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Double Bubble from Gamesys is so old school it’s brand new, with 5 reels, 20 paylines and a possible x20,000 top win. The reels are full of classic fruit machine symbols - bells, grapes, plums and melons. Win wilds and the Double Bubble Popper with multipliers galore, plus the Bubble Line bonus for extra riches. We show you the best places to play, where to get the best bonuses and what bonus codes are currently available on this awesome slot.

First impressions of Double Bubble online slot

It’s something we’ve often observed over the years, but the majority of online slots games have always tended to be created with mainly male players in mind. Of course, there have always been plenty of games designed to appeal equally to both sexes, but it used to be pretty rare to see any slots that were aimed primarily at a female audience. Of course, once online casino operators realised that women are less intimidated by venturing alone into an online casino than a bricks-and-mortar one, they soon started demanding games with a more ‘female’ slant, and slots developers were more than happy to respond.

Of course, we’re not suggesting for one minute that Double Bubble is designed to be a female-only game. In the current climate, we’re not even sure that there is such a thing! But as soon as the game launched in our browser, we knew that the abundance of pink and pastel green, combined with the bubbly theme, makes it an extremely female-friendly game. The overall scene is faintly reminiscent of an old-fashioned washday, with a bit of American diner thrown into the mix.

The setting for the reels is a pink console screen, which is set on a pink and white surface, giving a rough three-dimensional effect, which is more like playing on a traditional land-based machine. Bubbles are swirling around in the background, giving the impression that a top-loading washer has been overfilled, and is now steadily leaking foam. The bubbly theme continues through to aspects of the reels, with the Bonus Symbols being represented by bubbles, for example. Some symbols also appear within bubbles from time to time, as part of the Bubble Line feature.

Even the traditional Bar symbols, so often found on classic slots games, have been given a bubbly makeover, and in a nice touch, they’ve been turned into colourful bars of soap. So it’s really rather surprising that Gamesys then decided to include a selection of fruit symbols on the reels as well. It would have made much more sense to pick objects that were more - well, bubbly!

But regardless of what we might think, perhaps a focus group somewhere suggested that fruit symbols would make the game more appealing to ‘masculine’ players? Who knows when it comes to getting into the way that slots developers’ minds work! The fact remains that the majority of symbols that appear on the reels are designed to have a vintage retro vibe going on. So as well as the single, double and triple Bar symbols, you’ll also find watermelons, grapes, oranges, bells and Lucky Number 7s, all just ready and waiting to spin up in some winning combinations.

When it comes to the soundtrack, we have to admit to feeling more than a little bit confused. The musical accompaniment to the spinning of the reels is all magical glissandos, interspersed with what sounds remarkably like a German Oompah band to highlight winning spins. Musical backing to slots games is always a matter of personal taste, of course, but we found it very quickly became irritating. In our experience, slots developers are only too well aware of how rapidly a game’s backing can become irritating, so there’s an option to mute it if you find it unbearable.

Still, as we’ve often found, some of the most stunning looking games can fail to deliver the gaming goods, whereas some of the most lacklustre efforts can spin up literally hours of fun. So without further ado, we prepared ourselves for a spinning session, to see whether Double Bubble is a bubbly delight, or a washday washout.

Double Bubble Big Wins

If you want to get a first-hand look at what it's like to hit a big win on GameSys's Double Bubble slot, then look no further. The video below captures an impressive jackpot on this fun and exciting game. There are definitely some big wins up for grabs in Double Bubble, which offers up an impressive 200x top prize when five logo symbols land on the reels.

Double Bubble Review

Double Bubble is a classic five-reel, 20-payline free slots game from the established UK developer Gamesys. With a simple formula that references vintage Vegas casino slots, Double Bubble will take you back to the old school! Double Bubble transports you to a Vegas casino and an American diner in one spin.

The strong retro vibe and the pop of colour just add to its appeal. With a subtle melody upon each spin, players are not bombarded with grating sound effects throughout their game. With such a zany appearance, players will be bubbling up with joy at the sight of Double Bubble!

Double Bubble adopts a classic clear-cut formula that never fails, as most fruit machine enthusiasts will agree. With two bonus games plus a possible jackpot win of x20,000, players will definitely do a double-take at this marvellous game.

