The Falcon Huntress Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

Experience the Wild World of The Falcon Huntress

Playing The Falcon Huntress transports players back in time to an era when the wild and rugged landscape of the Orient was peppered with young women training their bird of prey companions. Let your imagination transport you to this mystical land as you peruse the game’s options and consider the value of your first bet. Featuring a beautifully rendered windswept atmosphere, this game is sure to provide both novice and veteran players with a magical online slot experience.

One of the main features of The Falcon Huntress is the Expanding Wins element, which is triggered at random during a game. When the Expanding Wins feature kicks in, winning symbols take over the entire reel, resulting in big wins for players. For example, if you are lucky enough to get a full screen of Falcon Huntresses, your total stake could increase by 10,052 times! You can also be rewarded with up to 20 free spins with the Bonus Game feature.

Wins in The Falcon Huntress can be seriously impressive, and not simply when playing the free spin bonus. The base gameplay of The Falcon Huntress can be incredibly fruitful.

Play Anywhere, Any Time

The Falcon Huntress game is optimised by Thunderkick to be played on mobile and tablet as well as desktop, so you can keep up with the action wherever you are. Spins can be played with values ranging from 10p to £100.

The Falcon Huntress’s graphics look, quite simply, stunning on any device and screen. As the game has been designed in HTML5, the imagery really pops from the screen and colours are vivid and vibrant. The Falcon Huntress’s gameplay is ideally suited to speedy five-minute sessions on your phone or tablet or longer sessions on your desktop.

Gameplay and Graphics

The Falcon Huntress has a rustic Far Eastern feel due to its Mongolian theme. The game is set within a mysterious temple, and reel symbols include K, A, J, and Q, plus graphics including falcon eggs, feathers and Ayak baus (a decoration used on the falcon). Players will enjoy these fun animal elements, especially if they’re considering playing another animal themed slot. The game has 10 playing cards. The highest value symbol is the Falcon Huntress herself - if you have a payline comprising two, three, four or five, you will get 1.5, 10, 50, or 500 times your stake respectively.

The pay table lists the player’s prizes depending on the value of the bet placed. Wins range from 0.5 times to 500 times the player’s bet. To a seasoned player, this does not, understandably, sound like much at first glance, but it is important to consider the possibilities of these wins when matched with the The Falcon Huntress’s Expanding Wins feature (more on this later).

The Falcon Huntresses gameplay volatility is high to medium, which means players can go for quite long spells with no wins. However, these dry spells are broken up with some serious cash prize potential. The winning potential in the game is good overall, with a return-to-player rate of 96.1%.

The Falcon Huntress takes its inspiration from the nomadic and ancient people of Mongolia. The evocative soundtrack and complex scenery of the game help to evoke the sense of rich culture and tradition that lives within this ancient society. Symbols featuring a weave effect, a pounding drum rhythm in the soundtrack whenever a player spins reels, and a howling wind effect all add to the wonderful ambience produced expertly by Thunderkick. As with other Thunderkick Slot Games, the graphics and atmosphere in The Falcon Huntress are very enchanting and intriguing.

The graphics in The Falcon Huntress are fantastic and the design is top-notch. The reels are located at the opening of a tent, and the landscape behind is a beautiful twilight one. The sky has been rendered a rich purple, fading to a vibrant pink. In the bottom corners of the game, two bowls of glowing embers are gently smoking, appearing to emit a kind of incense. At the corners of the tent, two poles are supporting flags which are gently blowing in the breeze. The atmosphere of the game is one of serenity and peacefulness.

When a player hits on a winning combination, the reel makes a satisfying trill sound and the winning combination is momentarily lit up with gold star dust. This is a nice touch to an already beautiful-looking game.

Do not be fooled, though: despite its calm landscape graphics, The Falcon Huntress is a fast-paced, exhilarating slot game at its core. The Bonus Game in particular provides a real adrenaline rush. It is a credit to Thunderkick that a slot game with a relatively small number of features can pack such a punch when it comes to drama and energy.

Before You Start

You should set out your bets before you begin your Mongolian adventure. To do this, click on “Coin”. A separate panel will open when you click this, and you can then set the coin size. Sizes range from 100 to 0.10. If you want to spin the reels automatically, just click “Autoplay”. This will spin the reels without interruption automatically. Once you establish your bet, the “Spin” button will spin the reels and the magic can begin.

The Golden Falcon and the Golden Egg Symbols

The wild symbol in The Falcon Huntress is the Golden Falcon. It is the most important symbol in the game, and for good reason: a payline comprising three, four or five of this symbol will result in your getting 2, 20 or 200 times your stake. The Golden Falcon also functions as a scatter symbol and replaces the other symbols.

