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Wild Wolf is an online slot created by IGT and is built around a 5-reel, 4-row structure. There are 50 paylines in total, and the game offers a large number of features including free-spins, scatter symbols, re-spins and more.

From game makers IGT is Wild Wolf, a classic slots game which has plenty of fans due to the whopping 50 paylines available. It’s a slots option that will instantly appeal to those who prefer the classic slots style, whilst the features on offer will also draw in some of those who enjoy games of a more modern variety. With wilds, multipliers and a free spin bonus round, Wild Wolf certainly has a lot going for it, including some great potential payouts.

High rollers will enjoy the stake options that Wild Wolf has to offer, whilst the low and mid-level players can also take advantage of the stake personalisation. It is available to play for free at Slots Temple, without signing up or needing to download a thing. Players can spin the reels using their desktop computer, or they can play on their mobile and tablet devices, for full flexibility.

Wild Wolf  theme?

Unsurprisingly, Wild Wolf is based on just that, the wild wolves that roam through the woods during the night. The wolves feature prominently, appearing in several colour varieties on the reels, with a black, and brownish-grey wolf each landing with the hope of paying out big bucks.

There is also a Native American theme running throughout, with feathers sitting at the top of the reels to make up part of the logo, just like those at the top of a native headdress. Other symbols on the reels also hint at this theme, whilst the natural scenery, and the fact that the wolves are running wild, add a nature theme to the slot.

How Wild Wolf looks

As the game loads, you are met with a wolf howling, its silhouette clear against the backdrop of mountains and a full moon. This image is surrounded by more feathers, reminiscent of Native American clothing. Once the slot has loaded, you are quickly led to the main screen which includes 20 symbols on a 4 row, 5 reel setting. To the sides are a number of small coloured boxes, each one representing one of the 50 paylines that are available for those who wish to spin the reels. They follow a simple colour scale and are actually the most colourful feature of this otherwise muted tone slot.

The reels are bordered by a wooden edge which matches the options banner at the bottom of the screen. It also ties in with the natural looking Wild Wolf title, which sits at the top of the reels. The graphics have been done in a more realistic style, which gives Wild Wolf a more serious feel to it, rather than the comical feel found in many cartoon style slots. The wolves look as though they are staring right over your shoulder in a calm, yet untrusting manner, which only emphasises how mysterious and dangerous these creatures are.

Behind the reels is a beautiful dusk setting, which includes a pink and purple cloudy sky. The aftermath of the sunset creates a colourful glow, which leaves a purple hue on the tree tops below it. These trees form part of a forest or wooded area which steadily grows darker as you look to the bottom of the screen. It suddenly becomes a little eerie and creates a mysterious feeling, which sees you wondering just what occurs within the trees.

The overall graphics aren’t the most stunning ever seen, but they are done well. The realistic symbols and backgrounds can be really striking to look at and are far away from some of the bubble gum bright, comically animated slots that are out there at the moment. It is definitely a more realistic looking slot, which sticks to its theme well and may appeal to the more seasoned player over those who are wanting constant features and vivid colours.

Wild Wolf Slot

How to play Wild Wolf 

With all of the main options sitting at the bottom of the reels, it’s easy to know just where you need to start. You aren’t left feeling confused by the lack of options available and you have no need to trawl through the settings and options to find out how to start, like some other slots out there on the market. Although it is evident that some slots hide away their options to place maximum focus on the reels, the inclusion of options on the main screen doesn’t take anything away from Wild Wolf, due to how well they are incorporated into the overall theme and style.

Working from left to right, the first option allows you to adjust the number of paylines to play with. You can choose just 1 payline, or go up to 5, 10, 20, 30, or the maximum of 50. Each time you use the plus and minus icons to adjust the paylines, bright coloured lines appear on screen to show you just where each payline sits on the reels. It’s a good way to see exactly what you will be playing with and what possible payline options there are.

