Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin Slot

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Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin is a firm fan favorite from game makers IGT. It has wilds, scatters and a fabulous bonus round which comes straight from everyone’s favorite gameshow. With 720 different ways to win, Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin will have you hooked from the beginning.

If you love game shows and are a huge fan of Vanna White, then we have the ideal slot for you! IGT has created a masterpiece that merges the thrill of watching a game show with spinning the reels. Wheel of Fortune plays out just like the famous TV show, but this time, you’re on the receiving end of winning combinations that could make you rich.

A gorgeous glittering game that takes you on a Wheel Of Fortune whirlwind tour, this slot is packed full of enticing bonuses, big rewards and a whole lot more.

You can enjoy all that this superb slot has to offer right here, and what’s more, you can get in on the action on your desktop computer, or you can take the fun with you wherever you go and play on mobile and tablet too. This game’s developers have ensured that everyone is able to enjoy Wheel of Fortune style fun at their leisure.

Sleek animations, a slick user-interface, gorgeous graphics and a soundtrack that makes playing all the more immersive are part and parcel of this gaming experience, and at Slots Temple, you can join in the fun any time you please.

This developer has cornered the market when it comes to Wheel of Fortune games, and at the last count, they had over 30 different Wheel of Fortune style slots available online and at land-based casinos around the globe. The version we’re taking a closer look at is Wheel Of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin, but if you love this, you can also try Wheel of Fortune on Tour, or any of the brand’s other amazing releases. Every single one delivers non-stop action and game show style fun, and there are so many top titles to choose from. We suggest you start off with this one, then work your way through some of the others and see which ones are your favourites. After all, that wheel can hold the key to some major wins.

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin graphics

Wheel of Fortune is a fabulous online slots game that can be enjoyed by both new and experienced players. It has been beautifully crafted and its vividly coloured fruit symbols will remind you of the classic Fruities of yesterday, only with a thoroughly modern makeover. The game has all the elements of a classic fruit machine, but its re-worked design makes it feel a whole lot more current. While retro games may be hot, this one has its own reasons to sizzle.

On the reels, you’ll find a dazzling array of symbols, and both the high and lower value icons are richly decorated. The higher value symbols all represent luxury and you’ll find sexy red sports cars, a gold necklace and a yacht just waiting to line up a winning combination. The Wheel of Fortune log is also there in all its colourful glory. The lower value icons are the fruit, and cherries, oranges, plums, bananas and apples are all in attendance.

There are also the 2 bonus symbols. The Wild has the word Wild written on it in bold, and the Scatter has 3 wheels of fortune in bright colours on it. The symbols stand out and are easy to spot, and they are ones you’ll want to keep a beady eye on, as they trigger massive rewards.

The reels are set against a colourful backdrop too, and the bright red and orange background fades to a rich purple and blue at the bottom, with starbursts adding to the overall effect. The game logo is in the top left hand corner, and this is also beautifully designed.

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin is easy on the eye, the graphics are flawlessly rendered and the colour scheme is vibrant and enticing. This makes the game all the more enjoyable and ensures that you keep coming back for more.

We cannot leave out a mention of the soundtrack either, as it incorporates classic casino sounds with a more modern tune, and it’s super catchy. You can turn it up or down as you desire, but it really adds a casino feel to your gameplay. Often, the atmosphere of a game is added to by its soundtrack or sound effects, and this is certainly the case here.

How to play Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin is an innovative online slots game, especially as, unlike many of the other wheel of fortune themed slots, it features a unique reel setup. There are 5 reels in play and these reels have variable rows. The game makes use of the 720 Ways to Win set up and this means there are a potential 720 winning combinations on every spin.

This title has no set payline structure and wins can be formed whenever matching symbols land on adjacent wheels on the left hand side.

To begin playing, you’ll need tp select your coin range, and this runs from 0.01 - 5.00. This means you can play between 0.50 - 250 coins per spin, making this game suitable for players of all sized bankrolls and budgets. Once the reels are rolling, the game will come to a stop on its own, and you can sit back and watch the colourful combinations whirring past until they settle in what you hope is a winning pattern.

What is the RTP of Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin?

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin has an RTP that varies from 92.00% to 96.08%. This puts it smack bang in the same category as most other online slots, and means that it can be very rewarding.

