Pharaohs Fortune Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

Pharaoh’s Fortune is a classic slot machine International Game Technology (IGT) , which players can find in about every land-based casino. Originally, Pharaoh’s Fortune was only available at land-based venues, but IGT recognised its popularity and quickly turned it into an online game. Now, it is available at online casinos across the web, where players all over the world can experience the exciting gameplay of Pharaoh’s Fortune.

First Impressions of Pharaoh’s Fortune

From the opening screen, as the software loads, the Pharaoh’s Fortune sets out its stall as a fun and entertaining game. Against a predominantly blue background, and sitting on top a massive pile of gold, the Pharaoh of the game’s title has a real Elvis vibe going on. The big black sunglasses give a strong clue that the Ancient Egypt theme isn’t to be taken too seriously. And of course, the instantly recognisable theme song of Walk Like An Egyptian makes it clearer still that we needn’t expect any dry and dusty gameplay.

Once the game finishes loading, players are taken to a series of screens showing some of the great features of the game, before finding themselves confronted by the reels. Gold stone blocks and columns support the five reels of the game, with each reel containing three rows of symbols. There are a few hieroglyphs etched on the columns, and on the walls above the reels, but the focus is very firmly on the reels themselves, which occupy most of the space on the screen.

Graphics are big, bold and colourful, and are very much in keeping with the game’s theme song. During the base game the symbols are fun representations of the best-known gods and symbols based on Ancient Egyptian themes. From snakes, dogs and owls through to a Pharaoh and his Queen, and even the falcon-headed god Horus himself, an excellent balance has been struck between authenticity and entertainment. Higher-value symbols that feature in a winning line animate in fun, unexpected ways - such as the horse pulling the chariot rearing up and taking off, dragging his handler with him. Meanwhile, the Pharaoh and his Queen find their elaborate headpieces blowing off when they trigger a winning payout.


Pharaoh’s Fortune features the classic Egyptian theme that is common on many Free Slots games – however, this title features a bit of a twist. IGT has taken a more fun approach to the design of this title. There is a cartoony spin on the graphics, and the background music is borrowed from the famous pop song Walk Like An Egyptian . Overall, this game offers up a fun and entertainment experience – and, we haven’t even started talking about the gameplay yet!

Walk Like an Egyptian was first released in 1986 by The Bangles, and was Billboard’s Number One song in 1987. It was the first song performed by an all-female group playing their own instruments to make it to the top of the Billboard Singles chart. The popularity of this song, as well as Manic Monday, contributed to the success of The Bangles’ Different Light album – making it the band’s best-selling album.

If you’re wondering where the idea for the song came from, it was dreamed up by music producer Liam Sternberg. He wrote the song after seeing people on a ferry struggling to keep their balance, and it reminded him of the poses made by figures in Ancient Egyptian paintings.

The song’s music video was also a huge hit, and it was nominated for Best Group Video at the 1987 Music Video Awards. The video features The Bangles performing the song at a concert, intercut with scenes of people posing like figures in Egyptian paintings. While these scenes were filmed on the streets of New York City, special effects were used to add Princess Diana and other famous faces to the video.

Why Are Egyptian Themed Slots So Popular?

There are over 400 Egyptian themed online slots in the gaming market today. The theme is hugely popular among players, so it’s interesting to wonder just what the big draw is about this motif.

There are also many different aspects of Egyptian culture that developers can base their slots on. Firstly, there are the Ancient Pharaohs and royalty that lived lives of opulence. These always make for eye-catching themes with gorgeous graphics.

Then, there are Egyptian slots that are based on the mythology of the many gods. There are over 2000 different deities in Egyptian mythology, each with different powers. Many of these gods have human bodies with heads of animals, making for attention-grabbing graphics that transport players to a dream world.

Another interesting aspect of Ancient Egyptian culture is simply the architecture of the country. The pyramids, the Nile and the Sphinx are iconic pieces of architecture, so they look great when spinning around the reels on a slot.

