Shes a Rich Girl Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, especially in this slot from IGT, because when you start to play, the first thing that happens is that the whole screen fills up with those gorgeous rocks. So bring on the bling, because this girl is high maintenance!

There’s a gorgeous pussy cat with a jewelled collar, a watermelon…. Yes a watermelon - don’t ask! Anyway, the other symbols are a pile of jewels, a cherry, as in life’s a bowl of cherries for this girl, a lap dog pooch with a blue bow in its fur, a plum, an apricot and a lemon. Not that life has served up many lemons by the look of it!

There’s also an older gent. Now I’m sorry guys, this is Rich Daddy, not Sugar Daddy. She’s a rich girl in her own right.

This is a five reel, three row game with nine paylines. It’s an ideal relaxation game when you don’t want to have to get involved in more complex gameplay on other slots. There are a couple of nice game features - such as the Diamond Run and the free spins rounds, which we’ll take a look at later.

She's a Rich Girl sound and graphics

It’s difficult to choose a soundtrack for a slot like this because no particular music suggests rich girls. However, IGT have done their best, with a nice upbeat loop featuring clapping and a cool cat tune. There’s a different tune for the diamond shower at the opening screen. And if you choose the spanner at the bottom right of the screen, you get a magical set of chords.

The rich girl herself is a good looking redhead with large diamond earrings (of course!). The graphics are quite cartoonish, but nicely realised and have a cheerful, colourful quality. The dog and cat are mega cute, and you’ll be wanting to take them home. The colours used have a rich, glowing quality, a bit like Rich Girl’s bank account.

If you click the spanner at the bottom right of the screen, you’ll see a box that allows you to set the graphics quality. You can choose Best, High, Medium or Low. On some devices, the game might run more slowly on “High”, and it’s also possible that the resolution on your phone, laptop or tablet will override any choice you make in the game. Click “Close” to close the graphics quality option box and return to the gameplay.

IGT - old hands at this game

IGT stands for International Game Technology, and it was the first ever company to get a progressive jackpot running across lots of different machines. In those days, this was all done in land-based casinos, linked together into networks. Actually these days, with the internet, it’s probably simpler! The firm was bought out by another company, but they kept the original name. This is understandable - there are hosts of fans out there, so it would have been madness to throw the name away, since it’s a brand that slots players look for.

The company has got some really illustrious slots games in its history. It brought out Wheel of Fortune in 1995 and that’s still one of the all-time most popular slots ever. Did you know that IGT owns the UK’s Barcrest, having bought them out in 1998? Since then, it has worked at developing its online poker and casino slots, including games with multiplayer action. IGT is now owned by a holding company in the UK and has offices in the UK, US and lots of other locations worldwide.

The list of famous titles is a long one - Golden Goddess, Pharaoh’s Fortune, Mega Bucks, Star Wars, Wolf Run, Cleopatra and lots more. In fact, if you go to the Slots Temple menu, and sort the huge range of slots by popularity, you’ll see that Pharaoh’s Fortune is one of the most popular slots on the site.

If you like this developer’s games, why not check out all of them on the Slots Temple site? Choose a game such as Pharaoh’s Fortune, then click on “Games by the Same Maker”. You’ll see a long list of IGT slots, all available for free play, so you can either pick your favourites, or try one that you haven't played before.

Playing on mobile or tablet

You can play She’s a Rich Girl on mobile and tablet, and on a PC or laptop. Like NetEnt, IGT has been busy optimising its titles to give an experience on mobile that’s just as good as playing on a laptop. The days when you had to download games are gone - just open Slots Temple in your browser, and select the game. IGT games are made to run perfectly on both iOS and Android phones, as well as most operating systems.

Let’s get playing

For information on the game and its rules, click the ? symbol on the top right of the play area. You'll find general information rules, symbol values and paylines. You’ll be taken to the Help section. Once you’re in the Help section, use the arrows to move from one information screen to the next. You’ll find information on how to bet, the autospin feature, the free spins bonus and how the other game features work.