Next, you must choose your stake per line. This ranges from a minimum bet of 1.00 up to a maximum of 20.00 and so you can turn a low stakes slot into one suitable for high rollers by adjusting the paylines and stake to the highest option. This means that per spin, you could pay as little as 1.00 for the minimum stake and just 1 payline, or hit the highest total bet of 1000.00 for all 50 paylines at 20.00 per line. However, it seems unlikely than many people come to play Wild Wolf, known for its high amount of paylines, only to reduce the number of lines down significantly.

In the centre of the options table, you will find your total bet stake and a win amount for when you spin and win. These surround the spin button, which is directly in the centre and so it’s extremely easy to know how to get things started.

To the right, you will find your balance and the auto spin option. Click onto this if you want to save your finger the strain of constantly spinning the reels, and it will allow you to choose 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 automatic spins. This is a great addition which allows players to sit back and enjoy the gameplay, and also to take in the excitement when the symbols drop.

The final icon at the bottom of the screen is the options button, which allows you to change the quality of the graphics. Aside from this, there are no further changeable options. However, hidden in the top right corner is the ‘pays’ icon, which will bring up the full slot details, including the rules and the significance of each symbol. You can also find out more about Wild Wolf’s special features in this section.

Wild Wolf Paytable

When you click onto the pays option at the top of the screen, you are met with a beautiful scene which sits behind the symbol information. In the background, a wild wolf is staring off to the side, with snow falling around him. The silhouettes of trees in the background allow you to know that he is deep in the woods and his hazel eyes stand out against the stark background. Although this page gives lots of information, it is the background that immediately stands out.

Whilst you are waiting for the reels to spin, you will be hoping for a number of the higher paying symbols to land, but there are many more of the lower paying symbols to contend with first. These low payers include playing card symbols from 9 to A, which are each given a bright colour to contrast with the slot background, and with the other special symbols, which are generally less vibrant. The 9, 10, J and Q each pay 5 credits for 3 matching symbols, 24 for 4 and 100 credits for 5 of the same. The K and A pay a little more with 5, 50 and 150 credits being awarded when you land 3, 4 and 5 of the same symbols.

The next 2 symbols on the paytable are the carved wooden totems. 25 credits will be given for 3 of these, 75 for 4 and 250 credits for 5 of these symbols. The two wild wolves are the highest paying of the standard symbols, with a prize of 25, 100 and 500 credits being given when you land 3, 4 and 5 of these symbols respectively.

The wolf silhouette which is howling underneath a full moon is the main symbol to look out for, due to the high payout available. Players who manage to find 3 of them will be awarded with 50 credits, whilst 4 matching symbols will pay out 250. Should you find 5 of these howling wolf symbols, you will automatically be given 1000 credits, which is a great payout for a standard symbol to offer.

If you look carefully, all of the lower paying symbols are set against a white background, with the wolves being the only ones to appear against background scenery. This is the obvious way to know how important each symbol is, with those set against more detail being the ones to pay out a higher win total.

Wild Wolf Features

Wild Wolf isn’t a slot that is full of features, but it has a select few that work well for the overall theme and gameplay. The howling wolf symbol, whilst being the highest paying symbol on the reels, is also the wild and will substitute for all other symbols on the reels aside from just one, the bonus. This creates a much bigger chance of receiving a hefty payout and so hoping for a wild wolf is a must.

There is only one other feature that Wild Wolf has to offer, but it isn’t just a simple spin and win one. On the reels, you may notice a bonus symbol which is a circle of feathers made complete with the word ‘bonus’ written inside. The ‘o’ on the word bonus, is made out of a paw print just to tie it in with the wolves a little bit more. The bonus symbol only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 and so you must find 3 of them in order to trigger the feature.

The first part of the bonus feature is a 2x multiplier which is awarded to you as soon as you land the 3 bonus symbols. This is paid based on your total bet, so the more you have staked, the bigger your initial bonus win will be. This will instantly be a hit with the high rollers who will be sure to receive a pretty good payout before the bonus round has even begun. The second part of the bonus involves free spins, a favourite feature for most slots players.