The game plays on the classic slot symbols from old Las Vegas casinos, but with a neat twist. There is a classic bar symbol, some melons, oranges, grapes and plums, and a set of bells. The familiar melons are heart-warming, as is the betting minimum of just 0.01 compared with a maximum payout of x20,000. Only a fruit-loop would pass on placing a bet with these paytables!

How to Play Double Bubble Slots

Getting started playing Double Bubble from GameSys is easy. As soon as the game loads, you're presented with 20 paylines and you can choose to wager on any number of theme. Normally, newer online slots have fixed paylines but Double Bubble gives you the option to choose the number of lines that you bet on. Still, we'd recommend betting on all 20 to maximise your odds of winning.

You're also able to choose a coin size betwen 0.01 and 5. Whatever you choose, it will be multiplied by the number of paylines that you're wagering on to calculate your total wager. There is no autoplay option, unfortunately. To hit winning combinations, you must land 3 or more symbols on the same payline. What sets Double Bubble apart from other similar slots is that some of the symbols actual pay out of 2-of-a-kind winning combinations, increasing the overall volatility of the game and helping you trigger winning combinations more frequently. To trigger the bonus round, you need to land the bonus symbols anywhere on the wheels.

During this round, you'll be prompted to pop bubbles to win prizes. There's also the Bubble Line bonus. Whenever a symbol appears in a bubble, it is placed on the Bubble Line, which is like any other payline except a multiplier is applied. The multiplier is equal to the number of lines you've played, but if you've bet on the maximum, then the multiplier is x22.

Why the volatility of Double Bubble is important

Double Bubble has a classification of medium volatility, which theoretically makes it a suitable game for every type of slots gamer, regardless of their attitude towards risk. But to understand the concept, you first have to gain some knowledge of volatility, and why it matters.

Although slots games are great fun, offering the potential of winning cash prizes, based on the amount wagered on each spin, they don’t all use the same mechanics. You’ll find games with one payline, three paylines, five paylines, 10, 20, 50 and even 100 paylines. Some games don’t have paylines at all, preferring to use a Ways to Win mechanic. And then there are Megaways games, which use a Ways to Win mechanic, then add an extra layer of complexity with between 2 - 7 symbols occurring on reels, offering hundreds of thousands of Ways to Win in some cases.

And just as there are so many different types of game available, it stands to reason that they should be created to appeal to a varied audience. Some gamers are in it just for the thrill of spinning up some big cash prizes. But others are interested in the story behind the game, or the soundtrack of a game, or even the choice of bonus levels. And not all of them share the same attitude towards risk.

Replace the word ‘volatility’ with the word ‘risk’ and you know all you need to know about the games that will suit your gaming style. High-risk, high-stakes, high-rollers will want to play high-volatility games, which offer huge cash prizes, although they pay out only intermittently.

Low-risk players, on the other hand, will get the maximum amount of enjoyment from playing low-volatility games, which offer up plenty of low-value cash prizes. You get all the thrill of winning, without too many of the associated financial consequences.

And then there are medium-volatility slots games, such as Double Bubble. Although they should pay out enough low-value cash prizes to keep low-risk players happy, the paytable shows that many low-value wins don’t even cover the cost of the stake. So extreme caution is advised, and players on low budgets should keep a close watch on their balance. Meanwhile, high-stakes players may find that the top cash prize of 20,000x the line bet isn’t as generous as some other games that they could play. Which is why a spell of playing the game in demo mode is our recommended method for finding out whether you love a slots game enough to wager real cash on it.

How to Win at Double Bubble

The wild in Double Bubble could not stand out more - it comes in the form of the game’s own pink logo! The wild substitutes for all the other symbols except the Double Bubble bonus icon. The Bubble Popper bonus is triggered whenever the bonus symbol shows on reels one, three and five. Players are then presented with a bonus screen where they can take their pick from a selection of bubbles, each one containing a different bonus multiplier.

