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Deal or No Deal Whats in Your Box Slot

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Television shows that have disappeared from the airwaves can evoke a lot of nostalgic feelings, being both familiar and yet not readily accessible anymore. Blueprint Gaming is on that to some extent with their brilliant slots game Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? But even if you are not a fan of the TV show, which ran on British TV for 11 years and was hosted by Noel Edmonds, you will still love playing this great game, collecting prizes and winning even more rewards by taking part in the exciting bonus features. Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? is actually packed with fascinating bonus games - some of them random, some of them triggered by landing scatter symbols, and all of them great fun and a wonderful way to boost your winnings. The phone is ringing and the boxes are ready to go, so spin the reels and see what kind of rich rewards will be coming your way.

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The show based around making a deal or choosing not to make a deal was an incredibly successful game show, and the general format was sold to more than a hundred different countries, which shows that this is a game that appeals to many people throughout the world. If you want to travel and play Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? then that is absolutely fine too, as the game was designed to be played anywhere where players have a device and an internet connection. You can play Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? on desktop PC, mobile and tablet.

The premise of Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? is fairly straightforward. On the show, which was originally developed by the Dutch production company Endemol, the contestant gets to choose from a selection of 26 sealed briefcases that are holding different amounts of money, ranging from almost nothing up to a million pounds. In the UK the show ran for 11 years from 2005, and a version aired in the US from 2003. During the game the contestant will be offered a deal which is a cash amount that they can take and quit the show, and this is the deal part of the title.

From the moment the game starts to load and the words Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? appear on the screen, the anticipation also starts to build. When the game has loaded, you are taken to another screen where there are highlights of the excitement and rewards to come. Players are tantalised with snippets that playing the game will entail, from winning crowns to being awarded multipliers, picking from the king’s treasure to increase prizes and entering the Wheel King for even bigger rewards and possibly a chance to win a massive progressive jackpot.

Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? is a game with top-notch slots entertainment, loads of fast gaming action, and the opportunity to win lots of juicy rewards. It is also a great homage to the TV show. Fans of the TV show and fans of great slots games will enjoy playing Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? and reaping the rich rewards.

How to play Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? from Blueprint Gaming

Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? is a slots game with five reels, three rows and 20 lucrative paylines. The aim of the game is to line up as many matching combinations of symbols on those 20 paylines as possible and thus unlock loads of wonderful prizes along with access to the game’s exciting bonus features.

The design of Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? is reminiscent of the TV show, with lights in the background of the reels that look like they could be part of TV studio lighting. The reels are set out clearly, with large, well-designed icons, and the tools you need for navigating your way around the game are ranged along the bottom and sides of the reels. There are also panels on the top of the reels referring to jackpots - the Royal Pot and the Jackpot King.

When you line up matching symbols and win, you may win on several paylines at once. However, the design of Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? makes sure that it is easy to follow exactly what your winnings are, as the paylines are highlighted and the amount won per payline is listed on the reels, with the total amount of your winnings for that game displayed in the Win panel beneath the reels.

The Blueprint Gaming Paytable

To see what the symbols are worth in Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? you will need to access the game’s paytable. You can do this by finding the menu button. Along the bottom of the screen there are three panels, and these contain, from left to right, your balance or credits, your bet per game and your winnings. These panels are labelled functionally as Balance, Bet and Win.

The menu button, which is three small horizontal lines in a circle, is found just above the Balance panel in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Click on the menu button and it will bring up a selection of other buttons, including one with a grid on it, one with a question mark and one with a megaphone. There is also a button with an X on it, which is for closing this feature when you are done with it. The button with the grid on it takes you to the paytable and more information about the symbols that generate the biggest rewards. Plus there are lots more details about all the exciting bonus features and games as well.

Incidentally, the megaphone button is a quick way to set your sound preferences - clicking on it either turns the sound on or off. The question-mark button will launch a new tab with more information about the game rules and other aspects of the way it is set up, and to close all these buttons you simply click on the X.

Deal or No Deal Whats in Your Box Slot

Symbols Blueprint Gaming style

When you look at the reels of Blueprint's Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? there are lots of interesting symbols that are reminders of the TV game show. There is the black old-style telephone, the mug with the question mark on it, the making a deal or choosing not to make a deal symbol and the envelope with the Banker’s seal.

There is a symbol that combines the black phone and the mystery box, plus a notepad with pen. The black phone and mystery box, as well as the envelope with banker’s seal, are excellent symbols to look out for, as they will reward you with big payouts. Line up five of either symbol in a winning combination on a payline and you will be rewarded with a payout that is a fabulous 250 times your total wager for that spin.

Wild About Blueprint Gaming

The Wild in Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? is the old-fashioned black telephone. You will be yourself ringing with joy to see lots of these telephone Wilds on the reels, as these symbols are there to make sure that you have more winning combinations and more prizes. Just in case you think you might not recognise this symbol, it has Wild written across the bottom of it in distinctive type and capital letters.

This telephone Wild will substitute for all the other symbols on the reels of Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? except the all important Bonus symbol. The telephone wild is also quite a valuable symbol in its own right, as lining up some of these phones will also bring you big payouts. Even just two phones in a winning combination will mean a payout that doubles your total wager for that round. Line up three of the old school black telephones and you will collect a payout that is 40 times your total wager for that game. Line up four of those black phones and you will be rewarded with a loudly exciting payout that is 100 times your total wager for that game. If you are fortunate enough to gather five black phones on a payline, then you will win an attention-grabbing payout of 500 times your total wager for the round. When that happens, you will want to ring all your friends and tell them about it, though possibly you will do this on a more modern piece of communications equipment.

