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Secrets of the Phoenix ™ Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses


The Secrets of the Phoenix ™ trademark is owned by Gamesys. The use of this trademark on this website does not imply any endorsement of this website by the trademark owners. The demo link to this game is solely for reference and to accompany the review. The game link is from an external source and is not hosted by this website.


The Secrets Of The Phoenix is an exciting slot from Gamesys that is reminiscent of both ancient South American temples and the floating islands from the movie, Avatar. In this amazing slot, you can reap the benefits of the cascading reels, which grant you payouts over and over again with every winning combination.

Casinos & the Best Bonuses

Secrets of the Phoenix is a Gamesys Slot hence can be played at Casino and Bingo sites that have Gamesys Slots available - the best offer for this game is currently to be found at Starspins Casino.

Can I Play in Demo Mode?

Absolutely! Just glance above to see that we link to this amazing Slot in demo mode (the demo version of the game above is on the JPJ website - this means that you can play (on both desktop and mobile) for free without having to spend a penny. We would recommend you do this on all games you are considering trying for real money - testing in demo mode will give you an idea of how the game works, what kind of stakes you feel comfortable with and how frequently bonus rounds pop up... It'll also give you a rough idea of whether the game is volatile (i.e. how frequently you pick up wins) and what kind of RTP the game has.

We would recommend having at least 200 spins in demo mode to give yourself a decent picture of how the game plays before trying this game for real money.

How To Play Secrets Of The Phoenix Slot?

If you're new to playing free slots online, it is important that you know exactly how to get started. Fortunately, it's a quick and easy process that doesn't require any special software or hardware. Just click on game, wait for it to load and enjoy!

Secrets of the Phoenix has 25 paylines, and you'll be prompted to select a wager. You will always be wagering on 25 lines, and you can choose to bet anywhere from 1p to £4 per line for a total minimum bet of 25p and a total maximum bet of £100. Be sure to choose wisely, so as not to exceed your bankroll too quickly.

You can click on the More Bets button to reveal a wide range of wagers just is case your preferred bet isn't immediately available. There is a Repeat Bet button that allows you to make the same bet again, but there is no Autoplay function available.

Whenever you hit a winning combination in this slot, all of the winning symbols will disappear and new symbols will fall into their places to potentially trigger another win. So long as you continue to hit consecutive wins, you'll climb the free spins metre. After three wins, you'll bank 7 free spins and you can earn up to 25 in a single spin.

Also, watch out for the Phoenix symbol. When it lands on the reels, it will expand to fill up the entire reel. This will help you trigger even more generous winning combinations and help increase the frequenct of your wins.

What is the RTP on Secrets of the Phoenix?

For those of you not in the know, the RTP stands for "return to player" - this is a gambling term that lets the player know the exact return they should receive over time. Of course you will not see an exact return each time you play, but if you where to play the game for an infinite amount of time the payout would even itself out to the given RTP %.

RTPs are expressed as % and in the case of Secrets of the Phoenix the game pays out at 94.97% - this means that on average if the game takes £100 in wagers it will pay out £94.97.

Secrets Of The Phoenix - 100 Spin Experience

If you're short on time or aren't in a location where you can play free slots online, our 100 Spin Experience is here to help. In this section, we analyze the gameplay of Secrets of the Phoenix over 100 spins to give you a good idea of what the game is like if you're spinning it for yourself.

The game can take some time to load, so try to be patient. If you find yourself wanting to navigate away from the game, just give it a couple more seconds and you'll be on your way.

We chose a bet size of 25 x 40p, which is a fair middle ground for both high rollers and casual players. Within the first couple of free spins, we were able to trigger some impressive wins worth 50x our total stake, and by the 10th spin, we were in the free spins round. Unfortunately, we didn't hit any wins during the bonus game, it was over almost as quickly as it began. We weren't able to trigger the free spins round again during our experience, but we did manage to rake in a profit of about £30.