With the Bubble Popper bonus, all wins are multiplied by the coin size bet. Even better, players can multiply their win with the incredible Bubble Line bonus, which can be found at the bottom right of the play screen. In a fun twist, if a bubble is shown around icons on the reels, the symbol it surrounds is transferred to the Bubble Line. Once a winning combo of symbols is formed in the Bubble Line, the win is multiplied by the number of lines staked.

The Bubble Line wins are awarded from the base paytable and multiplied by the Bubble Line multiplier. Only the highest win is paid on the Bubble Line. The Bubble Line multiplier is equal to the number of coins bet, with the exception of when 20 coins are bet; in this case, the multiplier is increased to x 22. Once you get a taste of the win, you will keep coming back for more!

Double Bubble on Mobile - Android, iPhone and Apps

Like all GameSys titles, Double Bubble is available to play on both mobile and desktop devices. You can give it a spin from your tablet or smartphone and you'll have the exact same gaming experience as you would while playing from a PC.

You don't miss out on any gameplay details, and the mobile version of Double Bubble features graphics that are just as sharp and vibrant. The game is available to play on iOS, Android and Windows devices, which means that you don't have to worry about whether it will be compatible with your tablet or smartphone. Additionally, there is no need to download any software, as Double Bubble is a browser-based game, so you'll be able to save space on your device.

Double Bubble is free to play and available on desktop, mobile and tablet. Don’t let anyone burst your bubble - pop out and continue playing Double Bubble on our mobile site. Enjoy playing this free slots game and more here at Slots Temple.

Double Bubble - The 100 Spin Experience

Want to play a few rounds on Gamesys's Double Bubble slot, but just don't have the time to give it a good go? Well, we've got you covered. With our 100 Spin Experience, we'll take an in-depth look at the gameplay of this popular online slot to let you know exactly what it's like to give it a spin. The first thing to note is how quickly the game loads. It was a matter of seconds before we were able to give the game a spin and could get started right away, which is always a plus when you're playing on the go. Then, we set our line bet to 0.20 and wagered on all 20 paylines to maximise our odds of winning.

Unfortunately, here was no autoplay feature, so we had to hit the spin button on every round - which is a bit of an inconvenience if you want to multitask. Over the course of our experience, we had quite a few winning streaks with prizes ranging from 5x our total stake to 50x our total stake. Sadly, we didn't cash in on the top prize or trigger the Bubble Popping Bonus, but there were plenty of payouts to be earned.

Our main gripe about the game is that the Bubble Line bonus is a bit difficult to grasp. The game's instructions state that symbols that appear in a bubble are placed on the bubble line and a multiplier is awarded based on the number of lines you've played. However, we filled the entire bubble line with symbols and were still unable to trigger the multiplier. It was only after a few rounds that we understood that you have to land a symbol on the bubble line and have that symbol land on a paying line. If more symbols land on the bubble line, then that simply increases your odds of hitting a generous multiplier.

Aside from that, Double Bubble is a great online slot that is sure to keep you entertained and engaged as you spin the reels. You'll be thrilled with the frequency of the payouts and the Bubble Line bonus does add to the excitement - once you figure out exactly how it works!

What is the Payout on Double Bubble?

The Return to Player on Double Bubble is 96.02% - this means that, in theory, if you were to wager 100 you would get paid out 96.02 - of course you can't bank on this as the calculation is done over an infinite number of spins and the smaller your wager the higher the variation will be.

Double Bubble Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy

There is no sure-fire way of guaranteeing a win when you play Double Bubble, but there are tactics you can use to give yourself the best chance of success. Tricks include making sure you have researched the game and know how to play it, as well as giving the demo a go to make sure that the slot will fit your personality, playing style and budget.

If you want to play the Double Bubble slot sites across the internet are likely to offer it. Play Double Bubble slot here at Slots Temple for free, as it is one of hundreds of games offered in free play mode, and this is a great way of trying before you buy. This is the ideal time to decide how to make your budget work for you and the way you like to play and to ensure you understand how the game works and what your chances of receiving the payouts you want to win really are.

Enjoy Double Bubble? Why Not Try...

Once you've finished playing Double Bubble from GameSys, you're likely to have a taste for other similar slots. If that's the case, then you're in luck! There are plenty of other great games that you're sure to love if you've enjoyed giving Double Bubble a spin. Might we recommend...