How to play Pharaoh’s Fortune

Even if you’ve never come close to playing to an online slots game before, you’ll find Pharaoh’s Fortune relatively simple to get started with. The five reels and three rows of the game are crossed by 15 paylines during the base game, increasing to 20 paylines during the bonus feature Free Spins round, which takes place on a completely different set of reels, using different symbols.

But before we can even consider getting to that point in the game, we need to decide on how much to stake on every spin. There’s an excellent range of options, which should enable just about every player to find their preferred betting range. Bear in mind that, since all 15 paylines in the base game are always active, the amount that you chose to stake will be multiplied by 15, to be paid across all paylines. Starting bet is just 0.04 per line, which comes to 0.60 when spread across all 15 paylines. The maximum stake is 30.00 per line, which makes for an eye-watering 450.00 spent on every single spin of the reels. This is high-roller territory, and you don’t need us to tell you that you need a whopping bankroll to support stakes at that level. But luckily, when you play Pharaoh’s Fortune here at Slots Temple, none of the money is real, so your finances remain secure!

When you’ve placed your bet, all you need to do is hit the central Spin button and see where the reels will take you. You don’t have to do anything to stop them, as the game’s mechanics take care of that, and hitting Spin for a second time won’t have any effect on the outcome of any spin. If you’re trying the game out to see whether you might like to play it an online casino later, for real cash, then the Autoplay button will prove helpful. Set the game to deliver up to 50 automatic spins, and you’ll save yourself from having to repeatedly hit Spin for each new game. If your balance starts to drain away rather fast, or you change your mind for any reason at all, just tap on Autoplay again, and it will deactivate the feature immediately.

The spanner logo button at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, gives access to the game’s settings. You can adjust the game quality to take advantage of slower connections, or ramp it up to a higher definition when internet speed isn’t an issue. You can also decide whether or not you want to see the game’s loading screens again. In the grey space at the bottom of your screen you’ll find buttons to mute the soundtrack, read the rules and view the game’s paytable.

How to win at Pharaoh’s Fortune

The majority of online slots games require players to spin up at least three matching symbols across an active payline. The first example of a winning symbol combination must appear on reel 1, with at least two more matches on reels 2 and 3, with symbols placed along paylines.

For the most part, this is the winning mechanic behind Pharaoh’s Fortune, except that the Wild and Scatter symbols in the base game, as well as Horus and the Pharaoh and his Queen symbols, pay out for matching up just two examples on a payline. And in the case of the Scatter, which doesn’t need to abide by normal payline structures, simply landing two or more examples in any position at all on the reels, is all that’s needed to secure a cash prize.

Pharaoh’s Fortune Bonus Symbols

Wilds, Scatters and Bonus Symbols have special properties which make them particularly desirable to spin up on the reels. But in Pharaoh’s Fortune, they change according to whether you’re playing the base game, or the Free Spins bonus feature round.

Throughout the base game, the Wild is represented by the pyramid symbol. In addition to creating the highest-paying winning combinations in its own right, the Wild can also stand in for all other symbols on the reels, except for Scatters and Bonus Symbols. So every single time it appears, there’s a good chance that it will help you to win a cash prize too.

The scarab beetle is the game’s Scatter, so it pays out whenever two or more examples appear - they don’t need to appear on a payline. Usually players would expect the Scatter symbol to introduce the bonus feature round, but Pharaoh’s Fortune has a special Bonus Symbol to do that, which is represented by the groovy Pharaoh from the opening screen, only this time he appears without his sunglasses. But he’s still got that jazzy vibe going in, which springs into life when you spin up three or more examples. The word Bonus appears across the bottom of the symbol, as the Pharaoh springs into life, triggering the bonus Free Spins round.

Pharaoh’s Fortune Bonus Feature: Free Spins

As soon as you spin up three or more Pharaoh Bonus symbols during the base game, the bonus Free Spins feature round is activated, and a series of dancers cross the screen, preparing the reels for what’s to come. Now you are shown a great wall, filled with blocks of stone. Underneath, there’s a counter, showing that you start the pick round with 3 Free Spins and a 1x Multiplier.