This is likely due to the game's Raining Reel's format, which allowed us to hit up tp three winning combinations in a single spin. In one case, we hit four consecutive wins, and that was when we triggered the free spins round. The stacked wild also helps improve things as we noticed it was very useful in helping to trigger winning combinations.

Secrets Of The Phoenix Review

The Secrets of the Phoenix game is a highly original slot from Gamesys that is exclusive to them, and it has some great features to help you score big wins. If you want to give this online slot a try, you can do so for free on our site, and we have hundreds of other free slots if you want something different.

Secrets of the Phoenix is a cascading reels slot, which means that you can have more than one win on a single spin, as the reels tumble down to potentially create more winning combinations. It plays on a standard five-reel grid, and there are 25 paylines which are fixed so you can’t choose which lines to activate.

This online slot game is based in a temple and has a South American tribal style for the symbols that are used on the reels and is based on the mythical bird. These include six images of stone relics with different shapes and colours that you need to match up on paylines to earn the bet multipliers.

There’s no distracting music to take the focus off the action on the reels, but there are some classy sound effects that accompany your spins. As the symbols drop into the reels, there is a stone-like sound that plays, and then a selection of harp bursts can be heard when successive cascades come on to the reels.

This fantastic slot can even be played on your mobile devices, including Android and iOS products, so you can access the game on your mobile and tablet for a quick and convenient hit of Secrets of the Phoenix.

Raining Reels

The raining reels are a great feature of this slot and provide you with many winning opportunities, even from just one spin. Once you’ve made a winning combination, the symbols will disappear from the grid and new symbols will come down and take over the spaces. If these create another winning line, then the cascading reels will be triggered again, and this continues until you can’t make any more matches.

Stacked Wilds

When a whole reel has been cascaded on a spin, it will be replaced by a Stacked Wild, and you will have one more opportunity to win, as the Stacked Wild only remains for one turn before it is replaced by new symbols.

Free Spins on Secrets of the Pheonix

The free spins bonus is also triggered by the cascading reels, and you’ll enter this zone if you achieve at least four cascades on one spin. This bonus round takes players down into a dark underground world and offers you plenty of ways to increase your rewards. It also adds more free spins to further boost your chances of winning.

The standard Secrets of the Phoenix game is relatively simple, and there are no Scatters to help unlock the bonus features. However, the cascading reels can unlock the Stacked Wilds and free spins to make this an extremely lucrative slot that is also great fun to play and offers something different to the typical slots. And remember that the more cascades you get, the more rewards you’ll receive.

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Volatility of Secrets of the Phoenix

The volatility of an online slots game gives players a good indication of the level of risk involved in spinning the reels. In the case of Secrets of the Phoenix, the volatility is stated as being medium, but are you really clear about what that means? Seasoned high-rollers and experienced players will be familiar with the term, but newer and less experienced payers could benefit from a little more understanding about the volatility of a slots game.

Low-volatility games represent minimal risk to the player by delivering up plenty of wins, although these tend to be on the small side. However, as every keen slots fans knows, a win is a win, and for those with smaller bankrolls, a flurry of low-value wins keeps the game interesting and exciting. Low-volatility games don’t tend to deliver up huge payouts, so high-risk players tend to avoid them, whilst newcomers to the world of online slots gaming actively seek them out.

High-volatility slots games, on the other hand, can go through some lengthy lean spells during which they pay out nothing at all. The wins may be few and far between, but once the reels start lining up in your favour, the rewards can be life-changing, depending on the game that you’re playing and the amount of your stake. These are the games that draw in the high-rollers, who have the hefty bankrolls that allow them to ride through the lean patches, waiting for the Big Wins to start rolling in. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the more cautious, risk-averse players can’t enjoy the game too, but they’ll need to keep their bets very low to enable them to ride out the periods when nothing much is happening on the reels.

