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Pink Elephants is an online slot developed by Thunderkick set on a 6-reel, 4-row format with 4,096-ways-to-win. Features include randomly added scatter symbols during the base-game and a free-spins feature where it’s possible to upgrade all higher-paying symbols into the top-paying symbol.

Pink Elephants

Pink Elephants is a fun new online slot from Thunderkick that provides players with a unique online gaming experience. Offering up 4096 Ways to Win, the slot game allows for generous winning potential each time you spin the reels. You can trigger a generous bonus round with extra high-paying symbols and the chance to earn extra free spins.

4096 Ways to Win

Pink Elephants features 6 paylines, so you’re offered much more generous winning potential than other online slots. Every time you spin the reels, you can cash in on 4096 ways to win. The top prize is 10x your total wager, awarded by the pink elephant symbol.

The game is based on the jungle theme that seems to be popular – but with a unique twist. It has a vibrant neon theme that really sets it apart from other similar games, and you’re sure to enjoy experiencing something new and different.

The reels are lined with cute jungle animals, who remain animated at all times and interact with you as you spin the reels. As a mobile optimised game, Pink Elephants can be played on smartphones, tablets and PCs – and you can give it a spin without having to download any software!

Pink Elephants Slot

What is the RTP of Pink Elephants?

The RTP (return to player) of Pink Elephants is 96.1%, which refers to the percentage of wagers that is returned as prizes. So, for every £100 that players bet, £96.10 is paid out as prizes. In the online casino market, the lowest RTP available is 85%, so Pink Elephants offers up quite high volatility when you spin the reels. This means that you’ll see wins more often than you would on other slots; however, the individual prize value may be smaller.

Free Spins

When three or more scatter symbols land on the reels, you’ll trigger the free spins round. Mystery scatter symbols can also appear during the main game to help boost your odds of activating the bonus. Depending on the number of peanuts that land, you’ll receive between 7 and 19 free spins. During the bonus round, just two peanuts are required to reactivate the bonus with 3 spins or more.

Elephant Orb Bonus

As Elephant orbs land on the reels during the free spins, symbol metres are filled. When it fills up, the corresponding symbol will turn into a pink elephant for the rest of the free spins round – and, you’ll receive an extra free spin. This is a little extra added boost to the bonus round and really adds to the excitement of the game.

Where You Can Play

You can play Pink Elephants and loads of other great online slot from Thunderkick at Casumo. Here, you’ll find a huge range of slots, casino games. There is a fantastic selection of the best slots from top developers, and you’ll be able to take part in amazing promotions every week, that provide free spins and reloads.

Pink Elephants graphics and theme

There are quite a few online slots games with an African theme, but you won’t find another game quite like Pink Elephants. The colour of the elephants is your first clue, since everyone knows that elephants tend to be grey - although apparently it is actually possible to find a real pink elephant on occasions, since this can be a mutation of the albino gene.

However, for the most part, the term ‘pink elephants’ usually refers to the hallucinations that can occur when you drink too much alcohol. In fact, this was the premise for the iconic ‘pink elephant dance’ in Walt Disney’s Dumbo animation, in which Dumbo and his companion accidentally ingest a large amount of champagne, and watch enthralled as a parade of pink elephants pass them by.

There’s no indication that Thunderkick intends players to assume that alcohol is involved with the antics of the creatures across the reels though. The game is set in the African savannah, with a dry desert stretching into the far distance, beneath a dazzlingly blue sky. The reels are situated in the centre of the screen, with baobab trees framing them, and the reels themselves are translucent, so that you can see the desert in the background.

On the reels, you’ll find the usual selection of poker cards, here represented by the 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. In keeping with the game’s overall theme, these symbols have been depicted as stones decorated with the appropriate symbols. The other symbols on the reels are a family of meerkats, although these aren’t like any meerkats that you’ll have encountered before. The father has a shaggy beard and an ear stud, while the matriarch of the family wears a snazzy necklace and has decorated her features with psychedelic makeup. The two meerkat offspring, meanwhile, have also borrowed a bit of their mother’s makeup to add some colour to their features. Even when they don’t appear in winning combinations, they animate and blink in a rather engaging way.

Thunderkick has always stated that its aim is to provide players with fun and engaging slots games, and it has certainly fulfilled that brief with Pink Elephants. The elephants themselves have an other-worldly aspect to them, aside from the fact that they’re pink. With blazing white eyes and elaborate detailing around their trunks, they appear in a cloud of smoke, waving their trunks and scattering bright lights whenever they feature in a win.

The game developers certainly haven’t cut any corners when it comes to creating a great-looking game, and unlike many other software companies, they haven’t dropped the ball when it comes to adding a soundtrack either. So many games feature irritating melodies that quickly become tedious, but in the case of Pink Elephants, the theme tune resonates well with the overall theme and never becomes too intrusive. If it’s not to your liking though, you have the option to mute the soundtrack, so that you can provide your own backing track, if you prefer.

