few moments to take in all the images on screen, and to get familiar with the feel of the game. The backdrop to the reels is definitely dramatic, with the clever two-toned blue effect, but it is probably the quirky shape of the game reels which will make you look again several times - perhaps blinking in-between - as it is so unusual that you can’t quite believe your eyes are not playing tricks on you! The big reveal of course is that the usual square shaped 6-reels are instead in the shape of a sideways pyramid. There are two images visible on the left hand side, increasing by one each step until there are seven on the right hand side, which is known as the Reel Boost game engine.

The entire game experience is further enhanced by the excellent, and very fitting, sound effects. These include rumbles of thunder, which dramatically represent the powerful relationship between Zeus and the environment and emphasises his power over the world.

Zeus 3 Slot Graphics

The symbols featured in the Zeus 3 slot are well drawn and colourful, and entirely appropriate for this Greek mythology theme that celebrates the mighty Zeus.
Here’s some information on some of the most common symbols and icons that you are likely to come across in the game.

-    Zeus, an imposing figure with his magnificent blue hair.
-    The Parthenon with its many columns. This also acts as the WILD, which can substitute for all other symbols except the FEATURE.
-    Zeus’ hand holding tightly onto a lightning bolt. This is also the FEATURE, which appears on reels 2-6 in the base game.
-    A galleon-style Greek warship complete with a red and while sail.
-    A Greek helmet worn by soldiers going into battle.
-    A typical Greek vase or urn.
-    The snowy white image of Pegasus, the winged horse.
-    Shiny and pretty miniature shapes representing the four suits of a deck of cards, in various colours.

What Is The RTP Of Zeus 3?

The RTP of this game is 96.1, and it is listed as a medium to high variance, low volatility slot. The 191 fixed paylines help to rack up the wins, and with stakes ranging from just 0.40 coins to a massive 80 there is a playing level to suit everyone. While the jackpot may not be anything to make a fuss about there are plenty of other opportunities to win, with free spins, multipliers and expanding wilds.

How to Win At Zeus 3 Slots

Zeus 3 is a very generous game, but to make the most of your 1000 coin starting balance (in free play mode), it’s worth taking a few moments to get familiar with the control panel layout and the different types of winning opportunities that the game offers.

Although most slot games have the control panel running across the bottom of the reels, Zeus 3 bucks the trend and has the panel sitting at the top of the screen. To the far left hand side, and depicted in white, is the home icon and the total current balance of coins in your account is shown. Next along on the control panel is the bet line information, which is conveniently set in a light blue coloured box for more easy viewing. The total bet wagered is the next icon, then another light blue box depicting the number of active pay lines. This is fixed at 192. Finally, at the far right hand side you can see at a glance all the winnings that have been gained from any particular spin, which sits right above the links to further game information, the sound controls, the game rules and so on. It’s all very easy to navigate once you get used to looking up and not down!

There are plenty of ways to win at Zeus 3, including free spins, multipliers, features, wilds and scatters, which are multiplied by the total bet, so even smaller stakes are able to give players a decent chance of a win. The Reel Boost design can be a little strange to get used to at first though, so it’s worth starting off cautiously and then once you get the feel for things in the game then upping the stakes should pay off.

Information on Zeus 3 payouts

While the WILD and the FEATURE symbols change things up the other major symbols pay different rates depending on how many appear at one time. You will win if you spin any number from three to six matching icons in one turn of the reels.

Let’s start with the symbol of Zeus. It is only fitting that this is the most lucrative symbol, and six matches pays 4x. This drops dramatically to 0.50 for five matches, and just 0.05 and 0.02 for four or three landing across the reels. The Greek galleon warship offers 2.50 for the top score of six matches, while Pegasus brings 3.00, but again both drop dramatically for matching three, four or five. This pattern is something that is repeated for all icons, but in return they do occur more often so can still boost your winnings pot. The mask rewards players with 2.00 or a full house, and the vase/urn brings up the rear of the main icon list with just 1.50 for six on the reels.