  • Sweet 27.  If you like the retro look and feel of Double Bubble, then Play n Go's Sweet 27 is the perfect slot for you. This game features 27 ways to win and features an art style that is designed to make you think of ice cream parlours from the 1960s. Sweet 27 offers up a generous re-spin feature that is triggered whenever two wilds land on the reels, which can be triggered quite frequently.
  • Secrets of the Phoenix. GameSys certainly knows how to make great slots, and if you enjoyed playing Double Bubble then you're sure to love this other fantastic hit from the same developer. Secrets of the Phoenix offers players 25 generous paylines with a wide betting range, and Raining Reels which can trigger multiple wins during a single spin. You can also earn up to 25 free spins during the bonus round.
  • Sugar Pop! This is another vibrant online slot, with a theme that is sure to entice you if you're already a fan of Double Bubble. This game takes place on a grid with symbols that disappear every time you hit a winning combination to make way for more payouts. There are over a dozen different power ups that you can earn by levelling up, and each one triggers more generous bonuses than the last.
  • Fruits Gone Wild. If what you loved about Double Bubble was the fruit machine feel, then Fruits Gone Wild from Stakelogic is sure to tickle your fancy. This game also features all of the classic fruit machine symbols - but with an added twist. You can trigger XL symbols throughout the base game and free spins round to help you trigger even bigger and better winning combinations.
  • Gem Heat. One of the most attractive features of Double Bubble is the increasing multipliers that you can earn throughout the base game. For a similar experience, check out this Playtech title, which allows you to earn increasing multipliers throughout the free spins bonus round!

Playing any of these fantastic online slots is sure to provide you with as thrilling of an experience as when you spin the reels on Double Bubble. Be sure to check out other great GameSys titles, as well, and slots with retro themes always ensure a good time!

The Makers Of The Double Bubble Slot Game

Since it was launched in 2001, Gamesys has become one of the best-loved and most well-known games developer and gaming operator in the industry. The company started with just a handful of talented operators, developers and designers, but is now a multi-award-winning group of more than 1,000 employees.

At the start, Jackpotjoy was the group's only venture, but the company now operates some of the planet’s largest and best gaming apps and sites and claims to have more than 25 million players around the world, as well as employees from 51 different countries.

Some of the group’s slots are based on the biggest names in TV and film, such as The Godfather, or exotic themes like those found in Tiki Totems and Tiki Island, and Secrets of the Phoenix. The firm is also the creator of the Houdini slot, based on the world-renowned escapologist, the colourful Wonderland slot and the popular Guardians of Fire & Ice game. Under its Jackpotjoy company, the group has also launched such big-name games as Deal or No Deal, Strike It Lucky and The Price Is Right, which are all based on hit British TV game shows.

If you like to play the Double Bubble slot, you might also enjoy some of the group's other online games, such as Speed Bingo and Session Bingo, as well as casino games such as Pai Gow Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Hi-Lo.

Along with producing games and slots, the group also operates or has a hand in operating, a variety of brands, including some of the big names in the online gaming industry. It is still a major player at Jackpotjoy and also operates Virgin Games, the Monopoly Casino, Virgin Casino, Bohemia, Starspins, Tropicana Atlantic City, Livescore, Virgin Bet, and Heart Bingo.

The group joined forces with Facebook to launch the world’s very first real cash, online gaming applications, and it is said that the London-headquartered firm saw combined wagering of more than US$6.4 billion on its UK site in 2012 alone.

It is believed that the company pays out more than $312 million as prizes each and every month and yet it has still found the funds to acquire the likes of Virgin Games and form partnerships with big names such as Heart, Caesars and Tropicana Entertainment along its growth journey.

EGaming Review magazine has named the company, which was originally founded by Andrew Dixon, Robin Tombs and Noel Hayden, in its top five eGR Power50 round-up of online gaming firms.

The group is made up of a variety of different arms and business opportunities, including Gamesys Limited, which is the technical support services and software development business, internal marketing agency Mice and Dice Ltd, Profitable Play Ltd, which has operated Starspins and Jackpotjoy, operator Entertaining Play Limited, and operator Nozee Limited. Many of these companies are registered in Gibraltar.