How to play Pink Elephants

The aim of the game in Pink Elephants is to help the family of meerkats to search out the magic peanuts that summon the pink elephants from their alternative dimension. But to do this, you first need to decide on how much you intend to wager with each spin of the reels.

You’ll find all of your player controls along the bottom of the screen, just below the reels. To the right-hand side of the screen are your Spin and Bet controls, whilst to the left of the screen are the buttons for toggling sounds on and off, and the button to access game information and the paytable.

There are 4,096 Ways To Win, so there are none of the traditional paylines to worry about. This means that your only decision is how much to wager with each spin of the reels - and your choices are absolutely huge. Wager as little as 0.10 per spin if you’re a risk-averse player, or if you have a limited gaming budget. If you’re a high roller, or have a huge bankroll, you could go for broke and wager a highly-impressive 100.00 per spin. Or, of course, you could settle on something in between, depending upon your budget and playing style. Just tap or click on the poker chip symbol, and you’ll see all the available options.

Once you’re happy with your wager, it’s time to set the reels in motion. A swift tap or click on the Spin button to the right of the screen will set the reels spinning, leaving them to stop of their own volition, hopefully awarding you a cash prize in the process.

If you’re planning on settling down for a lengthy session at the reels of Pink Elephants, then you might like to take advantage of the Autoplay function, which is located just to the left of the Spin button. Tapping or clicking here calls up a wide range of options, ranging from 5 automatic spins through to 5,000. Once you’ve made your selection, click OK, and you’ll see that the Spin button now has your chosen number of automatic spins listed just above it. Press on Spin to apply your settings and your automatic spins will start.

All automatic spins will use your current bet, so if you find that your balance is dwindling faster than you’d like, you might want to stop the feature early. To do this, you simply need to tap on the spin button for a second time, and manual control will be restored to you.

If you’d like to check on the rules of the game, or to view the paytable, you need to direct your attention to the bottom left-hand corner of the playing area. Click or tap on the multi-dot menu and you’ll see options for muting the sound, as well as symbols depicting a sheet of paper and a trophy. Click or tap on the sheet of paper icon to access the rules of the game, or click on the trophy to access the game’s paytable. The paytable is dynamic, so it shows the sums of money that can be won using your current stake. Adjust the amount of your wager, and you’ll see how this affects potential payouts.

How to win at Pink Elephants

The aim of the game, as with most online slots games, is to line up three or more matching symbols in accordance with the paytable. Since there aren’t any actual paylines, this gives you an astonishing 4,096 Ways To Win, and here’s how it works. You have to match three or more symbols across adjacent reels, but the first instance of the symbol must appear on the leftmost reel. Subsequent occurrences of the symbol must occur on adjacent reels, so if you have a match on reels 1, 2 and 3, in any position, you’ll achieve a win. However, a match on reel 1, reel 3 and reel 4 won’t count as a win, because there’s no matching symbol on reel 2.

You don’t need to keep track of the symbols, or try and count how many of each are occurring with each spin, as the game automatically does that for you. Any wins that you achieve are highlighted by the game, with animations occurring for the main symbols that feature characters. The poker card symbols offer up the lowest returns, with the prize sums steadily increasing as you rise through the meerkat family. But it’s the pink elephants themselves that pay out the highest rewards, so these are the symbols that you’ll want to see occurring the most across the reels as you play the game.

Pink Elephants Bonus Features

Every keen slots player knows that no matter how interesting the base game, it’s the bonus features and additional symbols that add real value to an online slots game. And in the case of Pink Elephants, there’s plenty to keep players amused and entertained.

As you might expect, the game includes wilds and scatters, which add extra elements of fun to the game and can trigger some generous cash prizes and bonus features. The wild symbol is represented by the letter W, and although this symbol doesn’t come with any cash prizes attached, it can still help to achieve those longed-for winning lines. That’s because the wild can substitute for any of the other symbols on the reels, apart from the scatter symbol. So if you have two matching symbols, a well-placed wild could be all that’s needed to award you the three-of-a-kind payout - or even more if your luck is in!

The game’s scatter symbol is represented by a golden peanut. Once again, this symbol doesn’t come with its own cash reward, but when you spin up three scatters, in any position on the reels, you’ll trigger the Free Spins bonus round, which is worth up to 19 free spins, depending on how many you achieve.

There’s also a further mystery scatter symbol, which can occur at any time during the game. When the mystery scatter appears, the outline of the peanut symbol is superimposed over one or more positions on the reels, gradually becoming more opaque until it transforms into the scatter. This mystery scatter greatly enhances your chances of triggering the Free Spins bonus round.

Pink Elephants Free Spins

Every slots fan loves free spins, since they represent a great opportunity to amass a prize payout at no expense! And in the case of Pink Elephants, your chances of being awarded a generous cash prize are extremely high throughout this round.