Bonus Game

The Bonus Game feature is triggered when you get three or more Golden Falcons, resulting in your getting 10 free spins. You will also get an extra 10 free spins if you are lucky enough to get three or more Golden Eggs in a free spin, so in total you will have gained 20 free spins in this scenario. The Expanding Win feature is also used in this element of the game (more detail on this feature below).

Expanding Win Element

The Falcon Huntress’s secret weapon is its Expanding Win feature. The Expanding Win element occurs randomly in the base game when a player hits on any winning spin. When the feature triggers, the winning symbols spread out over the entire reel, meaning a player’s potential for winning is massively increased. If a player gets a the Falcon Huntress, or any other high-value symbol, their winning potential is further increased. Bear in mind that the wild symbol, the Golden Falcon, will not expand - this is the only symbol in the game that won’t expand, though - all the others will. The Expanding Win will only occur once per symbol. When playing the Bonus Game, all wins expand in line with the base game’s rules.

The Expanding Win element of The Falcon Huntress is a really unique feature of the game - it adds a real sense of drama and helps keep the adrenaline pumping for players throughout each game. It is quite a feat that this much energy and dynamism can exist in an online slot game with only nine paylines, and it is all thanks to this snappy little feature!

Huge Wins Available in The Falcon Huntress

At first glance, The Falcon Huntress appears to be quite a simple slot game. However, the massive wins that are potentially available make it a proper contender in the serious slot game league. On every spin (whether it is free or not) players could win up to 10,052 times their stake. The energy and adrenaline of the game come largely in the Expanding Wins feature, as it is this rather than the free wins element of the game that will result in big wins for players. If high-variance games are your bag, Thunderkick have got you covered, and The Falcon Huntress comes highly recommended.

Play for Fun - Test the Game Out

The Falcon Huntress offers a generous 5000 of fun money starting balance. This is a great way to test out the game and play it recreationally for free. The fun money gives players the chance to experience The Falcon Huntress’s exciting Expanding Wins element and get a feel for the volatility of the game. For online slot players, though, the ultimate thrill is of course in winning real cash prizes, and The Falcon Huntress can more than deliver in this area! Players may also want to check out slots bonuses when considering playing a new game.

The Mongolian Falcon Huntress Story

The Falcon Huntress slot game produced by Thunderkick appears to be based on the story of the Mongolian eagle huntress Aisholpan. Aisholpan is a 13-year-old Kazakh girl living in Mongolia who attempted to become the first ever female eagle hunter to take part in the Ulgii eagle festival in Mongolia. The festival was established in 1999 and is an important part of Mongolian culture and heritage.

Aisholpan is part of a nomadic family who move around between the summer and winter months, spending winter in a dwelling in a town and summer in the Altai mountains in a yurt. Aisholpan wanted to follow in her forefathers’ footsteps - the men in her family have been eagle hunters for many generations. She started to train golden eagles with her father Nurgaiv’s help, eventually becoming confident and skilled enough to train an eaglet herself after capturing it.

She was met with some negative reactions when she attempted to compete in the traditionally male sport and take part in the yearly Golden Eagle Festival. However, Aisholpan did not let these reactions deter her, and she ended up winning at the festival. In one event her eaglet even broke a speed record.

When the competition finished, Aisholpan travelled to the mountains with her father to develop her skills further - this involved training her eaglet to hunt foxes. This was a difficult next step in her training as she endured extreme cold and very snowy conditions. Her eaglet eventually killed a fox, after some misses, and both Aisholpan and her father then returned home.

About the Creators

Thunderkick have established themselves as one of the key players in the online slot game developer market. Players of Thunderkick games know that they will be treated to unique game characteristics and excellent graphics when they load up a game. It is clear to see that the team at Thunderkick are very talented at game design and understand how to incorporate interesting features into online slot games, keeping the dynamics fresh and vibrant.

Although a relatively small company compared to other slot game developers, Thunderkick have created a catalogue that is innovative and exciting. Their output is of extremely high quality, and they also have a great sense of humour that is often built into their games.


* The Falcon Huntress trademark / license is owned by Thunderkick. This site is not endorsed by Thunderkick.

Game Name: The Falcon Huntress
Software: Thunderkick
Themes: Animals
Volatility: Medium volatility
Features: Bonus Game, Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Free Spins, Sub Symbols In Feature, Medium volatility, 5 Reels
Paylines: 9
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.1
Max Bet: 100
Top Win: 10000
RTP: 96.10%
User Reviews
Overall score: 4.8 out of 5 stars

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