Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix Slot

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Can you sing a rainbow? We think you'll be singing for joy if you strike it lucky with Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix. This is a beautiful game designed by the UK slot maker, Barcrest, a firm that has one of the longest histories in the world of slots. Now, the company has taken a familiar theme of the luck of the Irish and pots of gold to create the bright Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix slot.

Pick and Mix is the sequel to Barcrest's long-running Rainbow Riches, where we meet the same grinning leprechaun and the brightest rainbow ever to be seen. This version has many of the classic features that gamers enjoy, as well as some new ideas thrown in. It takes Rainbow Riches to a higher level with enhanced graphics, reels and a background with truly vibrant colours, particularly the use of green and gold, on desktop, mobile and tablet displays.

It's a colourful, happy world where the little leprechaun is busy making shoes. Will you find the pot of gold he has hidden at the end of the rainbow? 

How to Play

Get started playing quickly:

  • 1. Select up to three features before the game begins. Choosing fewer options means you'll trigger them more often. You can always change your choice in the base game by clicking "Reset Bonus".
  • 2. Press the i symbol to take a look at the payouts. The paytable shows prizes as a multiple of your bet.
  • 3. If you'd like, select the Big Bet option to potentially trigger a bonus right away.
  • 4. Use the autoplay option for up to 25 spins.

  • 5. Press PLAY and get spinning!

If you are a seasoned online gamer, you won’t need any help to get started with spinning the reels of Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix. Most online slots games tend to follow similar rules when it comes to the placement of the controls, with experienced players quickly developing a good feel for most games of this type very quickly; however, less-experienced players and those who are dipping their toes into the online slots waters for the first time can always benefit from a little extra guidance. If you need a step-by-step guide to getting started, we would be delighted to offer you the benefit of our experience.

Unusually for an online slots game, your first decision is which bonus games to choose and how many. Before you even reach the playing screen with the five reels, you need to select between one and three of the five available bonus games. This is a feature that will become clearer as you play the game, but bear in mind that the fewer bonus games you choose, the greater the likelihood of triggering a bonus, so you are probably best off just picking one bonus to start with. You can alter your selection at any time once you start playing, so you are not making any long-term commitments here!

You will be taken to a new screen where the reels are waiting for you to spin them; however, before you do so, you need to select the amount that you are going to wager with each spin of the reels. You will find all the information you need to the left-hand side of the reels. Choose your stake-per-line bet using the up and down arrows, adjusting your wager between 0.01 and 25.00 per line. Note that there are 20 fixed paylines in this game and your wager is on a per-line basis, so your bet every time you spin will be your stake per line multiplied by 20.

Once you are happy with the amount of your bet, you need to direct your attention towards the right-hand side of the reels. Towards the bottom of the screen, adjacent to the lowest symbol on the reels, you will see the green spin button. Give this a click or a tap and the reels will spin into action, stopping where they will and possibly delivering you a handsome cash prize in the process!

You will see the Big Bet Game button just above the spin button, which you can trigger at any time. This gives you direct access to your current selection of bonus games, enabling you to try your hand at either the bonus game or a selection of mega spins. We will explain this in more detail in a separate section.

RTP and Volatility

In the case of the Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix RTP, things are a little more complicated than is usual for an online slots game. This is because the game offers variable RTP figures depending on the game you play and the amount of your wager. If you play with a wager of less than 1.00, you will be playing with an RTP of just 94 per cent. However, raise your stake to more than 1.00 per spin and you will see the RTP rise to a much more acceptable 96 per cent.

There is one further RTP with Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix, which comes into play during the Big Bet Game. This offers an extremely generous RTP of 98 per cent, which many players will find very much to their liking!

Along with RTP, volatility is another bothersome term for newbie slots gamers who can struggle to understand what it means. Just like the RTP, this is important to know, as you need to source online slots games that suit your personal level of risk.

Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix slots is a medium volatility online slots game, which makes it suitable for every type of gamer. Medium volatility games are usually fairly easy to spot, as they offer a huge choice of betting options, ranging from small amounts that low stakes players like to play with up to large sums that high stakes players favour. This type of game delivers plenty of low-value wins, which keeps the cautious players happy, and occasional very big wins, which keeps the high rollers coming back for more.

Medium volatility games are particularly good fun for the risk-averse players to enjoy in demo mode. Since all the cash is completely virtual, even players with the most modest budgets can spin the reels like a high roller, partaking in the highs and lows of major wins and losses with none of the associated risk; however, winning streaks might have you heading off to an online casino in double-quick time!

Big Bet Game

If you have played any of the other games in the Rainbow Riches franchise, you have probably already come across the Big Bet Game. This is a highly popular feature that Barcrest knows its fans just can’t get enough of, as it is an easy way of ensuring you get to play your favourite bonus games whenever you feel like it.

When you first start playing Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix, you are invited to select one, two or three bonus games out of a choice of five options. It is completely up to you how many, or how few, you opt to play with, but keep in mind that fewer bonus options mean a greater likelihood that your bonus will trigger on the reels.

Spin three or more of your chosen bonus symbols and the bonus game will be activated for you. The Big Bet Game gives you an extra chance to access the bonus game, although nothing is guaranteed! Even if you do not activate your bonus game, you will still benefit from some mega spins, so it is a win-win situation.