Spin up three or more scatter symbols during the base game, and you’ll be taken to a completely new screen. The four meerkats enter a new dimension, in which they are lifted up in front of the face of a huge pink elephant. It’s all highly psychedelic, as the background fades to black, and the four meerkat characters are now depicted in portrait form to the left-hand side of the reels, each surrounded by an array of vacant spaces.

Now, as you spin the reels, you’ll notice that many of the pink elephant symbols carry an orb of light with them. Once the reels have stopped spinning, and any prizes have been awarded to your balance, these orbs are transported over to the left-hand side of the screen, where they slot into place around the lowest meerkat character. Once all the empty spaces around this character have been filled, this symbol now becomes another pink elephant - now every single time that character would have appeared on the reels, he or she is replaced by another pink elephant.

Further scatters can appear across the reels throughout the Free Spins round, with two or more triggering further free spins, so there’s great potential for amassing a sizeable prize pot during the course of this round. As each character symbol is surrounded by elephant orbs, it also becomes a pink elephant, leading to some huge payouts.

Pink Elephants tips and tricks

We’d love to be able to inform players on the best ways of ensuring that they win big when playing Pink Elephants, but sadly we’re unable to do that. That’s because the game is subject to strict controls, and is governed by Random Number Technology, which ensures that all players have an equal chance of winning. Every spin is completely random, meaning that every player has the same chance of scooping a big win, and players are unable to influence the outcome of a single spin.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t create your own luck, however. You may not be able to ensure that the symbols line up in your favour, but you can still maximise your bankroll, ensuring that you stand the best possible chance of achieving a big win.

Our main piece of advice is to work out exactly how much you can afford to lose at the reels of Pink Elephants. Heading into the game with no budget in mind can quickly lead to disaster, so our first rule of slots gaming is to never, ever bet more than you can comfortably afford to lose. Set aside a specific sum, and once it’s gone, stop playing.

When you’ve set aside your preferred sum of money, calculate how you can divide that sum up to make the most of it. Don’t blow the whole lot on just a few spins, but keep your bets lower, so that you can buy more spins.

But our very best piece of advice is to play the game in demo mode, for free, before putting your own money on the line. We’ll explain why in the next section.

Play Pink Elephants for free

All of the games that you’ll discover here at Slots Temple are completely free to play. You don’t need to sign up to our site, part with any personal information, or risk any of your own cash on the outcome of a spin. Just choose the game that you’d like to play and, using the trial balance that we provide, start playing just as you would in an online casino. The only difference is that all wins and losses are purely theoretical, so although you won’t actually benefit financially from any wins that you accrue, neither will you suffer any financial losses.

The benefit of this approach is that you really get to understand all about a game, at absolutely no risk to your finances. You can play for as long as you like, unlocking all the secrets of the game and discovering the bonus features, so that when you decide to play for real money at an online casino, you have a great depth of knowledge about the way the game works. You can experiment to your heart’s content with your betting strategy, letting you see for yourself how altering your bet affects your total balance, which helps you to make the most informed decisions when you come to play for real cash.

Of course, you may decide that Pink Elephants isn’t the game for you, in which case you haven’t wasted any of your own money discovering that fact. If this is the case, you can browse through the other games on our site - we have literally hundreds to choose from - to find something that is more to your taste. Browse our selection of games to find themes and genres that resonate - we guarantee that every player is bound to find something that will appeal.

* Pink Elephants trademark / license is owned by Thunderkick. This site is not endorsed by Thunderkick.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Pink Elephants
Software: Thunderkick
RTP: 96.1%
Volatility: Medium volatility
Paylines: 4096
Reels: 6
Min Bet (all lines covered): 10
Max Bet: 100
Top Win: 1000
Features: Wild Symbol , Scatter Symbol , Multiplier , Free Spins , Medium volatility , 6 Reels

Pink Elephants FAQs

Can I play Pink Elephants slot for free?

As with all of the games across our website, Pink Elephants is completely free to play here at Slots Temple.

Does Pink Elephants have free spins?

Simply spin up three or more of the peanut scatter symbols to trigger the Pink Elephants Free Spins bonus round. Offering up to 19 free spins, this bonus round can generate some huge cash prizes, thanks to the highly lucrative Elephant Orbs feature, which turns other symbols into pink elephants too.

Can I win real money playing Pink Elephants?

When you play Pink Elephants at Slots Temple, the balance is purely virtual, so you can’t win real cash prizes. However, we provide plenty of links to reputable online casino sites, where you can play the game for real cash. Read our casino reviews to find your best option, and don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus if you’re signing up as a new member.

Can I download Pink Elephants slot?

There’s no need to download Pink Elephants, as the game loads directly into your browser.

Is Pink Elephants slot available on mobile?

Pink Elephants is fully optimised to display across all of your devices, including your smartphone.

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