That Rich Girl is Wild!

The Rich Girl logo is the Wild and the heap of gems is the Scatter. The Rich Girl logo substitutes for all symbols except the Diamond Run and the Diamond award sign. When you get the Rich Girl Wild in the base game, any win pays double.

Using Scatters to get free spins

Three Diamond Run bonus symbols, in any location on the middle three reels, will start the free spins bonus feature. To start with, you get three free spins. However, She’s a Rich Girl has a nifty feature, in that when the free spins are running, the reels have fewer symbols on them. This makes it much more likely that you’ll get a win.

If you get one or more Diamond Run symbols when you win in free spins mode, your win is doubled.

Once you’re in free spins mode, you can retrigger free spins if you get at least one Diamond Run symbol, in any location on any reel. When free spins are retriggered, you get one extra free spin. This game is renowned for the amount it retriggers and the amount of extra spins you can get. The maximum is 100 free spins in any bonus - that’s a pretty generous maximum. During the bonus, your bet remains the same as it was when you triggered the free spins bonus.

During the free spins bonus, two meters clock up the number of free spins - they’re labelled Current Run and Record Run. Current Run is the number of spins you’ve had so far in your current bonus session. Record Run is the longest run of free spins that you’ve achieved when running - aim for 100, the maximum that you can achieve!

She's a Rich Girl symbol values

The symbols in She’s a RIch Girl pay out pretty generously. Here’s a handy list:

The Rich Girl logo pays out for 2-5 appearances. You get 10,000 for five appearances, 500 for four appearances, 50 for three appearances and 5 for one appearance. But remember that this symbol is wild and pays out double if you have a win.

The Rich Girl herself seems to be worth a lot less than her logo! You get 500 for five appearances, 100 for three appearances and 10 for one appearance.

Rich Girl’s Daddy also pays 500 for five appearances, 100 for three appearances and 10 for one appearance.

The pretty pooch and the fab feline both pay the same - 200 for five appearances, 50 for three appearances and 10 for one appearance.

All the fruit win 100 for five appearances, 25 for three appearances and 5 for one appearance.

The lemons and cherries also win 2 if you get two of them.


To start the game manually, click on the yellow Spin button at the centre of the bottom line. You can also set the game to keep spinning automatically, using the Auto option. While not as sophisticated as the autospin option in some newer games, this feature does the job efficiently. The Auto play button is situated at the bottom right of the screen, labelled “AUTO SPIN”.

When you click on the button, you see a popup box with options for the number of autospins you want to run. These go from 10 to 50, so just select the number you want. The number of spins that you have selected is displayed in the box, and the label changes to “STOP”. Use this to stop the autospin feature at any point. Autopsins will also stop if a bonus feature is triggered, or if your coin balance isn’t high enough for you to continue playing.

Paylines and wager level

There are only nine paylines in She's a Rich Girl, but you can adjust the number of paylines you want to play with.

At the bottom of the screen, you have options for adjusting the number of lines you want to play and the size of your wager. Starting on the left hand side, you have the Lines option. Use the left and right arrows to adjust the number of lines. As you do, the lines will be illustrated on screen. The minimum number of lines is 1, and the maximum is 9.

Next along on the bottom of the screen, is the Line Bet option. Again, this is adjusted using the right and left arrows to increase or decrease your wager. The amount you can bet is dependent on the number of line bets you have chosen. If you’ve chosen 1 line, you can bet 1 as the minimum and 3,000 as the maximum. If you’ve chosen 9 lines, you can bet 1 as the minimum and 300 as the maximum. This means that your maximum bet with 9 lines is 2,700 and your maximum bet with 1 line is 3,000 - so take your pick.

Total Bet simply displays the number of lines you have chosen multiplied by the bet level you’ve selected. Also displayed on the bottom line of the game area, is your current balance, and any sum you’ve just won.