Award-Winning Makers Of The Double Bubble Game Online

The group has won all sorts of awards for its work and growth. In 2006, for example, it was Britain’s quickest growing private technology firm, according the Sunday Times Tech Track 100. It was still number 28 in 2007.

Also in 2007, was named as the Bingo Operator of the Year by Egaming Review, while the same site won the Which Bingo Site of the Year in 2010. In 2011, the group was the EGR winner for the Best Marketing Campaign of the Year, as well as being the Bingo Operator of the Year and the Slots Operator of the Year.

As if this wasn’t enough, 2012 saw more EGR prizes, with wins for Social Casino Product of the Year, Customers Services Operator of the Year and Affiliate Programme of the Year. In 2013, the firm was EGR winner for Innovation in both Bingo and Slots.

Changes For The Makers of Double Bubble

In 2015, Intertain Group bought the Jackpotjoy brand and some of the group’s other assets and it is believed that the Canadian company paid an initial fee of £425.8 million. More instalments were also said to have been negotiated.

Today, Intertain owns the Jackpotjoy brands, as well as Starspins and Bohemia. Gamesys did, however, negotiate a service agreement, meaning that it would provide services such as technical and marketing help to the company for at least ten years.

In-depth guide to playing Double Bubble

Before you even think about how much you’re prepared to stake on every spin of the Double Bubble reels, you first need to select the number of paylines to include. Some games offer fixed paylines, so you have no option other than to include them all in every spin. Other games, including this one, allow you to choose how many, or how few, you want to pay for. Nearly all payline games are played on a ‘per payline’ basis, so the more you include, the more you pay for your spins.

The theory is, of course, that playing with fewer paylines lets your budget stretch further, allowing you more spins for your money. But the downside to this approach - and it’s a very big downside indeed - is that the fewer the paylines, the fewer your chances of hitting a winning combination. And trust us - there are few things in life quite so dispiriting as finding out that your apparent ‘win’ doesn’t appear on an active payline!

So with 20 paylines available, we suggest that the only way forward is to include all 20 of them with each spin. If you don’t agree with us, of course you’re more than welcome to use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to adjust the number to one you prefer. And once that’s done, it’s time to decide how much to wager on every spin. This is a medium-volatility game, so it’s designed to appeal to all types of slots gamers. And that means there’s loads of choice when it comes to deciding on your stake. Options start at just 0.01 per line, so with all 20 paylines active, that means you’d pay a total of 0.20 for every spin. The maximum bet-per-line value is 10.00, which applied across the maximum 20 paylines gives a high-roller-sized bet per spin of 200.00.

Now all you have to do is hit the big Spin button, which is located at the bottom right-hand side of your screen, and the game starts. There’s no point in hitting Spin for a second time, in the hope of stopping the reels early, as it won’t have any effect. The reels will stop when they’re ready, and any wins will be highlighted, with the amount shown in the bottom window, just below the central reel.

Unfortunately, there’s no Autoplay button, which makes the game a little bit tedious to play over a long period of time. Most online slots include an Autoplay function, which allows players to conduct hundreds of spins, if they wish, all started automatically, giving more freedom to assess the symbols as they land. There’s no turbo button either, which a lot of games include, so that players can fit in a few spins, even when they’re pushed for time.

Click on the hamburger menu towards the top right-hand corner of your screen to access the game’s paytable and rules. You also have the option to mute sounds here too, if that’s something you’d like to do.

More about winning at Double Bubble

With nearly all online slots games committed to paying out cash rewards for spinning up three matching symbols, we love finding the ones that pay out for matching up just two symbols. And in the case of Double Bubble, the four top-paying symbols in the game all offer financial rewards for players who land just two examples on reels 1 and 2, within an active payline structure.

All the other symbols conform to the usual mechanic of paying out for three or more matches, with the best rewards offered for matching up five of a kind across all five reels, within an active payline. But, as is so often the case, there’s a Wild symbol on hand, which can help to turn near-misses into winning combinations. This is because the Wild symbol, which is represented by the game’s logo, can stand in for any of the other symbols on the reels, apart from the Bonus Scatter, helping to potentially spin up cash prizes for you with every appearance.