Pick blocks of stone to reveal additional Multipliers and Free Spins, which are totalled up on the counters underneath the wall. The pick round ends only once you uncover a block announcing that the Free Spins are to start. Before that happens, you could be lucky enough to uncover a total of 25 Free Spins along with a Multiplier worth up to 6x.

Huge golden doors then open in the base of the wall, and we progress through to a new set of reels, on which the Free Spin are to take place. All of the symbols on the reels now change, along with the paylines. Instead of the 15 paylines applicable during the base game, another five have now been added, giving players a total of 20 paylines and a guaranteed win with every Free Spin too!

Now the lower-paying symbols on the reels are taken up by dancers, in a variety of positions. Higher-paying symbols take the form of workers, all employed on pyramid-related activities, such as weaving shrouds and wrapping mummies. The Scatter symbol is now the mighty Sphinx, with the head of a man and the body of a lion. The Wild is another cool Pharaoh dude, only this time he appears in a red headdress and in profile - although when he features in a win, he’ll turn to face the player and say ‘Wild’, in a suitably groovy tone of voice!

The other Pharaoh, in the blue headdress, can still spin throughout the Free Spins bonus round. And once again, if you spin up three examples, the word Bonus will appear underneath them, and you’ll get the same number of Free Spins again with the same Multiplier still applying.

At the end of the feature bonus free spins round, a boat is rowed across the screen with a dancing mummy on board, celebrating the amount of the overall win.

What is the Significance of the RTP for Pharaoh’s Fortune?

Regular visitors to our website are sure to get bored of us saying it, but checking the RTP of an online slots game is the best way we know of ensuring that it’s fair, completely random and therefore perfectly to safe to play. And that’s something you want to be absolutely certain of if you’re planning on spinning the reels of a particular online slots game for real money.

What RTP can’t do, is tell you how much you’ll win back if you wager 100.00. Yes, the theoretical Return to Player ratio may be 96.53% at its highest level, when you spin the reels of Pharaoh’s Fortune, but you certainly can’t count on winning bac 96.53 when you spend 100.00. There wouldn’t be much point, for a start, if you knew for certain you were going to make an overall loss, no matter how small. It’s perfectly conceivable that with a bankroll of 100.00 to spend playing this game, you could end up with one of the top cash payouts, and it’s equally conceivable that you could spend the same amount and walk away with nothing at all.

That’s because RTP is theoretical, which is just another way of saying that it’s a statistic. And as we all learn through life, statistics can say everything and nothing, all at the same time! In the case of RTP, all the data is collected from hundreds of games of Pharaoh’s Fortune, played out over several weeks, and involving literally hundreds of players. And once all the data has been measured and assessed, the results show that overall, the game pays out 96.53 for every 100.00 but, crucially, not to every player.

So why are we so insistent that players should always check the RTP of a game, when it doesn’t translate into actual returns? The main reason, which we’ve already referred to, is that it shows the game has been thoroughly tested, and that it’s ben proved to be fair. But there’s also another reason, and one that’s particularly relevant to anyone planning on playing an online slots game for real cash. And that’s the fact that RTP can show you the house edge. Take the RTP away from 100, and what’s left is what the house makes, on average, from every 100.00 wagered. Once again, it’s theoretical, but it’s still a useful little insight into how online casinos aim to profit from their customers.

At the top end of the game’s RTP ratio, which is 96.53%, Pharaoh’s Fortune delivers up a house edge of 3.47%, which we consider to be very reasonable. But the lowest stated RTP of the game, as shown on its paytable, shows that the lowest RTP is just 92.53%, which is an entire 4% lower. At this level, the house edge becomes an uncomfortable 7.47%, which is venturing into territory we don’t play in. Our own cut-off rate is a house edge of 5%, when playing online slots games, but it’s up to individual players whether or not they’re preferred to risk their own money at potentially unfavourable rates. Bear in mind that the variable paylines, which increase from 15 up to 20 when the Free Spins round is triggered, alters the game’s volatility. But individual casinos often choose to set their own preferred RTP rates too, so always check out what RTP your chosen casino offers for each online slots game.