You must remember however that the RTP, or Return to Player percentage, refers to the sum of money paid out for every £100 wagered. The RTP is a theoretical number and it is determined by the developers to give you an idea as to how rewarding a game is. It doesn’t mean that for every £100 wagered you wager, you’ll win 90% or more, all of the time.

As far as volatility goes, this game is considered a medium volatility title. This means that is offers regular payouts of smaller amounts, unlike progressive jackpot slots that are high volatility and feature massive jackpots that only pay out once in a while. Volatility can essentially refer to the risk-reward ratio of a game, and the higher the risk, the higher the reward, and vice versa. Games that have medium volatility are smack bang in the middle, and offer a great compromise. We suggest that new players always seek out games that are less volatile so they get a taste for winning from the start.

How to win in Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin

To hit winning combinations when playing Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin, all you have to do is land 3 or more symbols on a winning way. With 740 of these, this isn’t too tricky.

This game makes use of the MultiWay Xtra setup and this means that the game pays out for any symbols that land in adjacent positions on the reels, starting from the furthest reel to the left, or the rightmost reel. Sometimes, more than one winning symbol combination lands, and when this happens, you get paid out for the highest winning combination only.

The Multiway Xtra format is yet another innovation that this developer has brought to the table, and it is one that features in many of its titles. It adds something special to the game too and it also makes wagering straightforward, as you don’t have to select the coin number, only the coin size when placing your bets.

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin bonus features

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin is absolutely chock-full of bonus features, so in addition to the 720 Ways to Win, there are plenty of other ways to boost your payouts.

The Wild symbol is almost always present in this firm’s games and in this case, it’s really easy to spot, as it has the word Wild emblazoned across it in red, surrounded by a neon blue border. The Wild can stand in for all other symbols to complete a winning combination, but it cannot stand in for special symbols that trigger bonuses. This icon also comes stacked, and this gives you a helping hand with extra payouts in the Multiways Xtra system.

The icon with the 3 mini bonus wheels is the Scatter, and when you land 3 or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels at once, you’ll be rewarded with an instant cash bonus. This bonus can fluctuate and the more icons you land at the same time, the bigger it will be.

The Triple Extreme Spin Bonus is activated when you land 3 or more of these bonus icons on the reels. When this happens, you’ll trigger a mini click me bonus game. In this game, you’ll get to pick from 12 envelopes, and the number of picks you get depends on the number of symbols that triggered the round in the first place. The standard number is between 3 and 5, but sometimes you may get lucky and get to pick 7.

Behind the envelopes is a pointer that lands on either a red, green, blue or yellow wheel and you’ll get to spin these wheels to land different cash values and multipliers. The pointers determine your wins, so pay close attention to where they land.

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin slots jackpot

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin online slot offers loads of generous prizes, and the game’s paytable clearly outlines what these are. The max win in this game is 729,750 coins, and if you play your cards right, it could be yours!

During the mini bonus wheel game, you could win as much as 77 times your bet and in the Triple Extreme Bonus, there’s a whopping 2,919 times your stake up for grabs, so triggering either of these rounds can lead to further big wins.

Free spins in Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin

Here’s where it gets interesting! There are actually no free spins bonuses in the game itself, but with the many bonuses, the 720 Ways to Win and the Multiways Xtra setup, you’re still going to be generously rewarded.

This slot may have elements of classic style games, but it is thoroughly modern and doesn’t need to rely on features like free spins to make it playable.

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin free spins at online casinos

At some online casinos, you may be able to claim free spins in Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin, without having to make a deposit. If you can find a welcome bonus that rewards you with free spins, we suggest you go for it, as this game has oodles of winning potential.

You’ll need to check the free spins bonus reward and see what you need to do to benefit from it, and if you find the conditions favourable, we suggest you get spinning.

No deposit Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin

More and more online casinos are offering players the chance to claim no deposit bonuses that reward them with real money spins on specific slots. If you can grab one for Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin, you’ll probably need to sign up first, but thereafter you can have fun for a set period of time, with a set amount of real money awarded to you by the casino.

Should you meet requirements, you may even be able to cash your money out, and then you’ll have won something for nothing.