Medium-volatility games, such as Secrets of the Phoenix, combine the best of both worlds, making them suitable for all types of players. They tend to deliver up sufficient low-value wins to keep low-stakes players satisfied, with occasional big wins that capture the imagination of the high-stakes players. But, of course, it’s important to find the wagering level that suits your playing style and to ensure that your bankroll is adequate for the game that you’d like to play. This is where playing for free is so useful, as it allows players to experiment with their wagering in a way that simply isn’t possible when you’re playing with real money. Players can then use their knowledge to inform their betting strategy at an online casino, if they so choose.

Secrets of the Phoenix Slot Game from Gamesys

Gamesys may not have been creating slots games for as long as some of their competitors, having been founded in 2002, but the company has rapidly grown in size to become a serious industry player. Since its earliest days, the company has been on a mission to create thrilling and entertaining games that players will want to return to again and again, which can only be achieved through innovative gameplay and a highly dedicated team of developers and designers.

Secrets of the Phoenix certainly lives up to the company’s reputation for creating superb games. Every aspect of the game, from the graphics to the sounds, help to engage the player, keeping them coming back for more.

Secrets of the Phoenix First Impressions

Here at Slots Temple we love nothing more than an extended session at the reels of a game, particularly one that looks as good as Secrets of the Phoenix. Gamesys has built up a great reputation amongst slots fans for creating highly original games with loads of great features, and no effort is spared in putting a game together, which is clear to see when you load up Secrets of the Phoenix.

The other-worldly scene transports the player to mythical lands, where such a creature as the Phoenix might well exist. There’s an excellent blend of Ancient Greek and Roman civilisations, along with a hefty dose of South American legends too, so this is a highly cosmopolitan game, taking elements from a range of classical styles to create a game that looks absolutely gorgeous from its opening screen onwards. If you enjoy slots with this theme, then you should give WMS's Montezuma online slot a spin, as well.

We particularly like the Cascading Reels feature, which effectively gives players a free respin every single time they achieve a win. In the case of Secrets of the Phoenix, the symbols themselves are depicted as creatively carved and embellished stone blocks, each of which lands with a characteristic sound, which adds to the game’s overall appeal. Every symbol involved in a winning line disappears as soon as the win has been recorded, leaving empty spaces on the grid which are filled by new symbols dropping down from above.

The Cascading Reels feature is something that lots of players are fond of, and in this case they are employed to particularly good effect. If you’re lucky enough to see an entire reel collapse in the Cascading Reels feature, you’ll see a beautiful Wild phoenix rise up from the ashes, ready and willing to create multiple winning lines on your behalf. And if you trigger the Cascading Reels feature four times in a row without spinning the reels, you’ll be awarded Free Spins too!

We may have seen slots games with many more bonus games, side games and extra features, but it’s very rare to come across a game that looks as good as Secrets of the Phoenix whilst delivering up so much potential to create winning combinations.

The Mythology Behind Secrets of the Phoenix

Just about everyone knows the story of the legendary phoenix, which is reborn in a blaze of fire, but it doesn’t often make its way into an online slots game, which is perhaps surprising. The legend of this mythical bird is said to have started in Ancient Greece, but it seems that many civilisations have their own form of the immortal bird, and that’s hardly surprising, since the stories surrounding its birth, death and rebirth resonate with all cultures around the world.

Legend has it that the Phoenix lived in Paradise, but it flew to Earth to become mortal. Gathering up spices in its beak, it made its way to Phoenicia, where it built a nest and settled down to wait for the sun to rise the following morning. As Apollo drove his chariot containing the sun across the sky, a spark fell into the nest, igniting it and consuming the bird and nest to ashes. Three days later a new Phoenix arose from the ashes, beginning the cycle of life, death and rebirth over again.

All of the legends surrounding the bird follow the same general principles, although the final resting place varies. Some stories put the Phoenix in Arabia, whilst others suggest that it makes its nest in Heliopolis. But all of them agree that the Phoenix is either reborn or a new hatchling is created from the ashes of its parent.

The colour of the Phoenix is also important. Hailing from Paradise, it’s reputed to have the most glorious plumage, often being depicted as either red or yellow. However, in some stories it is said to be purple, perhaps based around the iconic Phoenician purple dyes that were created from the crushed shells of sea creatures.

