Spinata Grande Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses


Why all the references to smashing and bursting, you may ask. Simple! Spinata Grande takes its inspiration from the piñata - if you smash it hard enough, it will rain down rewards all over you!

NetEnt is renowned for creating graphic-rich, innovative games, with this one ticking all the boxes and more. From the gorgeous graphic-rich reels to the amazing background animations, the mini bonus game and the Colossal Reels feature, there is every reason for you to hope that you can bash open that piñata when you play.

You can enjoy this phenomenal free slots game right here at Slots Temple; as an added perk, you can play it on desktop, mobile and tablet. This slot has been optimised to run flawlessly on every platform and NetEnt has once again delivered a game that offers smooth and seamless entertainment no matter how it is played.

If you love spinning the reels to the sounds of a mariachi band, enjoy bright and appealing graphics and a really fun theme, Spinata Grande will keep you coming back for more, time after time.

Spinata Grande slot graphics

Spinata Grande is not only awesome to look at but also very easy to play. Experienced aficionados will enjoy this cutting-edge online slot; in addition, it is so well laid out that even brand-new players will easily find their way around. While it boasts some epic bonus features, these play out in a very straightforward manner. Whether placing bets or landing smashing big wins, gameplay is simple!

We have to say that Spinata Grande is one of the best-looking online slots we have seen in a while. The attention to detail is impeccable and the theme is carried through in every way.

The game opens up with a very short video clip that sets the scene. The reels are set against a backdrop of a deserted Mexican town, with little houses and cacti lining the sandy streets. You get the feeling that everyone is having a siesta and waiting for the party to start, or that they are sleeping off last night’s carnival. Stray balloons float gently upwards and a sombrero blows around at the bottom of the reels. Every now and again a truck drives past, a small hombre runs from side to side, and a big blue fish piñata sways gently in the breeze.

The reels are suitably festive and encased in a Mexican-style red and yellow border. There is an assortment of vibrantly-coloured symbols in play, with the bull, bird, donkey and fish the piñatas you want to smash. The lower value icons are the playing cards, all of which are brightly coloured. There are also bonus icons, which include the colourful star; the Day of the Dead-style skull with roses; gold, silver and bronze coins; and the slots machine with a sombrero.

From the opening video, you will be captivated by the graphics and animation. It is not often that you see a slot that is so easy on the eye! When you land a jackpot, a veritable fiesta takes place and the already upbeat mariachi music takes a turn for the better, adding a bit of toe-tapping excitement to every winning spin! This online slot is incredibly engaging. If riotous colours make you happy, you need to get spinning.

How to play Spinata Grande slots

Spinata Grande is a five-reel, four-row, 40-fixed payline video slot, but what really gives this game the edge is the fact that it features Colossal Reels symbols. This means that these reel symbols can cover either 2x2 positions or - if you are really lucky - 3x3 to cover all 40 paylines. These Colossal symbols are the four piñatas and really help you to rack up extra wins.

The minimum coins per line bet is 0.01, the maximum is 10, and you can set your bets using the toggle buttons at the bottom of the screen. As all 40 paylines are fixed, you don’t need to activate them - they are always in play. The level button changes the number of coins you are betting and the value button changes the value, so wagering is very easy.

Wins line up from the furthest left to the right, with only the highest win line paying out. This means that if you land two winning combination sets, you will only be paid out for the higher one.

When you are ready to grab your tequila and don a sombrero, sit back and hit spin! This starts the reels rolling and the real fun begins. If you want to play for a pre-set number of turns without any interruptions, you can opt to activate the autoplay feature. This sets the reels to turn up to 1,000 times automatically.

What is the RTP of Spinata Grande?

Spinata Grande has an RTP of 96.84 per cent. This is higher than the average online, so it makes it all the more rewarding. Bear in mind that this number is a theoretical one and refers to the developer’s calculation as to how much the game pays out for every £100 wagered.

The RTP, or return to player, does not mean that you will win 96+ per cent of the time; instead, it is an average that is calculated to give you an idea as to how regular the wins will be.

This slot is a low to medium volatility game, which means that it provides more frequent, smaller payouts as opposed to less frequent but bigger rewards. When you play for free, the more regular wins make for better entertainment, and in Spinata Grande the rewards come thick and fast. Being low volatility also means that the game is lower risk. When you play for real money, you don’t have to worry about blowing a fortune just to land a win.

How to win at Spinata Grande slots

To hit winning combinations while playing Spinata Grande slots all you need to do is land three or more symbols on an active payline, running from left to right.

The animal pinatas are the highest paying symbols, with the red bull paying out 500 coins if you land five on a payline. This is followed by the pink donkey, the green tropical bird and the blue fish at 200, 100 and 60 coins for landing five of each respectively. The lower value icons are the playing cards, which can pay out up to 40 coins for five aces on a payline.