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin slots on mobile

There’s nothing that beats playing slots online, except maybe playing on the go. This great game has been optimised to run flawlessly on all platforms, so you can join in the fun on desktop, smartphone or tablet.

The bright colours and simple set up make this game a great choice for mobile, and it will run flawlessly on your iOS, Android or Windows mobile device. There is also no need to download any software to play, as this game can be enjoyed in your browser, provided you have an Internet connection, of course. The navigation is extremely user friendly too, and this will make even brand new players feel right at home. It’s not difficult to work out how the game is played, and the simple setup means you can get started right away. There are no strategies required for slots either, and when you play on the go, you can enjoy easy, fast access to games that play out quickly.

Slots make for excellent mobile entertainment as they are games of chance and you don’t need to concentrate too hard on what’s happening. You can also grab a few minutes of play from just about anywhere, and as this game is so simple in premise, there’s no need to master any complex rules or requirements.

As this game is so good on mobile, it goes without saying that it is exceptional on desktop too. The game renders beautifully and the vibrant symbols and slick navigation are shown off to great effect.

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin free play

Before you get the reels rolling in any online slots game, it’s a good idea to play for free for as long as it takes to get familiar with the content. Plus, it’s also loads of fun to try out new games and see what they have to offer. That’s why Slots Temple has so many amazing free slots just waiting for you here.

We always suggest that you play between 150 and 200 free spins to get used to any game, as even though slots are games of chance, the more familiar you are with their set up, structure and features, the better you’ll do. Every slot is different too, so it’s not a case of if you’ve played one, you’ve played them all.

When you play for free, always make sure that your bet level is realistic, and it’s what you’d be betting if you played for real money. This will give you a very accurate expectation as to what to expect when - or if - you make the switch, and you’ll find that you are better off for the experience.

Free play slots are a major perk of playing online, as you’d never find a casino that would let you enjoy their games without placing a real money bet. This is a feature that online casinos have capitalised on, and as this developer has also made so many land-based slots, you might get lucky and be able to play your favourite land-based title online, at no cost.

Free slots have no risk, no obligation and no wagering requirements. If you play any of the games on offer at Slots Temple, you’ll also discover that we don’t implement a time limit, so unrestricted fun is at your fingertips for as long as you like. Free slots make for great entertainment and there really is truth in the saying that the best things in life are free!

Our Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin slots experience

If you’re keen to give Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin Slots a spin, but you are a bit pressed for time, take a look at what we experienced when we played. This will give you a better idea if this is the game for you, and whether or not you need to find some time and get playing.

For starters, the first thing we noticed was how fast the game loaded in browser. The minute you see the game, you’ll be whisked back to the glory days of game shows in the 1980s. From the spinning wheels to the vibrant, almost neon colours, this slot has a retro yet modern look and feel.

Placing bets is easy, as you only need to select the coin value, and then you hit spin. You don’t get to control where the reels come to a halt - they will do so when the game dictates, and if they land a winning combination, this is animated. The animations in this game make it very eye-catching, and they also add to the game show style feel. We racked up wins quite fast, and the Wild symbol made an appearance on a regular basis.

It wasn’t long before we triggered the Mini Wheel bonus, and when we did, we managed to rack up 10x our bet the first time, and 25x the second. Thereafter, we managed between 5 and 10 times every now and again. The Multi Wheel bonus was also quite generous and we got 10x our bet quite quickly, a few times in a row.

The seamless gameplay, the fun soundtrack and the bright colours of this game made it very easy on the eye, and the overall playing experience was very pleasurable. The developer has done well with this title and they have certainly created a game that captures the spirit and excitement of a smash hit game show.

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Another one of the brand’s very successful franchises, Monopoly Multiplier is one of many board game themed slots that are on offer. Featuring 3 reels and 27 ways to win on every spin, this innovative game takes you back to Monopoly’s heyday. Of course, it also lives up to its name, with multipliers galore up for grabs.

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Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin slot review

At Slots Temple, we are serious about you having fun! That’s why our experienced reviewers ensure that they test drive all the games that we have to offer, so you only have access to the best of the best. Every single game we review is one that we’d play ourselves - and we have! We’ve got years of experience in the industry and know what players want, and we use our expertise to ensure that you garner a full understanding of every facet of a game from start to finish. Our comprehensive reviews are here to help you, and we’ll guide you to the types of games that you love, or help you find new ones.