Life and death are universal themes, so it’s not surprising that so many cultures embrace the legend of the Phoenix. Even Christianity has adopted the mythical bird, probably due to its death and subsequent revival three days later, which chimes with the stories surrounding Jesus rising from the dead after three days in the tomb.

Play Secrets of the Phoenix Completely Free

As a medium-volatility online slots game, Secrets of the Phoenix offers a huge range of betting options, making it suitable for every type of player, from the risk-averse to the players who positively thrive on high-risk, high-stakes gaming. For this reason alone, it’s well worth taking as much time as possible to familiarise yourself with every single element of gameplay before embarking on spinning the reels for real money.

Here at Slots Temple we’re great believers in playing your favourite slots games for free. You get all of the fun, but with none of the associated risk, and this is particularly useful if you’re playing a new game that you haven’t tried out before. Why risk your money on a game that you’re not fully conversant with?

As with all of the other slots games across our site, Secrets of the Phoenix is available to play with no financial commitment whatsoever. You don’t need to sign up to our site or provide any personal information - nor do you need to deposit funds into a player account. Just load up the game and get started. We provide you with a very useful virtual balance, so it’s just like playing for real, except that you won’t feel a dent in your wallet if the reels don’t line up in your favour. Of course, by the same token you won’t get to benefit financially from any big wins that you achieve either, so if you find you’re on a winning streak, you may prefer to sign up to an online casino, deposit funds and start playing for real!

The beauty of having a virtual balance is that it allows you to experiment with your wagering. Try a wide range of bets to see how it affects your overall balance. It’s a medium-volatility game, so you should expect to see plenty of low-value wins interspersed with a few big wins, and trying out a variety of different wagers will let you see for yourself how your betting level affects your total balance.

If you’re naturally a cautious player, it can be fun to blow the virtual budget occasionally and spin the reels like a high-roller. Bet high and go for broke, safe in the knowledge that your actual money isn’t at risk! Or settle down at your normal betting level and assess how well you might do if you tried playing for real money at an online casino. The more you play the game, the more you’ll come to understand its mechanics, and that knowledge can be used to great effect if you decide to play for real later on.

If you do decide to head off to an online casino, we can help you to get started. Some players already have a favourite casino that they regularly use, but if you’re not sure where to start, we provide links to a number of reputable casinos, together with in-depth reviews, so you know exactly what to expect. We also give you the low-down on the various Welcome Bonus offers that you can expect too, so if you’re thinking of signing up as a new member, be sure to check out our reports so that you get the best possible deal. Be sure to read all the Terms & Conditions of any bonus offers carefully, though, as many of them are time specific, so you need to claim them and use them before they become invalid.

Secrets of the Phoenix Slot On Mobile - Android, iPhones and Tablets

It used to be the case that keen online slots fans accessed their favourite games using their desktop and laptop computers. However, in recent years the rapid uptake in smartphone use has led to a sea change in the way players approach their games, with the majority of players now choosing to play on mobiles and tablets.

If you’re a player who enjoys playing slots games on your smartphone or tablet, then you’ll be delighted to hear that Secrets of the Phoenix has been created in HTML5 for a superior playing experience across all of your devices. So whether you choose to play on a large desktop monitor or the much smaller screen size of your mobile phone, the game will load perfectly and display seamlessly, giving you the perfect gaming experience every single time you play. No downloads are required, since the game displays perfectly in your device’s browser for instant gaming on the go anywhere that you have a reliable internet connection.


* Secrets of the Phoenix trademark / license is owned by GameSys. This site is not endorsed by GameSys.

Game Name: Secrets of the Phoenix
Software: GameSys
Themes: Aztec, Mythology, Fantasy
Volatility: Medium Volatility
Features: Bonus Games Free Spins Wild Symbols Multipliers Scatter Symbols Expanding Wilds Clusters
Paylines: 25
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.25
Max Bet: 200
Top Win: 500
RTP: 94.97%