And unlike in so many, similar, games, the Wild in Double Bubble also comes with a Wild Pays mechanic, bringing the biggest cash prizes on offer in the game for spinning up five of a kind across all five reels, on an active payline. That’s why we say always include all possible paylines with every spin. Can you imagine the trauma of spinning up five Wilds, only to find that you hadn’t paid for the payline they appear on? Worse things happen, for sure, but that would be right up there on the list of regrets!

Double Bubble symbols and paytable

We’ve already taken a look at the highest-paying symbol on the paytable, which is the Wild. This is one of the symbols that pays out cash prizes for spinning up even two examples on an active payline. The first instance of a winning symbol must always appear on reel 1, with subsequent matches at least on reel 2, in accordance with payline structures. Spin up two Wilds and you’ll win back 20x your line bet. And those of you of a mathematical persuasion will instantly see that this would cover the cost of your stake, if you were playing with all 20 paylines active.

Remember, prizes are based on a per-line basis, not on the total amount of your bet. And of course, the rewards are better, the more Wilds you spin up with a single spin. Three matches will pay out 100x your line bet, increasing to 500x for four matches, and the top cash payout of 20,000x the player’s line bet for five of a kind on a payline.

The other symbols on the reels aren’t nearly so generous, but the other three top-paying icons still pay out some decent cash prizes. Lucky Number 7 lives up to its name with a top cash payout of 500x your line bet. Cash prizes worth 200x and 50x the line bet are paid out for spinning up four and three of a kind respectively, but the payout for spinning up two matches, although still welcome, isn’t going to have an impact on the player’s overall returns. At just 5x the line bet, unless you’re only playing with five active paylines, and your win happens to fall across one of them, you’re not even going to win back your stake.

The same is true of the next two symbols, the golden Liberty Bell and the green triple Bar. Both of these pay out just 2x your line bet for two matches, rising to a much more respectable 25x for spinning up three of a kind. Four matches will award you 100x for the triple Bar, and 200x for the Liberty Bell, with both symbols paying out 500x the line bet for five of a kind across an active payline.

The blue double and pink single bar symbols both return 20x the line bet for matching up three of a kind on a payline. This increases to 50x for four matches and 500x for spinning up matching examples of either symbol. Next come the plum and orange symbols, both of which offer rewards of 10x, 20x and 200x for landing three, four or five of a kind, respectively.

Grapes, watermelons and cherries won’t return your stake, even for spinning up three matches across a payline, paying out just 5x your line bet. This increases to 20x for four matches, winning back your stake if you included all 20 paylines, and rises even further, to 100x for five matches.

Players, particularly newbies, can quickly get caught out playing medium- or high-volatility games that don’t offer an automatic increase on your stake with every win. It’s all too easy to see the wins appearing, and hearing the cheery trumpeting that accompanies every winning spin, and assume that your balance is increasing. But even with several wins under your belt, that balance could be quickly dwindling away, so keep a close watch on your progress.

The Double Bubble Bonus rounds explained

There are two bonus games that can occur on the reels of Double Bubble. The first is the Bubble Pop Bonus, and the other is the Bubble Line Bonus.

The Bubble Pop Bonus round is triggered by spinning up three Bonus Bubble symbols, which only appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. But these are Scatters, so they don’t have to comply with payline structures like all of the other symbols in the game. Spin up three Scatters and the screen changes, showing you three floating bubbles. Choose one to pop, and it will burst, leaving you with an instant Multiplier win, applied to your bet.

The Bubble Line Bonus is constantly being played out, just underneath the reels. You’ll see the word BONUS spelled out in bubbles towards the bottom right-hand side of the playing area. Every time a symbol lands on the reels encased in a bubble, it is collected in one of the Bonus Bubble positions. These symbols then operate according to normal paylines, so if you spin up any combination that would achieve a win on the main reels, it will be awarded for the Bubble Bonus payline too.But this extra payline won’t just pay out the usual winning amounts. The winning sum is subject to a multiplier equal to the number of paylines included with the winning spin. And if you opted to include all 20 paylines, a Multiplier worth 22x the stake is applied, which could lead to some huge cash prizes!