When we tackled the task of reviewing Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin, we found it hard to find anything bad to say about the game. It achieves exactly what it set out to, and it’s a true homage to fruit machines of yesteryear and game shows of the 1980s. The developer has taken the subject matter and improved it though, and the crisp graphics and smooth gameplay make this slot extra enjoyable. There is nothing dated about this game either, which makes it more appealing to players who prefer old style symbols combined with modern features and bonuses.

The fact that this slot is medium variance means that there are regular wins, and when playing for free, this keeps you on your toes. We loved the fact that the RTP was variable and that there were 720 Ways to Win, rather than traditional paylines. Add to this the amazing bonus rounds, and you’ve got a recipe for instant success.

We think that Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin will appeal to every kind of player, from the novice to the experienced, and we can’t see why anyone wouldn’t enjoy themselves when trying this game out for themselves.

About IGT

Originally founded as A-1 Supply in 1975 by William ‘Si’ Redd, the brand then changed its name to Sircoma in 1978, and then to International Game Technology in 1981. Always a forerunner in the land-based gaming industry, it was IGT’s game of Video Poker that really put the brand on the map. This served as a foot in the door, and saw the firm becoming giants in a burgeoning industry. After successfully establishing itself in numerous land-based gaming arenas, the company began to focus some of its attention online, and in 2015 it was acquired by Gtech, who went on to adopt the shortened name IGT for the brand. Gtech has taken IGT into the next dimension and has ensured that they are forerunners in every sector of the land-based and digital gaming industry.

IGT features a full portfolio of gaming products, and is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The brand has its headquarters in the UK and has offices in Italy, Rome, Las Vegas and Rhode Island. In total, more than 12,000 employees work for IGT in all sectors.

The software developers provide both government-sponsored and commercial gaming organisations with a number of proven solutions for lottery, gaming, interactive and social entertainment, encompassing every channel, from retail to mobile. The firm aims to be the global innovator in the industry and to define the future of gambling.

IGT has become especially well known for slots, and it has adapted many of its land-based cabinet games for the online world. Over the years, it has gathered a huge following, and for good reason. It remains incredibly popular to this day, and it continues to release new games that are designed to thrill, amuse and excite!

Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin FAQ

Can I play Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin slots for free?

Yes! You can give this amazing game a spin for free right here. There is no need to sign up with any casino in order to join in the fun, it’s all on offer right here.

Does Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin slot have free spins?

No. This slot doesn’t have free spins, but it does have so many bonus features that winning big is easy. Plus, it has 720 Ways to Win, so you can strike it lucky often.

Can I win real money while playing Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin?

Yes, but only if you have signed up at an online casino and are wagering real money (or have claimed a no deposit bonus). When you play with us, you are not in line for any real money wins, but the fun more than makes up for any lack of cash prizes.

Do you have any Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin tips or cheats?

Slots are games of chance and there is no way to guarantee a win when you play Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin. The game results are all governed by a Random Number Generator, or RNG, and this means that the result of one spin is independent of another. What happens in one spin has no bearing on the next, and so on. You cannot predict when the game will pay out or when a jackpot will strike, and that’s part of what makes playing so enjoyable.

Can I play Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin Slots with no deposit?

No deposit is needed when you play Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin at Slots Temple. If you choose to play at an online casino, you may need to make a deposit, or you can play in demo mode if it is available.

Can I download Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin?

IGT has ensured that you don’t need to download any software in order to play its games. This means you can access Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin in your web browser, and you simply need to be connected to the Internet to get started.

Can I play Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin on my mobile?

Yes. You can play this slot on just about any platform. The developers have optimised it for enjoyment on all popular mobile operating systems, so that you can spin the reels whenever you choose.


* Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin trademark / license is owned by IGT. This site is not endorsed by IGT.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin
Software: IGT
RTP: 94.04%
Volatility: Medium volatility
Paylines: 720
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 50
Max Bet: 1000
Top Win: 10000
Features: Bonus Game , Wild Symbol , Scatter Symbol , Medium volatility , 5 Reels

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