A closer look at the game’s paytable will reveal exactly what each symbol combination pays out. You can check this as you play, or you can let it be a surprise!

Spinata Grande slot bonus features

When it comes to bonus features, Spinata Grade is positively fit to burst. It is almost hard to decide where to start, but we have broken it down as simply as possible for you.

To start, let’s look at the Colossal Bonus feature. Depending on how much of this little sombrero slot machine symbol is visible on the reels, he will split into three, six or nine individual symbols. When this happens, the mini slots game is triggered and each symbol in view will spin individually. In this bonus game you can win either more free spins or bronze coins worth 20 credits each; however, if you have triggered this feature in the main game, you can claim gold coins worth 80 credits and silver coins worth 40 credits.

If you are lucky enough to land three of the free spins icons on the reels in the mini slot in the main game, you will also be rewarded. Three symbols award you five free spins, and you get another free spin for every extra bonus symbol. If you land one or more of these icons in the bonus game, you will get an extra free spin.

The wild symbol is another one to keep an eye on, as this smiling rose-adorned skull can substitute for all other symbols except the Colossal ones in the main game. The Colossal wild can only appear in the free spins game; when it does, it takes up 3x3 spots, making it extra rewarding.

It is also important to note that all the main symbols in the main game appear as Colossal and take up either 2x2 or 3x3 spots. In the bonus game, the only Colossal symbols are the bonus star, the wild and the 3x3 animal pinatas.

While these bonuses and the mini and main game features may sound a little complex, you will find that they all make perfect sense once you get the reels rolling and enhance the action on offer in a colossal way!

Spinata Grande slots jackpot

Spinata Grande has a top jackpot payout of 300x your total stake, so payouts can get quite large. There is no progressive jackpot available in this game; however, thanks to the regular, smaller payouts, this does not make it any less appealing. Some players may bypass a game that does not have a progressive jackpot, but all this does is cause you to lose out on an exceptional entertainment experience, especially when you are playing for free. Not having a progressive jackpot is not a problem when you are just having fun!

Although you can land multiple winning combinations per spin, you are only paid out for the highest one, which is something we often see in slots where fixed paylines are in place. Of course, the fixed paylines already give you the edge, as they are always in play. This means that instead of having to activate some or all of them, you can hit spin knowing that every turn of the reels has the maximum winning payline potential.

Free spins on Spinata Grande slots

The Spinata Grande free spins bonus is multi-faceted, which makes it all the more rewarding.

When you trigger the mini slots game, every bonus symbol in sight rewards you with a free spin, an extra spin, or a gold, silver or bronze coin. Three free spins can trigger five spins and each extra turn of the reels adds another. The coins that appear in the free spins round award cash prizes, so this bonus feature is a double whammy of potential prizes.

When you trigger the free spins, a Colossal wild is also added to the reels and leads to even bigger wins!

Spinata Grande free spins at online casinos

NetEnt is famous for offering players the chance to enjoy their games for free, with free spins bonuses often available at casinos powered by this software developer. You may often find that Spinata Grande is one of the games included in a welcome package when you sign up at an online casino. A site will decide which slots it will offer free spins on, and Spinata Grande may well be one of the eligible games.

If you claim these free spins, they will potentially be worth between 10p and 20p. This may not sound like a lot, but it definitely gives you enough money to try the game out and see how much you like it. You may be able to cash out any winnings if you meet the playthrough requirement, or you may be required to make a deposit to move your bonus cash into your real money account once wagering conditions have been met.

No deposit Spinata Grande slots

An increasing number of online casinos are giving players the opportunity to claim no deposit bonuses. These bonuses are a bit like the free spins that reward you with real money turns; however, in this case, they are real money!

These bonuses are called no deposit, as this is exactly what they are. All you need to do is complete the signup process at a casino and you will be rewarded with a certain amount of free real money that you can use in games such as Spinata Grande. Just like with the free spins bonus, you will be able to wager between 10p and 20p per spin. When you have used up your rewards, you will need to meet wagering requirements to be able to cash out. The winnings from these no deposit bonuses are generally credited to your bonus account and will only be moved when you have met the terms and conditions or have made a real money deposit of your own.

Spinata Grande slots on mobile - Android, iPhones and tablets

Spinata Grande online slot is ideal for play on all platforms, from iPhone to Android devices and tablet to desktop. Of course, playing on the go offers the ultimate in convenience. As this game has been optimised for mobile, it runs flawlessly on your handset in portrait or landscape mode.

It has also been designed not to be too resource intensive, so you don’t need to worry about lag or about it using all your processing power. It is not overly demanding and the fact that you don’t need to download any software to join in the fun is a bonus.