Return to Player (RTP)

RTP is the amount you should get back when you are gambling on a slot. You'll find different estimates of She's a Rich Girl’s RTP. However, the main figure quoted is 94.35%. This is on the lowish side, with many slots boasting an RTP of 96% to 98%. As a player, should this bother you?

Not much would be the answer, and there are a couple of reasons for that. For slots available in the UK, the Gambling Commission says that the RTP must be tested and calculated correctly. However, the RTP only has to be an average achieved over 10,000 spins. So you’d have to play one game for a long time over many sessions before you’d notice - and then, would you really notice a difference of 2%? The difference would have to be much bigger before it would impact your playing to any extent.

So what does that really mean when you’re spinning away on She's a Rich Girl? The randomness and variance - which we’ll take a look at in the next section, mean that it can feel as though the slot is generous when in fact, you’re just winning little and often.

Many people say that a more helpful way to look at the RTP is to think of it as how much the online casino is taking from players. So if the RTP is 97.5%, the house is taking 2.5%. That’s true, although, of course, the casino didn’t programme the RTP - the people who made the game did.

And in any case, you’re at Slots Temple, home of the free spin. RTP - let other people fret about that - you’re just here for the fun of it!

Variance and volatility

While the RTP may not bother you much when you’re spinning, you’ll definitely notice the variance / volatility of the game. She’s a Rich Girl is a medium variance slot. But what does that actually mean?

Variance and volatility are two terms that mean pretty much the same thing in the world of slots. They both describe how varied the play is and how regularly you win. For some people, winning regularly is boring. They prefer a slot that pays out big wins. That’s fine, and exciting - but if a slot is paying big wins, it’s not going to do that very often. So there will be noticeably longer periods where nothing much is happening - perhaps a few free spins. You’ll have to carry on playing and wait for a big win.

Some people like the way this builds up the tension - others find it boring. For them, what makes play interesting is smaller wins that happen frequently. They don’t mind if they hardly ever get big wins, as long as they get plenty of action that allows them to keep playing for longer. With the lower volatility slots, your coins last a lot longer because they are constantly being topped up with small wins. On the high volatility games, your coin pile goes down more quickly while you wait for a big win.

She's a Rich Girl is a medium volatility game. There are not many very low volatility games around because they tend to be less exciting and therefore less popular.

You can choose slots that have the volatility level you prefer, at Slots Temple. Simply click on “Features” in the menu, and choose the volatility level you like.

If you like She's a Rich Girl, you’ll love these

Riches are a popular theme with games developers, and as well as She’s a Rich Girl, there’s the similarly named Rich Girls from iSoftBet.

In Rich Girls, we’ve got pink stilettos, a bling ring, a fancy white car, a designer handbag and a pile of cash, and also a chihuahua.

The game has five reels, three rows and 25 paylines, with the ability to win 100,000 coins. So let’s get spending! Two winning symbols on a payline act as a 10x multiplier for your wager. And the Wild is the chihuahua. It gets really wild if its hair ribbon isn’t tied properly! The sports car is the Scatter, which is appropriate, as people do tend to scatter when rich girl gets behind the wheel.

Get three sports cars to start a bonus birthday game, and access to Daddy’s credit card. You get to pick out some birthday presents for yourself, that result in a bonus at the end of the round.

Needless to say, we’re only interested in Five Star Luxury here, and luckily, there’s a game of the same name. There’s a bottle of champagne on ice, so what are we waiting for? That champagne bottle on the first three reels gets us free spins - you’ll have heard the rich don’t pay for anything, so of course, the spins are free.

We’ve got a gorgeous yacht, a private jet, a gold coin, a diamond and what looks like a Bentley. The animation is great - the champagne bottle jiggles around enticingly in the ice, just as in real life. When you get at least three, the cork pops and the bubbles flow. Most of the symbols act as multipliers and the Five Star logo is the wild. Diamonds are wild, and the Triple Wild symbol will multiply your bet by three. Not only that, but if you get three of these Triple Wilds in a row, you can win as much as 10,000 credits.