The shiny blue spade, purple club, pink diamond and pale orange heart symbols offer payouts between 0.50 and 0.80 for six matches, down to 0.01 for three.

Zeus 3 Slot Bonus Features

Many players will be glad to hear that no matter how engaging this game is the lowish-end payouts for the base game are backed up by an amazing range of bonus opportunities. Let’s take a closer look at these extra opportunities to boost winnings.


There’s a double helping of wilds in Zeus 3. The man himself is one of them, and he helpfully expands the entire reel to match. The other WILD is represented by the image of the ancient Parthenon, and this wild substitutes for all other symbols across all reels barring the FEATURE/SCATTER symbol, which is Zeus grasping a thunderbolt in his closed fist. Landing any of these wilds is a great chance to get way ahead in this exciting game.

Free Spins on Zeus 3 Slots

Watch out for that iconic image of Zeus and the thunderbolt, as if you can get three or more of those to show reels 2 to 6 on one spin you will trigger the exciting free spins bonus feature. The more scatters you can land then the more free spins you will be awarded. Three scatters brings ten free spins, four ramps this up to 25 free turns and a bonus of 10x your total bet staked. However, the best ever result comes from landing that magical five match. Do that and you will enjoy a whopping fifty free spins as well as, wait for it, your total bet x50. That is a truly lucrative bonus to stumble across, and remember, anyone can win. During the free spins bonus round getting 3 or more scatters adds on another five free spins. These appear on all reels barring the 6th one.

Zeus 3 Free Spins at Online Casinos

Some online casinos offer a certain number of free spins as a welcome offer to new players who register, or as a reward to those who are established and valued customers. If you are interested in a casino that is advertising free spins then check first which games are eligible to be played. This can vary quite dramatically between different casinos, and it may always be the customer’s choice.

Zeus 3 Slots on Mobile - Android, iPhones and Tablets

Mobile and tablet play via an app or your usual web browser are both feasible options to play Zeus 3 on the go or away from the laptop. Apps are available for both Android and iOS phones and other devices, so going mobile has never been easier.

Playing Zeus 3

It’s always exciting to get the chance to play a slot game like this, and after all just writing about it isn’t going to quite cut the mustard, right? So, in the interests of solid research, and the chance of perhaps getting some insight or tips to help those reading this review we jumped in and had a go at playing this slot game ourselves.

Setting up to play is just as much fun as we expected, and navigating the control panel was easy enough. Do remember though that in order to adjust the bet lines you must click on the relevant icon, and then on the plus sign to reveal both the plus and the minus signs for altering the default settings, and the min/max buttons, which make it really easy to go for either 0.40 or 80 coins per spin.

We first decided to play just five spins at the minimum stake of 0.40 per time, then five more at the maximum. Below we describe the results of our experiment in playing Zeus 3.

We started with 1000 coins in the bank, which is standard for this game in free mode. On spin one we won 0.40, so we basically covered the costs! Spin 2 brought nothing, but spin three was astounding. Just as the reels were spinning there was a distinct change in the rhythm of the typical background musical chimes. The chimes definitely got faster, more upbeat and suddenly the tension was palpable. The result was ten free spins, and to our amazement the reels switched sides completely - leaving the seven reels on the far left hand side this time. During the free spins the music changed again, which was fun and exciting, and we also loved seeing Zeus come to life on his expanding reels. There are lots of explanations on screen that show the player exactly how they won, which did seem to take some time - until we realised that you are able to click on spin and move past the explanations more quickly. Total winnings came to 3.06, which was a great result for our first go. Spin four coughed up a few more but spin five was a washout. We finished the first five spin experiment with 923 coins, a slight loss but a lot of fun was had.

Switching to a massive 80 coins per spin was a huge leap, and it seems obvious that the chances of winning were going to be higher - but was this the case? Sadly the first two spins were zero hits, but from then on we did really well, winning 288 coins in spin three and over 500 during the following two. Overall, our experiment was a triumph.