Wild Wolf Free spins

Fan of free spins won’t be disappointed with Wild Wolf, as this is the main feature included. Once you have landed the 3 bonus symbols and received your 2x total bet multiplier, you will then receive 5 free spins. It may not sound like much at first, but these free spins can easily be retriggered during the bonus game, something that many other slots titles seem to make you really work for.

You may notice that the symbols look slightly different during the bonus game. The lower paying symbols are now set against a black background, as opposed to their white background in the main game, and the totems and wolves are looking in the opposite direction. It’s a subtle change, but one that makes it evident that your free spins are in play.

During the bonus, you are able to retrigger even more free spins by simply doing the same thing that you did in the base game. Land another 3 bonus symbols on the 3 centre reels and you will be awarded with even more free spins, which will be added to your current total. Even more wild symbols are also added to the reels during the free spins, in order to help create bigger and better winning combinations. All you need to do is continue to play until your free spins have run out, or until you have reached the maximum number of retriggers, before being taken back to the main game.

Wild Wolf Sounds

The first sound you hear when you load Wild Wolf is an eerie howl, which links with the wolf silhouette shown on screen. It is accompanied by a harsh drum and tambourine beat which slowly intensifies before the main game launches. These sounds also occur during the bonus rounds and the drum also appears when a bonus symbol lands on the reels, which helps continue the mysterious feeling that comes with playing this slot. It is almost as though you are stuck in the woods, with the intense drums building to create a sense of panic.

The drums and howling are the only sounds that seem to fit in with the theme, as the others that can be heard are linked only to the traditional casino slot game sounds. When the reels spin, there is a light-hearted, bell-like noise, almost like a mix from an 80s movie soundtrack and the traditional sounds heard when you enter a casino. It reminds you that Wild Wolf, and the similar IGT-made Wolf Run slot, was once one of the most popular land-based slots available, before it was adapted for online play, and it allows the classic casino slot feel to continue.

Wild Wolf Return to player (RTP)

Wild Wolf offers its players a RTP of 94.9%, which means that players of all stake preferences can find something worth playing for. This medium volatility slot allows players to choose their own high stakes, or keep them relatively low in order to make their money last as long as possible. It may not be the most suitable game for those who are looking for a high volatility slot where players may wait longer for a particularly big win, or those who like to bet small and see the wins roll in quickly. Instead, it is the perfect mix of them both, thus appealing to a wider audience, and it’s a great option for those who aren’t sure which style of slot they prefer to play.

Wild Wolf Instant play

One of the best things about playing Wild Wolf at Slots Temple is the ability to play instantly. You don’t have to spend time registering or entering any personal details. In fact, none of this is needed at all in order to be able to play. You don’t even need to download any additional software before spinning the reels - just simply click to play directly from the site.

Players are not required to sign up to the website in order to access the large selection of slots on offer, and they can simply use the search function to find a particular slot and click to play. If you’re not sure what type of slots you are looking for, you can filter your search to take into account various themes and games makers, amongst other filters, to break down your selection a little more and find your perfect slot.

Wild Wolf free to play

Just to make your slots playing experience that little bit more enjoyable, all of the slots available at Slots Temple are available to play completely free. There is no requirement to hand over any payment details, and you don’t even need to enter your name before getting started.

Instead, all players are given credits to use whilst they are sampling the slots on offer. These credits can be used in the same way as a cash balance, with the ability to adjust stakes still part of the game. The only difference is that once your credit has run out, you are not left out of pocket. Instead, if you want to continue to play that particular slot, you can just refresh your browser and your credits will reset. You can also swap between slots, with the knowledge that your credits will restart with each new game, giving you ample time to try as many of the slots selections on offer as you wish.