Of course, play the game here on our site, and you don’t have to worry about wins and losses, no matter which way the reels spin for you. The money you’re playing with is just pretend, so you can walk away at the end of a losing session and know that no real harm has been done. Or you could, of course, be champing at the bit to recreate your series of winning spins using your own cash! That’s the nature of online slots gaming, after all.

What is the Volatility of Pharaoh’s Fortune?

In addition to checking out the RTP of a game before wagering your own money on it at an online casino, we also recommend tracking down a game’s volatility rating too. This is particularly important, since the risk involved in playing online slots varies massively, so don’t make the mistake of thinking that all slots games are created equal.

If you get the volatility rating wrong, and pick a game that doesn’t chime with your own attitude towards risk, then you almost certainly won’t have the slots experience that you were hoping for. And the results could even put you off slots games for every, which would be a dreadful shame. There are so many hundreds of games out there, that we’re absolutely convinced there’s a game suitable for everyone.

Before you start panicking that volatility is going to involve loads of complex mathematics, we’ll just put your mind at rest. All the mathematical stuff is taken care of by software experts, so all you need to do, as a gamer, is assess how you feel about risk. And this is likely to be influenced by a number of factors, not least the size of your gaming bankroll. A modest budget, coupled with a risk-averse personality, would suggest a low-risk player, who needs to seek out low-volatility online slots games. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’ll be confined to playing penny slots games. There are certainly plenty of low-risk classic and retro-themed slots games, but you’ll find loads of other games too, including TV and movie franchises, action and adventure games and even slots with extra side games, for even more fun and entertainment.

Low-volatility games are designed to play out plenty of low-value cash prizes, so you get all the thrill of winning, even when playing with modest stakes. The prizes that you spin up aren’t going to be paying off your mortgage anytime soon, but you won’t be risking any mortgage payments either, so it’s all good!

High rollers can enjoy all of these types of games too, only they’ll be tracking down the high-volatility games, that hold the keys to the really big cash payouts. But the biggest cash prizes don’t come along very often, and smaller wins can be few and far between. That means players need to have bankrolls large enough to keep them spinning through the many, many spins that don’t result in any winning combinations.

But in the case of Pharaoh’s Fortune, this is a medium-volatility slots game, so it should be suitable for all types of players. Medium-volatility games aim to keep low-risk players happy with lots of low-value wins, whilst the high rollers can play for much higher stakes and chase the occasional big payouts. But it’s a very difficult balance to strike, making an in-depth study of a game’s paytable very worthwhile. Those reasonably-frequent wins aren’t always as generous as they might seem - and just because you hit a winning combination, it doesn’t automatically follow that the cash prize generated is even equal to the amount of money it cost to spin the reels in the first place!

This is where playing a slots game for free comes in so useful. You can use the trial balance provided to replicate your desired betting strategy, and then see how far your bankroll could take you. Or just keep spinning the reels to discover how the game plays out over time. But low-stakes players, and anyone with a cautious attitude towards risky gaming should definitely test this one out thoroughly in demo mode, before even thinking about wagering any of their own cash.

Pharaoh’s Fortune Paytable

Although the game itself is relatively simple to play, the dual paytable adds a little extra complexity. What you need to know, before you begin spinning the reels, is that there are two separate sets of reels entirely. One set is used to play the base game, but once you trigger the Free Spins bonus feature round, you venture deeper into the pyramid, where you play out your Free Spins on a different set of reels, with new symbols and extra paylines.

Throughout the base game, the lowest-paying symbols, so often represented by playing cards, are here given a thoroughly Egyptian makeover. The owl, dog, snake and Eye of Horus symbols pay out only 5x or 10x the player’s line bet for spinning up three of a kind. And bearing in mind that every spin of the reels costs 15x the player’s line bet, that represents very poor returns. But spin up four examples of these symbols, and the returns start to look a lot more promising. Now the cash prizes are pitched at 30x or 50x the line bet, with all of these symbols paying out a maximum of 100x the line bet for spinning up five of a kind.