When you play online slots on your smartphone or tablet, you need to ensure that your internet connection is stable. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of a winning streak and having your game cut out or die due to connectivity issues. Ensure that your Wi-Fi is reliable or your data connection is stable and you will save yourself the frustration of a dropped connection.

Aside from being optimised for mobile, you can play Spinata Grande online slot on your desktop computer. Some players may prefer this, as the game is graphics rich and features a phenomenally festive soundtrack. Playing on a desktop gives you a chance to enjoy the action on a bigger screen and the sound quality may be a little better.

However you choose to play, you are in for a treat if you pick this online slot!

Spinata Grande slot and virtual reality

Virtual reality is the next big thing, and NetEnt knows this. The developer is one of the first to have created VR games and the results have been nothing short of impressive. There is now a selection of VR games that you can enjoy. When you don a headset, you can walk through a lobby and interact with slot machine cabinets.

Over time, new games will be added to the VR experience and you can step right up and smash the piñatas in front of you!

Spinata Grande slot free play

Before you embark on a fiesta of fun filled with real money rewards, we suggest that you play at least 150 to 200 spins for free with us. This will not only see you become familiar with how the game and all its bonuses work but will also give you a better idea of what is on offer to help you decide whether this slot is your cup of tea. We know that everyone has their own preferences and free slots help you to determine if a game is right up your alley or if you want to try your hand at something else.

Although online slots are games of chance, the more familiar you are with games inner-workings, the better. Being able to play for free and learn how a game works puts you at a great advantage, as you will be able to maximise your winning potential and play with confidence from the first spin.

If you are playing Spinata Grande for free with a view to swapping over to real money soon, we suggest you play with the same stakes as you would when wagering cash. In this way, you get a real feel for what sort of wins can come your way and how best to maximise your winning potential.

The Spinata Grande experience

If you are dying to give Spinata Grande a spin but don’t have the time right now, take a look at our experience. We have walked you through the game and what we discovered as we played so that you can decide whether it sounds like your cup of tea - or your glass of tequila!

The scene is set with a very short opening clip, then you are whisked away to a small Mexican town where a fiesta is set to take place. The animations in the background really set the scene and the bobbing blue fish piñata and the balloons that float up add to the atmosphere. The little hombre in his sombrero and the van that drives back and forth add an extra air of excitement, with the reels suitably decked out for an authentically Mexican experience.

Placing our bet was easy. As the 40 paylines are fixed, we set our coin level at five and our coin bet at 1.00. Then we hit spin, and all hell broke loose - in a good way! The mariachi tune started, the reels clanked around, and a giant pink donkey filled half the screen when they fell into position. We had triggered a Colossal symbol. From here on in, these Colossal icons were regularly in play. They certainly add to the reward factor, but it is the mini slots games that boost your bankroll the most. When you trigger this feature, the little slot machine - complete with smiling moustache and sombrero - whacks the reels with a baseball bat and a series of smaller slots are revealed. These then trigger free spins and you can also claim coin payouts here.

In a way, the bonus round is like a slot within a slot, so it almost feels like a second screen game. The action is fast paced and quite intense. If you are a beginner, it might take a little getting used to, but the graphics are so good that you can just sit back and watch the wins roll in.

We tried the autoplay feature for 50 spins; however, we felt that we lost a lot of the game’s impact in this way, as it is already fast-paced and filled with activity.

Spinata Grande provides non-stop excitement and there never seems to be a lull in the action. The game delivers a premium playing experience and is bright and cheerful, so you will enjoy every turn of the reels.

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Spinata Grande is certainly one of the most exciting online slots that we have seen in a while; however, as the saying goes, there are different strokes for different folks! Fortunately, NetEnt has created a wealth of games that cover just about every style, genre and theme. If you are looking for something a little different, you can always try one of these amazing games.

You can give any of these games a spin and see what they have to offer, as each is unique in its own exciting way. It is always fun to mix up your online slots experience. Spinata Grande is just one of the many amazing options available online, so why not try them all?

Spinata Grande slot review

We take online slot very seriously here at Slots Temple, with great gaming something we always believe in. To make sure you always enjoy the very best reel spinning experience, we put the hottest slots to the test and are happy to say that Spinata Grande is right up there with the best.

Our team of experts has years of experience in the industry and knows what to look for in a great game. This makes reviewing top-class slots such as Spinata Grande easier than ever.

We have to admit that when we sat down to review Spinata Grande, we had some pretty high hopes. The developer is known for creating impressive slots and we were hoping that this would be yet another good one. We were certainly not disappointed! The graphics are what really make any good slots game great, and the graphics in Spinata Grande are so good that they make the slot exceptional. It was a bit like watching a cartoon combined with a slot - the slick animations, short movie clip at the beginning and the continuous activity in the background brought the game together beautifully.