If You Enjoy Zeus 3, You’ll Love…

Zeus 3 is a fabulous game, so why not explore some of the other equally fun and exciting online slot games that come from the same game developers? Here are a few that really do deserve a special mention. Enjoy.

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It’s sad when a species of wild animal gets close to becoming extinct, and this is the story for the magnificent black rhino, once roaming the African and Asian wildernesses in huge numbers. Poachers have forced these animals into a corner, but in this game they are brought back and revered. With its 6-reels offering over 4000 ways to win play this game is never boring! Scatters bring free spins, and the main symbols - including the rhino, a tree at sunset, a gorilla, alligator cheetah and mongoose pay out a decent amount too if you can spin the right combinations. There aren’t many crazy extras here, but it is still a must-play game with a great atmosphere.

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This super-classic Vegas-like casino slot is a long time favourite with fans. Perhaps it is the random party bonus that could be yours at any time - we love the way this lets you pick.

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Forget tiddlers or any other tiny catch, this game is all about landing the biggest fish possible and of course the top cash prize for doing just that. Players can enjoy the sight of beautiful fish swimming through the deepest part of the sea to the tunes coming from a fun and high energy CD. There are lots of bonus options but our favourite is probably the Fly Fishing one, where a max of 10x the stake wagered is up for grabs if the fly happens to be above the 5th reel while it contains the big bass symbols.

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Who doesn’t melt at the sight of cute kittens? Cat videos are always going viral, and they are just as popular when featured on this 40 fixed payline game. The kitties get up to all kinds of things on the reels, to a background sound of suitable cat noises. Luckily there’s an autoplay option, so you can choose to spin between 10 and 50 times then simply gaze adoringly at these cuties. Tiger, Bubbles and Mr. Whiskers are waiting to meet you!

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Travel back to the medieval age with this classic WMS slot, where the antics of knights and their quest to win rewards will entertain you very easily. There are plenty of the usual bonus features to build up a nice stash of prizes.

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WMS fans who look a little further back in time will discover the wonderful Wizard of Oz, a timeless classic brought alive on the reels in the way only excellent game designers can. It’s not the most modern of games but it is still precious, and there are plentiful ways to win. These include free spins, random wilds, bonus games and jackpots. Watch out for good witch Glenda who likes to land into the game at random moments. When she does anything from one to five if the reels will be turned wild, which could do wonders for your overall balance.

Star Trek Red Alert

From the mid to late 1960s Star Trek was THE television series to watch, and it has since given its name to many spin-offs and tribute shows. Taking this theme and translating it into a half decent online slot was a risk, but WMS have managed it, and created a top class slot to boot. Star Trek Red Alert is the first of five in the series, so fans will be thrilled that they have endless new game experiences ahead. The retro graphics and appearances by key characters maintain the essence of this iconic show, but the gaming side isn’t neglected in the process, with wilds, free spins and more on offer.


Once only known as a competitive family board game, IGT developed the famous Monopoly board into a fun online slot. Later WMS Gaming took it on, and made a few tweaks - making it ideal for fans of Zeus 3 and similar games. This 5-reel, 20 payline game features the key icons from the board version, and plenty of winning options such as wild pay outs and dancing wilds. However, the real winnings come from The Monopoly Big Event, which when triggered opens up a realm of opportunity and riches unlike any other.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

WMS has a habit of taking iconic national treasures, like this famous book and film, and making them into the best online slot game you could imagine. Of course they don’t disappoint with Willy Wonka, which is just as well considering both the movies and the book versions have such a huge fan base. Featuring all your favourite characters like Willy Wonka, Grandfather Joe, and of course the fabulous Oompa Loompas who boost your chances of winning by throwing bags of sugar onto the reels to turn them wild, this 40 line video slot is captivating from the first moment. There are plenty more bonus features, most ending with a chocolate bar, which may contain a magical golden ticket! But our favourite thing has to be the ride on the chocolate river boat. It’s truly unforgettable.