Slightly better returns come from Isis, who pays out just 10x the line bet for matching three symbols on a payline, increasing to 75x and 200x the line bet for landing four or five respectively on a payline. Next comes Anubis, the dog-headed God, and the chariot pulled by the rearing horse, both of which will straight away returns the player’s line bet for spinning up three of a kind. Spin up four or five of a kind, and the returns are 100x and 400x the line bet.

All the remaining symbols across the paytable pay out cash prizes for landing just two examples on the reels. In the case of the Pharaoh and Queen symbol and Horus, the falcon-god, two matches awards the player 2x their line bet. But spin up three or more, and the rewards increase dramatically. The Royal couple pay out 25x, 100x and 500x the line bet for spinning up three, four or five of a kind. Horus pays out 100x, 250x and 1000x the line bet for landing three, four or five matching symbols across a payline.

During the base game, the Wild is represented by a pyramid icon, which is also the game’s top-paying symbol. Two Wilds on reels 1 and 2, falling across a payline, will win 50x the player’s line bet. Spin up three Wilds in a winning combination and the returns are 200x the line bet, increasing to an astonishing 1,000x and 10,000x respectively for landing four or five of a kind across a payline.

But the Scatter Pays mechanic means that the scarab beetle will be a particularly welcome sight on the reels every time two or more appear. Unlike all the other symbols, Scatters don’t have to conform to the usual paylines, so seeing two or more Scatters means that cash prizes are about to roll in. Unlike all the other symbols in the game, which pay out based on multiples of the player’s line bet, Scatter wins are calculated according to the player’s total bet, giving some impressive returns. Spin up two Scatters to win 2x the total bet, increasing to 5x for landing three. Four Scatters bring a cash prize worth 10x the total bet, increasing to a generous 50x total bet for achieving five Scatters across the reels.

A new paytable comes into play when you venture further into the pyramid, having unlocked the Free Spins round with three or more Bonus Symbols. Once you’ve made your selection to be awarded Free Spins and Multipliers, you’ll be taken to a new set of reels, with a completely new set of symbols. However, the general structure of the paytable itself doesn’t change much.

During Free Spins, low-value symbols are represented by five characters - presumably dancers - who are taking the instruction to ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ to extremes! They award either 3x or 5x the line bet that applied when the Free Spins round was triggered, rising to 100x for matching five of a kind on a payline. But remember, throughout the Free Spins there is an associated Multiplier at work, which is displayed across the top of the reels. So any wins will be increased accordingly, which can generate some big cash prizes.

Higher-value symbols are represented by four people hard at work doing tasks associated with Egyptian burial routines. And once again, the two highest-paying symbols pay out for landing just two examples on the reels, instead of the more usual four. Top prizes for any of these symbols range between 150x and 300x the triggering line bet - plus Multipliers, of course.

The Wild during the Free Spins round is another Pharaoh, this time in a red headdress and wearing sunglasses. He appears in profile, turning face-on when he features in a win, and announcing that he’s ‘Wild!’ He also pays out for landing two examples on reels 1 and 2, paying out 25x the player’s line bet for spinning up two, increasing to 10,000x the line bet for five of a kind across a payline.

The Scatter Pays mechanic is also still at work. During Free Spins the Scatter symbol becomes a Sphinx, and once again, the Scatter can appear in any position on the reels, paying out for spinning up just two examples on the reels. The Scatter payout still offers returns based on the total bet which triggered the Free Spins round in the first place, paying back twice the stake for spinning up two Scatters. Spinning up three, four or five will award the player 2x, 5x and 20x the original stake, respectively. And of course, all of these wins, throughout the entire Free Spins round, are subject to the Multiplier awarded at the start of the bonus round.

The 150 Spin Experience

If you don’t have the time right now to give Pharaoh’s Fortune a spin, then we’ve got you covered. Our 150 Spin Experience gives you full insight into what it’s like to actually play this popular online slot.

The software and graphics.
Pharaoh’s Fortune slot loads very quickly. There’s almost no waiting time between clicking on the game and starting the game, so you’re not sat on a loading screen. There is a cute little intro which starts the gameplay, which is a fun way to get into the slot.