Get the most from playing Double Bubble

We want all of the visitors to our website to have the best possible gaming experience. And that can only be achieved if you make sure that you’re playing the right sort of games. It’s all too easy to assume that online slots games all work in a very similar way, and of course, in some respects they do, but that doesn’t make them all equal - not by a long way!

Double Bubble is classified as a medium-volatility game, so as we’ve already mentioned, it’s been designed to appeal to all sorts of slots players. There’s a huge choice of options when it comes to deciding on how much to wager for every spin, so the theory is that every player will find a suitable betting level.

And that certainly sounds reasonable enough in theory, but in practice, we’ve found that medium-volatility online slots games don’t always give players the satisfaction that they’d hoped for. Low-stakes players often find that the frequent, low-level wins they spin up don’t do anything to stop their bankroll from leaching away steadily. And high rollers find that the big cash prizes either aren’t quite big enough, or that they’re simply too infrequent to make a prolonged gaming session worth their while.

We strongly advise playing Double Bubble extensively in demo mode, before attempting to spin up any real cash prizes at an online casino. Playing the game for free is a fun and safe way to explore its winning possibilities, and you can see for yourself how far your gaming budget could stretch, and what you might expect to win back over the course of time.

Playing Double Bubble for free

It’s only when you play an online slots game for an extended period of time, that you start to gain some insights into how it works. And why on earth would you want to spend time pumping your own cash into an online slots game, simply to find out how it works? You’re much better off playing the game for free, using a pretend balance that behaves just like real cash - only there are absolutely no financial repercussions for blowing the entire lot!

It all depends on your approach to online slots gaming, of course. There are almost unlimited ways to enjoy gaming. Some of our regular visitors like to come to our site to try out the latest games, quite extensively in most cases. Once they’ve explored every aspect of a game, including all of its bonus rounds and side games, they have a pretty good idea as to how far their gaming budget will take them. And so they can head off to their favourite online casino, armed with all the information they need to ensure the most positive outcome from their online gaming session at the reels.

Other players like to drop by and while away an hour or two just playing games for free. They don’t have any intention of playing any of the games at an online casino, but they like the role-playing aspect of hitting the reels like a high roller for a while. And why not? Seeing those big numbers steadily increasing on your screen takes us all to our Happy Place, whether it’s real money or pretend cash!

If you simply want to play Double Bubble for some fun, then be our guest. But if you’re planning on trying your luck at the game at an online casino, we strongly advise an extended gaming session for free beforehand. Double Bubble is a medium-volatility game, so wins can be quite few and far between. If you’re not prepared for the infrequency of the wins, they could take you by surprise, leaving you with a depleted balance, and very little to show for your efforts.


Double Bubble Gamesys FAQs

🧼 Where can I play Double Bubble for free?

You can sign up to a Gamesys powered Casino like Jackpotjoy, Starspins or Virgin Games and once registered and confirmed you are over 18 you'll be able to try Double Bubble in demo mode.

🧼 What is the Return to Player (Payout Ratio) on Double Bubble?

The RTP on Double Bubble is 96.02% - this means for every 100 wagered 96.02 is returning to the player.

🧼 What is a Bubble Line Win?

When symbols are wrapped inside a bubble then it gets added to a secondary win area called the Bubble line. If the symbols in the bubble line make a winning combo the win is multiplied by the number of lines you bet on!

🧼 Is there a Bonus Round in Double Bubble?

Keep you eyes peeled on reels one, three and five - if you get x3 bubble symbols on these reels you'll get a pick bonus round in which you pop a balloon to get a coin multiplier.

🧼 How volatile is Double Bubble?

As a medium-volatility online slots game, Double Bubble has been designed to appeal to every type of gamer. The idea is that it will pay out quite a few low-value cash prizes, interspersed with occasional bigger wins, which is what’s attracting the high rollers to this particular game. It sounds perfect, but low-stakes players could find that their bankroll won’t take them too far in this game, so they could be better off sticking to the demo version, which can be found right here, on our site.

🧼 Is Double Bubble completely legitimate to play?