Of course, some players do prefer the added excitement of playing with real money. At Slots Temple, players are encouraged to try out the slots before spending their cash, allowing them the opportunity to see if that particular slot is for them. If not, they don’t lose anything, and they can simply move onto a different slot to find a theme or gameplay style that suits them. If from there, they want to start using real money, they can do so through any one of online casino sites that Slots Temple recommends. That way, they at least know that they are spending their hard earned cash on a slot that they will enjoy, and they won’t regret choosing that particular slot to use their money on. It’s the ultimate try before you buy scenario and is the best way to start playing slots before real money comes into play.

Wild Wolf Flexible play

Some slots may only be available on limited platforms, which means that players may not be able to access it on their chosen device. With Slots Temple, all slots can be played on desktop computer, laptop, tablet and compatible mobile phones. Players are not restricted as to which device they can play on, and instead, they are given the flexibility to choose whichever device they prefer, depending on their current situation. They may want to play on their desktop computer in the comfort of their own home, or use their mobile device when passing the time whilst out and about. Whichever platform they choose, they are able to enjoy the free slots wherever they have an internet connection.

Wild Wolf Review

Wild Wolf has the feel of a classic casino style slot, which is no surprise when taking into account its inclusion in many land-based casinos out there. Game makers, IGT, have brought one of the most popular slots to an online gaming market and it continues to bring in players who enjoy the classic style coupled with a solid theme.

There are many slots out there with wolves as their main theme, but not so many of these include a whopping 50 paylines. The sheer amount of paylines, along with the ability to adjust the stakes to suit both high rollers and those who prefer to bet low, means that this slot has something for everyone. Whilst it is not jam-packed with features, it still includes just enough to keep it interesting, with wilds, multipliers and free spins on offer.

Some may prefer to see the muted colours brightened a little in order to make it more aesthetically pleasing, but this could take the focus away from the theme of nature than runs alongside the wolves. However, others may argue that it is the lack of vivid colours that makes this slot look more realistic and in tune with the theme.

Players who are looking for a feature-packed slot, full of vivid imagery and modern graphics may find that Wild Wolf is not for them, but it is more than worth a spin of the reels to test it for yourself. You may just find that the medium volatility slot has just enough to draw you in, and with the beautiful graphics and free spins on offer, you might end up coming away as a Wild Wolf convert.

About the game makers - IGT

International Game Technology PLC, more commonly known as IGT, is one of the biggest names in online gaming. The company prides itself on being the ‘world’s leading end to end gaming company’ with its work in the gaming industry seen as one of the best.

After its launch as IGT in 1975, the company began to become more popular once it began to trade internationally in the 80s. It produced land-based slot machines and online gaming titles and went on to include mobile gaming and social gaming amongst its repertoire.

IGT’s products and services focus on innovation, with slots, casino games, multi-level and interactive options for its players to choose from. It offers many different styles of gameplay within its slots games and it therefore appeals to a wide range of players who enjoy the variety of themes, styles and features available.

IGT has offices all around the world, with its main company headquarters situated in the UK, and additional headquarters based in Italy and the US. The firm has over 12,000 employees, which includes some of the gaming industry’s most innovative figures.

Similar slots

Wolf Run

One of IGT’s most heard-of slots, and one of its most popular, this 40 payline slot is similar to Wild Wolf in many ways. To look at it, it seems to be almost identical to Wild Wolf, and that’s because it is, with the main difference being that Wolf Run was the first to appear in casinos around the world. It has the same wild and bonus symbols, with the bonus leading the way for the free spins feature. However, the overall look of Wild Wolf is much more modern compared to its howling predecessor, which is why it is often chosen by players wanting a more contemporary feel to the classic slots.

Coyote Moon

Those who liked the wolf theme found in Wild Wolf will find much enjoyment from the Coyote Moon slot. Similarly, it also places focus on its free spins feature, which is found by collecting 3 bonus symbols, just like in Wild Wolf. The gameplay is very similar, and often feels as though you are playing the same slot, with the exception of slightly different symbols. It’s worth a try if Wild Wolf is up your street.