The graphics in Pharaoh’s Fortune aren’t particularly ground-breaking, but this is to be expected. Pharaoh’s Fortune actually started out as a popular land-based slot, and IGT didn’t change very much about the game when it brought the slot into the digital world. That’s fine though, as the company obviously applied the old adage – “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Pharaoh’s Fortune is already a great game, so there really was no need for the graphics to be updated.

How frequent are the wins?
Pharaoh’s Fortune is a medium volatility slot but, in our experience, we found it to be more of a low volatility game. The slot offered up plenty of wins during our session. They weren’t hugely generous wins, but they came around often enough that that added up to pretty significant wins over time.

Did we trigger the bonus?
When we play many online slots for 200 spins, we don’t tend to trigger the bonus. It can be pretty disappointing, but you have to remember that slots are totally random and not everyone can be a winner. Fortunately, when we played Pharaoh’s Fortune, we didn’t have to wait very long until we triggered the free spins bonus. It was only about 50 spins before we landed the bonus.

Before the free spins bonus started, we managed to snag an extra 7 free spins and a 3x multiplier during the Pick Me bonus game. This made for a very generous bonus game where we cashed in on 10 spins total with a payout of 474 coins.

Slots Like Pharaoh’s Fortune

If you love playing Pharaoh’s Fortune, there are plenty of other games that will tickle your fancy. Here are a few online slots that you might enjoy spinning after you’ve finished spinning the reels on Pharaoh’s Fortune:

Cleopatra is another hugely popular land-based IGT slot that has made its way into the online casino market. This game is similar to Pharaoh’s Fortune not only because of the theme, but also due to its bonuses. It also features a free spins bonus with multipliers that offer you the chance to build up some fantastic wins.

Book of Ra
In Book of Ra, there are nine paylines, and players are offered up a modest betting range from .05 to 10 coins per line. The game offers up a generous top prize worth up to 1500x your stake, and there is an impressive free spins round with expanding symbols to help you bag wins more easily.

Ra’s Legend
In Ra’s Legend online slot from Red Tiger Gaming, there are 40 generous paylines that provide players with the chance to win big. There are three fantastic bonus features in this game that offer up stacked wilds, multipliers and generous payouts up to 800x your stake.

Montezuma is a WMS-powered online slot that features 30 paylines. The bonus features in this slot are much like those available in Pharaoh’s Fortune. The free spins bonus begins with a prize wheel round where the number of free spins and your multiplier are determined. So, if you like the free spins bonus in Pharaoh’s Fortune, you’ll love playing Montezuma slots.

Mermaid’s Millions
Mermaid’s Millions from Microgaming offers players a fun online gaming experience. Like Montezuma and Pharaoh’s Fortune, this game also offers you a free spins round that you can enhance by picking multipliers and extra bonuses.

About IGT

International Gaming Technology is one of the leading online slots developers in the gaming world. The company has developed hundreds of slots games in its time for both land-based and online casinos.

IGT was originally founded in 1975, and the company started creating casino games by 1979 with the launch of its first video poker game called Fortune 1 Draw Poker. The game proved IGT to be an innovator in the field, as video poker became the most popular new game in casinos by 1981. This year also saw the introduction of IGT’s game bundles and game families – which continue to be hugely popular in land-based casinos today.

In 1991, IGT was listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the company eventually established itself overseas in Europe. This led the company to expand even further and create yet more exciting innovations.

1996 saw the introduction of the Wheel of Fortune progressive jackpot slot – which is still one of the most popular games in both land-based and online casinos. Over the years, the game has made plenty of players into millionaires and it has spawned several spin-offs.

We’ve seen IGT make several smart acquisitions in its time, including Acres Gaming, Barcrest and Sodak Gaming. The company certainly knows when to work with other studios to help create more exciting innovations that add to players’ enjoyment of slot machines and online slots.

In 2015, IGT merged with Gtech to create International Game Technology PLC. The two companies continue to work together in an impressive partnership that has resulted in the release of many fantastic, innovative games that pique players’ attention both online and in brick-and-mortar venues.

