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Monopoly 250k Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses


Why you’ll love playing Monopoly 250k

The Monopoly board is familiar to all of us, but now you can find all of the popular symbols and cards laid out across the reels of a slots game. With symbols that include all of the most popular playing pieces, as well as Chance and Community Chest symbols, players will love this engaging game, which offers up plenty of opportunities to attract the major cash award, as well as plenty of smaller cash prizes too. But this is a game that’s packed to bursting with innovative features, including:

- A randomly-triggered Community Chest Bonus that rewards the player with Multipliers
- Chance and Mystery symbols that reveal hidden symbols
- Big Wheel Bonus with a choice of options
- Railroad Bonus offering 8 Free Games
- Free Parking Bonus with cash awards
- Electric Company Bonus offering 10 Free Games
- Go To Jail Bonus which awards generous cash Multipliers

Our first impressions of Monopoly 250k

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades, you can’t have failed to play Monopoly at some point. It’s one of the best-loved board games available, so it was only a matter of time before software developers seized on the opportunity to merge the popular game into a slots format.

Against a city backdrop, the reels of Monopoly 250k are laid out in a 5x5 grid format. To the right of the reels, Mr Monopoly stands, offering players a thumbs up sign. To the left of the reels is the jackpot paytable, which automatically adjusts itself according to the current wager. In the background, cool, jazzy tunes play, giving the game an elegant and sophisticated feeling.

The symbols are all associated with the cards and playing pieces of the board game, including cars, motorbikes and yachts, along with various depictions of Mr Monopoly himself. There’s a Big Wheel bonus symbol, which heralds the start of the Big Wheel Bonus when three or more symbols appear anywhere on the reels. A useful Wild can substitute for other symbols, achieving a winning line even when there seems to be insufficient symbols to do so. And the array of Bonus games ensures that players never get bored with the reel-spinning action.

Monopoly 250k has been created and developed by SG Interactive, a company with a great reputation for creating immersive slots games that players love. The company has already introduced players to its popular Monopoly Millionaire title, so Monopoly 250k is a natural successor to that release. And of course, like all other SG slots games, Monopoly 250k displays seamlessly across mobile and tablet devices, as well as on desktops and laptops, so you can enjoy all of your favourite Monopoly gaming action while you’re out and about too.

How to play Monopoly 250k

You don’t need to have ever played the Monopoly board game, or even another online slots game, to start having fun with the reels of Monopoly 250k. There are 40 fixed paylines, so you don’t need to waste any time worrying about how many, or indeed how few, to include with each spin. In fact, your only decision is to decide how much to wager on each spin of the reels, with options ranging from a modest 0.40 per spin up to maximum of 100.00. This huge betting range makes the game as attractive to high rollers as it is to the more cautious, risk-averse player, and allows each player to tailor the gameplay to their individual tastes.

Controls are kept to a minimum, so all you have to do now is hit the Spin button to see where the reels take you. And if that seems altogether too much like hard work, then you might want to avail yourself of the Autoplay function, which takes charge of the spins on your behalf, leaving you free to watch the on-screen action as it unfolds. This is always a popular option for gamers, as it saves them the time and trouble of having to repeatedly hit the Spin button, which can interrupt their train of thought, not to mention taking up valuable brain space which could be better applied to calculating a winning strategy for the game.

Every player likes to take a peek at the paytable from time to time, to find out which symbols they need more of, and to keep them up to speed with the rules of gameplay. To access the game’s rules and paytable, head for the bottom left-hand side of the player’s console area, where you’ll find the question mark symbol. A swift tap or click here will call up a series of screens that will guide you through the elements of gameplay, explaining the bonus features and rules of the game.

Monopoly 250K Bonus features

Slots fans like plenty of added-value features and bonus rounds that make the gaming experience much more immersive, and Monopoly 250K certainly doesn’t disappoint! Most spins of the reels throw up a number of Chance and Mystery symbols - once the reels finish spinning, these question mark symbols disappear, revealing other symbols beneath them, which could lead to some prize payouts, depending on the symbols themselves and their positioning on the reels

There’s a completely random Community Chest Bonus which can occur at any time, offering the player a selection of Multipliers to apply to their most recent win. Pick one of three options, and your Multiplier will be revealed, which will then boost your prize pot accordingly. Random features such as this are great value, as they add extra levels of excitement to the game - not to mention increased opportunities to garner an attractive prize payout.