To access the Big Bet Game at any time during your gaming session, simply hit the BB button located adjacent to the rightmost reel, halfway down the screen. This will take you to the Big Bet screen, where you are shown your chosen bonus game or games, as you have the option of picking up to three active bonus games at any time.

Each bonus game has a wheel beneath it, complete with a pointer that will spin when you decide which wheel you would like to activate. Your aim is to spin the pointer onto the portion of the wheel that is depicted in rainbow colours, which will activate the bonus game. Even if your pointer falls into the green zone, there is no need for disappointment, since you will receive five mega spins during which it is also possible to activate the bonus.

Bonuses & Features

When you start playing Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix, you’ll be asked to select between 3 and 5 possible bonuses. The fewer bonuses you choose, the greater the chances of triggering them. As an added plus, if you want to change your bonus picks whilst playing, you can do so using the Reset Bonus button. The bonus symbols are the grinning leprechaun, the pot of gold, the Free Spins logo, the toadstools and the leprechaun holding a gold coin. To trigger a bonus round, you’ll need 3, 4 or 5 of the bonus Scatter symbols to appear anywhere on the reels.

Road to Riches Triggered when 3 or more of the leprechauns holding the gold coin appear, this bonus will give you the chance to spin a wheel that’s filled with multipliers. If you land on the collect segment, you’ll be taken back to the base games, where your multipliers will be applied.

Pots of Gold

Triggered by landing 3 or more pots of gold on the reels, this bonus round will see the pots fly across the reels until one randomly reveals a multiplier.

Free Spins

Landing 3, 4 or 5 of the Free Spins symbol on reels 1, 3 and 5 will trigger 10, 20 or 30 spins respectively. During these free spins, the trigger symbol acts as a stacked wild and increases the chances of winning combinations.

Magic Toadstools

Activated when 3 or 4 toadstools appear on the reels, this bonus will see you receive 3 picks from 24 items on display. A fairy or multiplier is awarded, with fairies giving you additional prizes from 3 more toadstools.

Cash Crop

3 or 4 grinning leprechauns trigger this bonus and you’ll be taken to a second screen where 50 spinning coins will slow down to reveal cash prizes and multipliers. The bonus comes to an end when the Collect Coin is revealed.

Free play / Demo Play

If you are a regular visitor to Slots Temple, you will already know how much we love slots games. We don’t just live and breathe slots games but also dream about them, so it is fair to say that we know our stuff. There is nothing we like more than sharing our knowledge and experience with other gaming fans.

We always suggest that players should try out a game for around 500 spins in free play mode before attempting to place a real money wager on the outcome of each spin. Some games require more spins, while some games do not need all 500. In the case of Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix, we think you should aim for a minimum of 500 spins. With five separate bonus feature games to discover in addition to the Big Bet Game and the option to supersize bonus games, there are so many parameters for altering the gameplay.

Overall Review

Ultimately, Rainbow Riches is a nice, simple slot game that is easy to learn and play. The multitude of bonus options is impressive and keeps things interesting and if you are prepared to activate the Big Bet Game then the payout ratio is one of the best in the marketplace. Well worth a spin.

Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix FAQs

🌈 What makes Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix different from other Rainbow Riches slots?

This game combines a number of different bonus features from the other Rainbow Riches slots games. When the game loads, you have pick between 1 and 3 bonuses, including the road to riches, cash crop, free spins and magic toad stool features.

🌈 What is the RTP of Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix?

There is a variable RTP in Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix, which depends on your bet and game mode. The default is 94% but you can raise it to 98% when you activate the Big Bet option.

🌈 What is the best bonus in Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix?

It all depends on what kind of slots player you are. However, free spins always seem to be a popular choice, and the board bonus is a big hit among players.

🌈 How does the Big Bet work in Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix?

The Big Bet will increase your wager somewhat during the base game. Once it's activated, your RTP will shoot up to 98% and you'll be able to trigger bonus rounds more easily.

🌈 What is the biggest prize I can win in Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix?

The largest payout available while playing Rainbow Riches Pick n Mix is 2000x.

* Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix trademark / license is owned by Barcrest. This site is not endorsed by Barcrest.

Game Name: Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix
Software: Barcrest
Themes: Irish, Fantasy
Volatility: Medium volatility
Features: Bonus Game, Progressive, Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Multiplier, Free Spins, Medium volatility, 5 Reels
Paylines: 20
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.2
Max Bet: 500
Top Win: 500
RTP: 94% - 98%
User Reviews
Overall score: 3.2 out of 5 stars
b boringbored
gets boring 16/04/2020

evan though you can choose your bonus i have yet to see the bonus come up i have played a number of games with not one bonus at all most spins are empty if you do get a win i advise to take it and go to another slot as it will just get taken straight back rainbow riches is a better slot less bonus features but you least have a chance of getting one

P Paul
Better than the original 30/11/2019

Have played all the Rainbow Riches games but pick n mix is one of the best. You can choose your own bonus features and then reset them if they’re not working out. Always choose the free spins but Road to Riches is also good if you like multipliers.

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