Aside from the graphics, the gameplay is top-class and the bonus features and Colossal symbols add to the entertainment factor. The reels come alive with the pinata animals, which seem to each have their own quirky characters as they grow and cover all the other reels to complete winning combinations. The soundtrack is also super-catchy and rather infectious, so you will be tapping your feet along within minutes!

Wins rack up rather fast, especially as the Colossal symbols kick in and the mini slots bonus games. The free spins are perhaps on the slim side; however, if you consider how the Colossal symbols contribute to your winning potential, the smaller number of free spins awarded is no loss. In the free spins rounds, you also stand a chance of claiming cash from the coins, so this is an extra bonus.

Overall, it is almost impossible to find fault with Spinata Grande. The graphics are great, the bonuses are bountiful, the soundtrack is superb, and the overall experience is engaging, immersive and seems designed to put a smile on your face.

About NetEnt

NetEnt was formally known as Net Entertainment. It changed to the abbreviated form of the name a few years ago while undergoing a bit of a brand facelift.

This esteemed online casino software development brand has been around since the 1990s and has been bringing players top-class entertainment almost from the dawn of the online gaming era. Founded in 1996, the brand launched its first online casino in 2000; by 2003, it was powering casinos around the globe. In 2005, the brand received its gaming license from the then-named Malta Lotteries and Gaming Association (now MGA) and has not looked back since.

Well known for pushing the boundaries and trying new things, the brand has expanded dramatically in recent years and now counts Mexico, Spain and Serbia amongst its many markets. In 2010 it released its first slot that featured 3D graphics, with Gonzo’s Quest going on to become a smash hit. In the same year, it turned its attention to mobile gaming and began releasing mobile-optimised games on the now-popular Touch platform. Its foray into the world of VR has also not gone unnoticed and the brand is always a step ahead, keen to try new things and keeping the online gaming world fresh, fun and interactive.

It does not just offer slots but has also created numerous table, video poker, keno, scratch card and bingo games. It features a live dealer platform that is immensely popular.

To ensure it caters to every player preference, it releases new slots every month. Its progressive jackpot network also attracts plenty of attention, paying out huge sums on a regular basis.

A name synonymous with quality, NetEnt always delivers, no matter how, what and where you play!

Spinata Grande FAQ

Can I play Spinata Grande slots for free?

Yes, you can play Spinata Grande for free right here at Slots Temple, with no deposit or sign up required. Slots Temple features top-class slot games all for free, so you don’t have to sign up with an online casino to get the reels rolling!

Does Spinata Grande slot have free spins?

Yes, there are two separate free spins bonuses. When you trigger the main game or bonus game, you will be rewarded accordingly.

Can I win real money while playing Spinata Grande slots?

You can only win real money when you play Spinata Grande at an online casino. You may win with free spins or a no deposit bonus, but you will still need to sign up at a site that offers real money gaming to do so. If you claim free spins, you will need to meet the wagering requirements to cash them out.

Do you have any Spinata Grande tips or cheats?

When you play Spinata Grande there is absolutely no way to guarantee that you will be a winner. The game makes use of a random number generator, or RNG, which is the software that determines the results. RNGs ensure that all online slots games are fair and unbiased and that the outcome of each spin is completely unique. This means that you cannot tell when a machine is hot or cold, and one spin has no bearing on the outcome of the one before or the one after. You cannot manipulate the game and all results are unpredictable, but this is what makes playing so enjoyable.

What we would suggest is that you always manage your bankroll so that you feel like a winner. Don’t chase losses, don’t go into the red, and don’t overspend. Smart players who are wagering real money will set themselves a gaming budget and will not exceed it. This is why the free games are so advantageous - if your budget has been used up, you can have fun for free for a while without worrying about breaking the bank.

It is also a great idea to put aside some of your winnings or set win limits so that you can save some of the money you win or add it back to your budget to enjoy the maximum benefits.

Can I play Spinata Grande slots with no deposit?

There is no deposit required to play Spinata Grande at Slots Temple. You can simply sit down and start playing with no obligations whatsoever. We offer a huge selection of free slots - all you need to do is choose the game you want to play and get going.

Can I download Spinata Grande slots?

NetEnt’s slots games are all available in HTML5. This means there is no download required whatsoever and you can play in your preferred web browser or on the mobile or tablet of your choice.


* Spinata Grande trademark / license is owned by Net Ent. This site is not endorsed by Net Ent.

Game Name: Spinata Grande
Software: Net Ent
Themes: Holidays, Mexican
Volatility: Medium Volatility
Features: Bonus Games Free Spins Wild Symbols Scatter Symbols Expanding Wilds
Paylines: 40
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.2
Max Bet: 200
Top Win: 3000
RTP: 96.84%.