Pharaohs Fortune FAQs

🏺 Can I play Pharaohs Fortune slot for free?

Yes, you can play Pharaohs Fortune for free. The Pharaohs Fortune slots game is available to play free of charge as a demo, right here at Slots Temple. It's always a good idea to try a game with some demo play before you bet any real money, so you can get to know the game and you can be certain the game is for you. It is also possible to play the slot for free at online casinos. You will need to register at an appropriate casino that has IGT software and offers the Pharaohs Fortune slot game.

🏺 What is the RTP of Pharaoh’s Fortune?

The RTP of Pharaoh’s Fortune ranges between a low of 92.53%, and a high of 96.53%. This can be partly explained by the alterations that take place in the game during the Free Spins bonus rounds, which take place on a completely different set of reels, using new symbols and with additional paylines. But online casino operators often adapt the RTP of a game, where software developers permit them to, so we advise always checking the RTP of the game before playing it for real cash.

🏺 How often does Pharaoh’s Fortune slot pay out?

It simply isn’t possible to establish how often Pharaoh’s Fortune pays out with any degree of certainty. That’s because the game is subject to Random Number Generating mechanics, which ensure that every single spin is completely random, and therefore completely fair. Statistics could tell you how often, on average, wins occur, but unless you were planning on playing the game for weeks, if not months, at a time, this information would be next to useless for informing any wagering strategy.

🏺 How volatile is Pharaoh’s Fortune?

Pharaoh’s Fortune is a medium-volatility online slots game, which means it’s been designed to appeal to all types of players. But with high rollers chasing big cash payouts, low-stakes players could well find that their low-value wins don’t even cover the cost of their wager. So always play an online slots game extensively in demo mode, before attempting to wager your own cash on the outcome of any spin.

🏺 How often does Pharaoh’s Fortune slot pay out?

It simply isn’t possible to establish how often Pharaoh’s Fortune pays out with any degree of certainty. That’s because the game is subject to Random Number Generating mechanics, which ensure that every single spin is completely random, and therefore completely fair. Statistics could tell you how often, on average, wins occur, but unless you were planning on playing the game for weeks, if not months, at a time, this information would be next to useless for informing any wagering strategy.

🏺 How does the bonus round work in Pharaoh’s Fortune?

Spin up three or more Bonus Symbols on the base game reels of Pharaoh’s Fortune, and you trigger the Free Spins bonus round. First you are taken deeper into the pyramid, where you are given 3 Free Spins and a 1x Multiplier. Then you are invited to pick stones from the wall in front of you, which awards additional Free Spins and Multipliers, up to a maximum of 25 Free Spins with a 6x Multiplier. The Free Spins then take place on a different set of reels, during which the Bonus round can be retriggered by spinning up three or more Bonus Symbols again.

🏺 What game developer created Pharaohs Fortune?

Pharaohs Fortune was created by IGT, one of the most well known and reputable gaming companies in the industry. With a history dating right back to 1975, IGT is a company with a great deal of experience in developing games both for land-based casinos and the online slots market. They are known for creating high quality, entertaining games using exceptional technology.

🏺 What is the maximum win in Pharaohs Fortune?

The maximum win in Pharaohs Fortune is an impressive 10,000 coins.

🏺 Are there any tips, tricks or strategies for Pharaohs Fortune?

As with any slot game, it’s always a wise idea to get to know the game initially with some free demo play. Without the risk of betting with real money, you are free to explore the features of the game and find out if it's suitable for you. If you decide you like the game and choose to bet for real money, it is a good idea to have a predetermined bankroll and ensure you carefully manage this during play.

* Pharaohs Fortune trademark / license is owned by IGT. This site is not endorsed by IGT.

Game Name: Pharaohs Fortune
Software: IGT
Themes: Ancient Egypt, Luxury / High Life
Volatility: Medium volatility
Features: Bonus Game Wild Symbol Scatter Symbol Multiplier Free Spins Medium volatility 5 Reels
Paylines: 15
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 3
Max Bet: 750
Top Win: 0
RTP: 96.54%
User Reviews
Overall score: 4.4 out of 5 stars

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