This is a good fun, fast game with fairly simple gameplay from GameArt.

What game was invented by rich men and is all about amassing luxury properties and hotels? Monopoly of course, and Monopoly Luxury Diamonds has it all. WMS has turned the theme into a three reel, nine payline slot. The presentation is almost like an old fashioned fruit machine in the gameplay area. The really interesting things start to happen with the bonuses and the in-game feature game.

First of all though, a bit like picking your symbol in the board game of the same name, you have to pick one of five available wheels. This can unlock bonuses and coins attached to specific properties. You’ll love the fact that free parking is now one of the bonuses you can win!

Still on the subject of how the rich pass the time, what about going to Monte Carlo darling? Monte Carlo Jewels is a slot that combines two of the rich girls’ favourite things - bling, and the opportunity to get spotted mingling with the glamorous crowd in the South of France.

Your travel agents are WorldMatch, who will whisk you away to the world of the super affluent, while providing five reels and 20 paylines. The slot is designed to look like a tray of jewels in a jewellers, with black velvet against a purple silk background, and piles of emeralds and sapphires. We also have a top-end designer watch, a safe full of magnificent jewels, and even a pile of gold bars in case you need to make a quick getaway.

Colours are very rich and vivid, and there’s a lot of glint and gleam to give the impression of endless bling. Even the playing card symbols have little jewels nestling in them. The gold watch is the Scatter and as well as wins, it awards 10 free spins every time you get 3 or more. The highest paying jewel is the diamond of course, and five of them will get you 1,000.

Gold bars are Wild, and substitute for everything except the gold watch Scatter, and the bonus symbol. The bonus symbol is the safe spilling out lots of jewels and money. The bonus game involves a new single line game area, where you collect symbols until you complete a winning combination of jewels, and that tells you the multiplier on your win.

This is a great title from WorldMatch with varied gameplay, vivid graphics and the chance for good winnings - definitely one to try out.

For something different, try Cool Jewels.This isn’t a rich girl story, but it looks good, because it features a six row by six column grid of differently cut, vibrantly coloured jewels. It operates in two directions, because you have to get matching groups of symbols, horizontally or vertically. Then most of the symbols in the group disappear, leaving just some special symbols which then turn wild. And then the reel symbols fall into position from above.

On the left of the play area is a kind of thermometer which is the pay per symbol meter. It has sections and slices and these affect the payout.

You need to play it to get it, but it’s definitely worth having a go at because it’s so different, both in its design and in the way it plays. A nice change from the five by three standard slots, and a game that has been especially designed to be intriguing.

And lastly, iSoftBet’s Mona Lisa Jewels features jewels along with the painting of the Mona LIsa. We have to mention this one, as it has a really chilled out piano music backing, so it’s a great choice when you want something nice to look at and relaxing to listen to. It has a progressive jackpot - get five of the symbols on a line and you win the jackpot.

Mona Lisa is the Scatter and three of her gets you ten free spins. During the free spins, Wilds multiply your winnings. No wonder she’s smiling!

There are lots more jewel-themed slots at Slots Temple, all free to play, so you can let your imagination run wild.

Are there different versions of She's a Rich Girl?

Some slots come in series, or have different versions. You sometimes find one with the same title and theme, but slightly differently designed. However, with She’s a Rich Girl, there are no similar slots and it’s not part of a series, but a standalone title.

Play responsibly

Free slots are an excellent alternative to the pay to play online casinos, because you can play to your heart’s content without spending any money! We looked at RTP earlier - even though an RTP in the high nineties looks generous, in the end you’ll find your pile diminishing. When you’re playing for free this doesn’t matter because all you're losing is time.

Many casinos that advertise free slots actually require you to sign up and make a deposit before you can play for free. At Slots Temple, slots really are free - nearly 3,000 of them. You should only ever play with “spare” money anyway, but at Slots Temple, you don’t have to worry about watching how much you are spending, when you choose the Free Slots option.