Players that are especially interested in the Greek mythology theme are spoiled for choice when it comes to other online slots. The following selection are very much worth a look if you are a fan of Zeus 3.

Zeus, God of Thunder

The name of this game gives away who is the star attraction when it comes to the symbols to lookout for, but with an amazing five jackpots on offer this 5-reel, 30 paylines game is exciting beyond what you may ever expect. Stakes start low, but can be boosted beyond the usual maximum if you like, delivering rewards that reflect the extra coins wagered.

Pegasus Rising

The majestic white horse with wings is a well known figure in Greek mythology, and here he serves you well by sometimes increasing the number of both paylines and rows. There are free spins and a multiplier on offer to boost the chance of winning, and should you fill a reel with matching symbols you will trigger a feature called the ‘Colossal Streak’ - which rewards you with a re-spin. This is a fun slot from game makers Blue reels.

Golden Goddess

A female focused slot makes for a nice change, and there were definitely plenty of Greek women around in these ancient tales who could have slots based around their lives. Here a rose acts as the bonus icon, and you need three of those to get some free spins. There are also special super-stacks and other bonus options. IGT (Wagerworks) have produced a gentle, quite romantic game based around the idea of Greek goddesses in general, and it works.

Age of the Gods: God of Storms

This game from Playtech maintains the Greek mythology theme but focuses not on Zeus but on Aelous. He was the son of Hippotes, God of the wind. There are lots of ways to win including wilds, re-spins and various multipliers, but the most exciting attraction has to be the four jackpots on offer that are triggered randomly.

Titans of the Sun: An Olympus Fairytale

Set on and around Mount Olympus this is an enchanting slot with lovely visuals from gamemasters Microgaming. Alongside the usual wilds, free spins and scatters players here can also enjoy a mystery symbol. This little piece of magic is able to morph into any of the games’s icons - both regular and wild, to boost your winnings considerably.

Legends of Troy Slot

The main players in Troy take centre stage in this fun six-reel, 50 payline slot. We especially like the Scatter Bucks feature as it can lead to a range of different rewards and prizes, depending where it lands. To play this extra feature you must double the wager you first decided on. There are also some very nice scatters, wilds and free spins which mix things up nicely.


If you are ready for a bit of a change from Ancient Greece why not go sideways and check out some of the amazing slots around which have the theme of Ancient Egypt? Cleopatra is just one of the many you can choose from. This 5 x 3 reel game boasts 20 paylines, and plenty of ways to win, such as scatter, wilds and free spin bonuses that don’t limit you to one try, but rather re-trigger several times over. This is a flexible game as unlike many slots the paylines are not fixed. Sometimes it is nice to have the chance to choose how many, or how few, paylines you bet across, right? Another plus with this game is the handy autoplay option, leaving you free to look at the visuals or even to nip away from the screen for a minute with no penalty.

Goldify Slot

Who can remember the stories you were told as a child about King Midas? This famous Greek mythology figure yearned to be rich for many years. He worshipped gold, and sought out ways to achieve his goal of endless riches. One day, after helping out a friend in need he was in return granted a wish - his desire was that everything he touched would turn to gold. This came true, and for a time Midas was happy, but this gift soon became a curse. When Midas accidentally touched his daughter and she instantly suffered the golden fate he rejected society completely. In this fun slot you get the chance to make some decisions too - will they be wiser than those Midas made? You will be asked to decide which symbols should be ‘Goldified’ - a process which then boosts their value by five. This is a nice change to the usual game set ups.