Monopoly 250k Bonus

The Big Wheel symbol is the game’s Scatter, which has the potential to deliver up some highly tempting treats. Spin the wheel to discover which great bonus award you’ll receive, and watch your balance grow accordingly, as these Bonus rounds offer unlimited potential to scoop some major prizes.

Each window on the playing area counts as its own separate reel, so rather than five reels of five symbols, the game’s developers prefer to think of it as a 25-reel game. The Bonus Big Wheel symbol can only appear on the first, thirteenth and twenty-fifth reels, but when it occurs in all three places during the same spin, the Big Wheel Bonus will start, and the player is awarded one spin.

The spin of the Big Wheel can result in cash prizes which range between 100x the line bet and 4,000x the line bet, so there’s plenty of potential to amass an extremely impressive prize pot, if your luck’s in. Landing on a property on the Big Wheel will result in a cash prize, but there are also four separate Bonuses that can be awarded, resulting in some extra prizes.

Monopoly 250k Free Parking Bonus

If you’re lucky enough to land on the Free Parking Bonus, you’ll be presented with a garage packed full of cars - twenty-three to be precise. You’ll be invited to pick five of them, and each one that you choose will reveal either a jackpot symbol or a cash sum, with Multipliers ranging from 1x to 7x your line bet amount. If you’re lucky enough to uncover five jackpot symbols, you’ll receive up to 400x your line bet, making this a potentially highly lucrative round!

Monopoly 250k Railroad Bonus

Land on the Railroad Bonus during the Big Wheel Bonus and you’re automatically awarded eight free spins. During your Free Spins round, a train slowly passes across the top of the playing area. For each free spin, the cash award or Multiplier displayed on the carriage that’s passing by will be awarded and added to your prize pot.

Monopoly 250k Electric Company Bonus

If you land on the Electric Company Bonus during your Big Wheel Bonus spin, you’ll be granted a total of ten Free Spins. Keep your eyes peeled for the sight of a switch symbol on the twenty-fifth reel, as this triggers a cash payout. All of the lamp symbols across the reels will pay out, with prizes ranging from between 50x to 1,000x your line bet.

Monopoly 250k Go to Jail Bonus

You wouldn’t normally welcome the opportunity to spend time in jail, but in the Go To Jail Bonus of Monopoly 250k it’s actually a really good place to be. You get to roll dice and see whether you can win prizes. Roll a double for the biggest cash awards, which will also end this bonus feature.

How to win at Monopoly 250k

Whether you’re a die-hard, enthusiastic slots gamer, or a complete newcomer who’s never spun the reels of an online slots game before, the one question you’ll be wanting the answer to is ‘How do I win at this game?’ Well, we can’t promise to provide the complete solution to that question, but as keen and enthusiastic gamers ourselves, we can certainly try and point you in the right direction.

The best piece of advice we can give you is to play the game as much as you possibly can in demo mode. That means you don’t have to spend any of your own cash on the outcome of each spin, as you’ll be provided with a virtual balance instead. It’s exactly like playing with real money, but you won’t suffer the impact of any losses - although, by the same token, of course, neither will you benefit from any wins.

We suggest trying out Monopoly 250k for around 500 spins in free play mode, in the first instance. We usually recommend 500 spins as the ideal amount to allow you to trigger Bonus Feature games, but with so many Bonus Features included with Monopoly 250k, you might well find that you actually need more than that if you want to experience all of the bonuses.

Once you’ve triggered every feature, and experimented with your wagering strategy, you should have a pretty good idea of how the game unfolds. It’s this knowledge that you need to use to make your mark at one of the very many online casinos, where you can play for real money. We provide useful links to casino sites if you don’t know where to start, or of course, you can always go straight to your own particular favourite. If you haven’t played there before, you’ll need to register first, supply a few details and then deposit funds into your player account. And don’t forget to check for any introductory Welcome Bonus offers at the same time, particularly if it’s your first visit to a casino!

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* Monopoly 250k trademark / license is owned by SG Gaming. This site is not endorsed by SG Gaming.

Game Name: Monopoly 250k
Software: SG Gaming
Themes: Jewels, Luxury / High Life, Board Games
Volatility: Medium Volatility
Features: Bonus Games Wild Symbols Multipliers Scatter Symbols
Paylines: 40
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.4
Max Bet: 100
Top Win: 40000
RTP: 95.49