88 Riches

If the 50 paylines that Wild Wolf offered was one of the biggest draws for you, 88 Riches from game makers GameArt, will be reeling you in, in no time. Based on Chinese culture, this slot has free spins, stacked wilds and includes the gamble feature that many players find to be a feature that adds more of an entertainment factor to a slot. There is much more going on in this slot when compared to Wild Wolf, so it might be best for those who want to upgrade to a more featured-packed similar slot.

Silver Fang

A wolf features again in this 50 payline slot from game makers, Microgaming. It includes many features that are quite common in other slot titles, but definitely bring something extra to this slot. With wilds, multipliers and free spins, players will find many similarities with Wild Wolf, although with a little more of a spark.

Disclaimer: Wild Wolf trademark / license is owned by IGT. This site is not endorsed by IGT.

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Slot Data
Slot Name: Wild Wolf
Software: IGT
RTP: 93.98%
Volatility: Medium volatility
Paylines: 50
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): £0.50 (GBP)
Max Bet: £1000 (GBP)
Top Win: 1000
Features: Bonus Game, Wild Symbol, Free Spins, Medium volatility, 5 Reels
UK Available in GB? Yes. IGT have a UKGC license and are allowed to offer their games at UK licensed casinos.

Wild Wolf FAQs

Can I play Wild Wolf for free?

Absolutely. When playing Wild Wolf through Slots Temple, you are able to access it, along with many other slots, without paying a penny. You don’t have to worry about losing your hard earned money, and you can play purely for enjoyment for as long as you’d like. Even when your credits run out, you are able to refresh the page in order to gain a new, full credits balance, so you can continue to play to your heart’s content.

You don’t even have to register or enter any personal details before accessing the slots available. Anyone can just click onto the site, find a slot that they’d like to play, and get the reels spinning.

Does Wild Wolf have free spins?

Yes, free spins form a major part of the bonus feature included in Wild Wolf. In order to access these free spins, players must first land 3 bonus symbols in the 3 centre reels, which will then trigger the bonus. As well as a multiplier, players will receive 5 free spins to start with, and the possibility of retriggering these free spins within the bonus game. With more special symbols added to the reels in the bonus game, there is a very real possibility that any free spins could be retriggered several times.

Can I win real money when playing Wild Wolf?

When playing Wild Wolf at Slots Temple, all winnings are purely credits that are kept within the game. Each time a new game is started or a page is refreshed, these credits start afresh, which allows players to play for as long as they want.

Some players do prefer to play using real money, and so those who want to stake their own real cash can do so at one of the many online casinos that offer Wild Wolf as part of their slots collection. Slots Temple is able to recommend online casino websites where players can chose to bet real money once they have a feel for the slot through playing with free credits.

Are there any tips for playing Wild Wolf?

All slots that are available on Slots Temple use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to determine the outcome of the games. This means that although many look for tips to try and win big, all payouts are awarded completely randomly, with no outside influence possible.

Those who want to try playing Wild Wolf with real money can do so at one of the online casino slots sites available, but it is worth bearing a few things in mind when transitioning from free play to spending your own real money. First, players who have played free slots before will understand that you can easily get carried away when spinning the reels. Thankfully, the use of unlimited credits on Slots Temple makes it easy to continue to play, but when playing for real, you should keep a set budget in mind, to avoid any potential losses of funds.

Many slots allow players to set loss and win limits in the slot settings, to limit play when you have reached a specific loss amount. The same goes for when you have exceeded a certain win limit, to allow you to keep your winnings, rather than spending it all again on the game and leaving you no better off.

Beginners especially, should also refrain from using the autoplay option straight away, in order to get a feel for the game and how quickly your balance can change. Whilst autoplay can be handy, it can also allow players to sit back and watch the reels spin with minimal concentration on their balance. It is extremely easy to get carried away when playing this way, and so the physical act of spinning the reels one spin at a time may help to remind players that each spin is costing them money.

What is the RTP of Wild Wolf slots?

The payout percentage of Wild Wolf slots is 94.97%.

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