Slots Temple has a far wider choice of slots than any online casino. So you can follow up themes that interest you - for example, historical periods, countries or stories. Or you can play through your favourite games company’s titles.

Even with free play, just check occasionally that playing isn’t taking you away from things you should be doing, whether that’s work or study, for example. If you find that slots are taking up too much of your time, try setting yourself times when you play, or limit the length of your playing sessions so that there is no adverse effect on the rest of your life.

If you feel that you have a problem, there are some great self-assessment tools on the GambleAware website. Click the logo at the bottom of the Slots Temple page to access this useful UK site which has lots of information to help you play responsibly.

Shes a Rich Girl FAQs

💎 Can I play She's a Rich Girl for free?

Yes, you can play for free here at Slots Temple, which is the best online free slots site. Even better, you can play lots of slots with themes relating to rich girls, jewels and luxury living.

💎 Does She's a Rich Girl have free spins?

Not only does it have free spins, but when you’re in free spins mode, you are able to retrigger free spins when you get a Diamond Run symbol anywhere in the play area. She’s a Rich Girl is well known for the number of free spins and retriggers it awards, so if free spins are your thing, this is definitely the game for you. You’ll only be moved back to the main game once you’ve had 100 free spins - slots don’t come much more generous than that.

💎 Can I win real money While Playing She's a Rich Girl slots?

Not when you’re choosing to play free slots at Slots Temple. To win real money, you can follow the links on the Slots Temple site to various casinos. However, be aware that to win real money, you have to sign up with an online casino, prove your identity, deposit cash into an account, and then wait for the cash to be confirmed as available. Any winnings would be liable to a playthrough requirement. That means you have to continue wagering until you have bet a certain amount of money, and only then can you draw out your winnings. So in many ways, free slots are an uncomplicated way to enjoy slots.

💎 Do you have any She's a Rich Girl tips or cheats?

We don’t cheat here! We can’t, because She's a Rich Girl uses a Random Number Generator (RNG). The RNG is pre-programmed to comply with requirements that the game really is random, every time the player spins. So tips won’t help you win more, unfortunately. However, as we all know, sometimes games are in a generous run of payouts and sometimes they’re not!

💎 How do I know it’s really random?

Players often argue about this. However, the Gambling Commission says that companies who provide slots games, whether for wagering, or for entertainment, have to enforce a set of standards. These ensure that the games providers use fully tested RNGs that are known to produce really random results. So all the slots here at Slots Temple really are random.

💎 Do free slots give more free spins at certain times of the day?

Whether you just tumbled out of bed or you have just finished your commute home, whether it’s midday or midnight, an individual slot pays out the same proportion of free spins. It also doesn’t matter how many people are playing at any one time.

💎 Does She's a Rich Girl have a progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is contributed to by everyone playing a certain game, and then one player scoops the jackpot. She's a Rich Girl doesn’t have this type of progressive jackpot.

💎 Are there fewer free spins when you don’t gamble with cash?

When you play for free, there are precisely the same number of free spins as when you play for cash. As explained above, it’s decided by the RNG.

💎 Which is the best site for free slots?

Slots Temple is without doubt, the best site on the Internet for free slots. It has a massive selection of free games, from all the great games houses, such as NetEnt, WMS, IGT, Playtech, Microgaming and the rest. It’s also got the latest news from the world of slots. One of its great features is that you can follow themes, or look at games that feature the number of reels, payouts, level of volatility, free spins and bonus types that you’re looking for.

* Shes a Rich Girl trademark / license is owned by IGT. This site is not endorsed by IGT.

Game Name: Shes a Rich Girl
Software: IGT
Themes: Jewels, Luxury / High Life
Volatility: High volatility
Features: Wild Symbol Scatter Symbol Multiplier Free Spins High volatility 5 Reels
Paylines: 9
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.09
Max Bet: 900
Top Win: 10000
RTP: 96.19%
User Reviews
Overall score: 3.6 out of 5 stars

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