Zeus 3 Slot Review

Zeus 3 has a lot to live up to, coming from a well established and highly respected game developer, but it doesn’t fall down at any point. The entire game is amazing - from the perfect sound effects and outstanding graphics to the range of winning and bonus options that are very generous. Zeus is a compelling game, designed to draw the player in and surround them with a world of Greek gods, ancient architecture and pottery, and myths and wonders. It’s as close to stepping back in time as many of us can hope to experience.
Whether you are new to the world of online slots and keen to get started with an easy to play game, or a seasoned player looking around for some new games to try, Zeus 3 is definitely going to deliver what you are looking for. Play at home on a laptop, desktop, or of course your mobile or tablet device.

About WMS

WMS is a company with a proven history of producing unusual and engaging online games that was acquired by Scientific Games in 2012 but has nevertheless retained its own clear identity.

Scientific Games’ policy is to deliver a variety of creative casino, instant lottery and interactive games within a context that is fully secure, to give both their players and their customers complete peace of mind.

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, this parent company employs around 10,000 people around the world, across six continents. Overall, it’s an established and well respected set up, and all the companies operating under the umbrella of Scientific Games share the same mission, which is to always act with integrity, to constantly look for ways to improve the customer experience - which includes developing innovative games, to demonstrate the passion the company has for the work undertaken, and of course to deliver decent return to its shareholders.

Zeus 3 FAQ

Can I Play Zeus 3 Slots For Free?

Of course. Zeus 3 is widely available in free (sometimes called ‘demo’) mode across the Internet. Players have access to all aspects of the game and can wager a 1000 coin pot for fun. Do make sure to remember though that any winnings acquired during free play - and there will be some - are not real, so they can’t be cashed in.

Does Zeus 3 Slot Have Free Spins?

Yes, and this bonus option is triggered by landing three or more symbols of Zeus with this thunderbolt across reels 2- 6. The number of matches you get influences the amount of free spins awarded, as you would expect it to. Match the lowest possible number (3) and you will get ten totally free spins, but why settle for that. Cross your fingers for at least four images of this blue haired god as that delivers a tidy 25 free turns, and an extra bonus of your total stake multiplied by ten! Amazingly it gets even better than that: all the fives are what you really want. Match five symbols on screen and the free spins jumps to fifty, and your total stake wagered is multiplied by 50.

Can I Win Real Money While Playing Zeus 3 Slots?

If you choose to register with an online casino and stake your cash then there is a real money option available. Otherwise you are able to play as and when you like in free or demo mode. Many players prefer to try out a game this way before betting real money, others never move from the free site.

Do You Have Any Zeus 3 Tips or Cheats?

There’s no need to seek out ways to cheat when playing Zeus 3 simply because it’s already a generous slot. It pays out decent amounts more often than many other games. Plus there are loads of bonus opportunities to win even more. The best tip you can get is to let yourself get used to the game’s interface - as it may take a while.

Can I Play Zeus 3 Slots with No Deposit?

If you are playing online for fun using free or demo mode, which is an option on lots of online casino websites, then naturally no deposit is required. However, it’s also fun to play for real winnings, and this means signing up to a casino and registering your details with them. Special offers and sign-up deals are commonly offered by big name sites to attract new members to join, so in some cases you may find it possible to register and play Zeus without making a cash deposit first.

In these cases the online site adds a certain amount of cash to your account as a welcome bonus, and you can play with that until it runs out. It is worth checking to be sure there are no restrictions on the games a no-deposit gift player an access, as sometimes only particular slots are eligible to be used for wagering the bonus.

Can I Download Zeus 3 Slots?

Yes, you can download the app for both an iOS or Android device, either a phone or tablet, but you don’t have to download the app to play on a mobile. Simply log in and access the game as usual, using your web browser.


* Zeus III trademark / license is owned by WMS. This site is not endorsed by WMS.

Game Name: Zeus III
Software: WMS
Themes: Mythology, Ancient Greece, Gods
Volatility: Medium Volatility
Features: Free Spins Wild Symbols Scatter Symbols
Paylines: 192
Reels: 6
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.4
Max Bet: 120
Top Win: 15000
RTP: 95.91%
User Reviews
Overall score: 3.7 out of 5 stars

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