Here at Slots Temple we go to great lengths to make sure that every game we offer, across our entire website, is honest, fair and reputable. All the top gaming developers work hard to ensure that their games are thoroughly tested, providing statistical data, including RTP and reports of game volatility, as proof of that. Game developers that fail to abide by the rules and regulations that govern the creation and supply of online slots games, quickly find themselves going out of business. No reputable online casino wants to be associated with unregulated software developers and unlicensed games, so it’s relatively easy to weed out the bad apples. Which means that you can enjoy playing all of the games across our website, including Double Bubble, without having to worry that the game might not be legal.

🧼 What is the biggest win available on Double Bubble?

Spin up the top cash prize playing Double Bubble, and you can expect to land up to 20,000x your line bet for your trouble.

🧼 How often does Double Bubble slot pay out?

It’s the Holy Grail of slots gamers to hit an online slots game just as it’s about to pay out. But thanks to the way that online slots games are programmed, using Random Number Generators to ensure complete fairness, winning combinations are impossible to predict. Just as with the RTP ratio, there will be statistical data to show, on average, how often Double Bubble delivers up a winning spin, but this information is absolutely useless when applied to individual players. What we do know, with some certainty, is that Double Bubble won’t pay out as often as a lower-volatility slots game, but the sums of money involved could be much more favourable.

🧼 Can I keep the money I win playing Double Bubble?

When you play Double Bubble at Slots Temple, the money you’re playing with is only for entertainment purposes, so it doesn’t have any actual cash value. It’s perfect for using just like your own money, as you get to know how a game plays out over time, as it doesn’t put any of your bankroll at risk. But you can’t bank your winnings, and that’s frustrating, especially if you hit a big prize payout! Of course, you can win real cash prizes when you play this game at an online casino, but you’ll need to be wagering your own money. Not sure where to get started? Just browse through our reviews of all the top casino sites before making up your mind. And remember to check that your preferred casino offers Gamesys software, so that you can be sure that it will have Double Bubble.

🧼 Can I play Double Bubble for free, but still win real cash prizes?

If you’re playing on a tight budget, but you’d still like the chance to spin up real cash prizes on the reels of Double Bubble, we strongly advise taking the game for as many spins as you can in demo mode first. It’s a medium-volatility game, so you’d get more games for your money from a low-volatility slot, but if you’re determined to spin the reels of this particular game as cheaply as possible, there is a way of getting more spins for your money. When you sign up to an online casino, you’ll almost certainly find that it offers a Welcome Bonus to new players, and ongoing bonuses, such as Free Spins, to regular players. Where Free Spins are offered as part of a Welcome Bonus offer, games for which they can be used are usually restricted. But where the Welcome Bonus includes a Deposit Match offer, you could use that Bonus Cash to spin the reels of Double Bubble, if you so choose. Just keep in mind that wagering requirements usually mean you have to wager that bonus at least 30x or even 40x, before you can withdraw it, or any winnings that result from it.

🧼 Can I play Double Bubble on mobile?

Double Bubble has been around online for over a decade,Can I play Double Bubble on mobile? but that hasn’t stopped it from being completely up-to-date from a technological point of view. The game has been coded in JS and HTML5, making it compatible with all devices, from PCs to mobiles. And because the game launches straight into your device browser, there are no lengthy or bulky downloads to worry about either So whether you want to play slots games on your laptop, or on your smartphone, you’ll always have the same, great experience, every time you load up the game.

* Double Bubble Gamesys trademark / license is owned by GameSys. This site is not endorsed by GameSys.

Game Name: Double Bubble Gamesys
Software: GameSys
Themes: Fruit, Retro
Volatility: High volatility
Features: Bonus Game Wild Symbol Scatter Symbol Multiplier Free Spins High volatility 5 Reels
Paylines: 20
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.2
Max Bet: 200
Top Win: 20000
RTP: 96.02%
User Reviews
Overall score: 2.8 out of 5 stars
k kathryn houghton
little chance 16/02/2020

I have played this slot on many sites it is simple to play and I like that in a slot but I have found all gamsey sites the same very little chance of a win that is why I never play them anymore it is a shame because I like the layout and choice of their slots but wins are few and far between

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