The making a deal or choosing not to make a deal symbol is also a valuable one to look out for. In fact, the making a deal or choosing not to make a deal symbol and the black telephone Wild are the most valuable symbols on the reels, apart from landing the Bonus box, which is also the Scatter symbol in Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box?

If you land five of the making a deal or choosing not to make a deal symbols on a winning payline, then like the black telephones, you will win a payout of 500 times your total wager for the round. This actually seems like a pretty good deal!

Blueprint Gaming Autoplay

For a faster, smoother game you might want to think about using the Autoplay function that is part of Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? To access the Autoplay function, you look for the two curved arrows on the round button that is in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Click on this and a panel will appear with all the Autoplay options on it. You can choose how many spins to set the game in motion for, starting at 10 spins and going up by increments of 25 to a maximum of 100 spins. While you have the panel open, you can also make use of other settings, such as choosing a Session Loss Limit for the Autoplay interlude. In addition, you can set the Single Win Limit. With these controls you can set the game in motion, relax and enjoy the fun while knowing that you still have total control over how the game is being conducted.

When you have made your selections for all three parameters displayed in the Autoplay panel, you can click on the arrow in the bottom right-hand corner of the panel and set the Autoplay feature in motion. Should you decide that you do not want to proceed with Autoplay, you simply click on the X in the small round button in the top right-hand corner of the panel.

When you click on the arrow in the bottom right-hand corner the spins will start, but they will stop if you reach the limits that you have set in the panel. If you don’t want to set limits for losses or wins, then you can choose the infinity option at the right-hand side for each part of the panel, and then the game will keep going until the number of spins is reached or the present balance is used up.

Autoplay is a great way of having a fast, lively game without having to keep hitting the Spin button.

Bonus Action with Blueprint Gaming

There is a whole new level of fun and rewards when you manage to land three or more of these Bonus symbols on the reels, as this will unlock the game’s What's In Your Box? Bonus. Those scatter symbols certainly look alluring with their red boxes with the question marks set against a background of shining gold. Who would not want to know what was inside?

Well, when you trigger the What’s in Your Box? Bonus, then you will get to find out. When this feature is activated, there will be boxes in the middle of the screen, and you will have to choose one to see which bonus you get to play. The names of the actual bonus games will appear in vivid panels ranged along the bottom of the screen. The names of these bonus games are the Go All the Way Bonus, the Trail of Wealth, PowerPlay Free Spins and Seal of Success Free Spins. The fifth bonus game is the making a deal or choosing not to make a deal feature. Just reading about these wonderful bonus games will make you want to play them and win all the rewards that they offer.

Of course, you need to reveal the Go All The Way Bonus while you are playing the What's In Your Box? Bonus round if this is the bonus game that you want to play. If you reveal this game, then this is the one that will take place. After a moment, you will be taken to another screen where there is a studio scene, and three making a deal or choosing not to make a deal boxes will be in the middle. Plus, there will be red and blue cash ladders on both sides of the screen. At this point, you will have to select a box, and a number of instructions may be revealed, including advance red, advance blue, go all the way blue, go all the way red or take a prize. You keep choosing until you get take a prize, at which point you will be awarded the red or blue cash ladders or maybe even both. The game will finish with you being awarded your prize - probably increased by a multiplier too.

If you want to play the Trail Of Wealth Bonus during a session of the What's In Your Box? Bonus game, then the Trail Of Wealth game is the one that you will need to choose. When you do, then another screen will appear that has a Deal, No Deal? theme as if it were set in a TV studio. The bonus will then play out in two fun stages, with the regular first board stage followed by the second Big Money Super Trail Of Wealth Board stage. Both will give you loads of chances to win big prizes. Beginning with the first stage, the player will have to roll the dice in order to move round the board, on the way collecting Mystery Wins, Total Bet Multipliers and Banker’s Seals. If you land on the phone during this part, you could receive the Banker’s Bonus and the Banker’s Spin. With a Banker’s Spin you could also be awarded a Mystery Bonus Prize, the Super Trail of Wealth, another Banker’s Seal or a multiplier and even the Walk of Wealth, during which you can move about the board and gather more prizes. And there’s more! If you manage to collect three of those Banker’s Seals, then that will activate the Super Trail of Wealth and more exciting ways to win, including all the fun of Mystery Positions, Super Multipliers, Mystery Win boxes together with perhaps a Banker’s Bonus Position. This bonus game will keep on going until you reveal the Collect command from a Mystery Position, at which point the feature comes to an end and you exit with all of your winnings, which will be shown in the panel for bonus winnings.

If you manage to select the Seal Of Success Bonus while you are playing the What's In Your Box? Bonus, then you will get to play the Seal Of Success Free Spins bonus game. When this game begins you will move to a different screen, where there is a brand new shiny set of reels and where you are also given 10 Free Spins. At the top of your screen you will see a panel that will have three Banker's Seal positions on it, plus a symbol that could become the Deal, No Deal? Symbol, provided that the panel is taken to completion. During your Free Spins a Banker's Seal may be overlaid on any symbol that is on reel five. If you manage to accumulate three of the Banker’s Seals during your spins, the symbol that is shown at the top of the reels can change into a Deal, No Deal? symbol, which means that you will be given another five free spins of the reels. In this section of the game, you can transform up to four symbols into the Deal, No Deal? symbol. You will then continue with your Free Spins until all of the free spins are used up, at which point you will be given the amount that is displayed in the Bonus Winnings panel. It is not possible to retrigger the Seal of Success feature during the additional bonus free spins, which are those awarded every time the player manages to complete a panel of Banker's Seals.

If the PowerPlay Free Spins Bonus is the game that you reveal from the box you have chosen while you are playing the What's In Your Box? Bonus round, then it is the PowerPlay Free Spins Bonus that you will get to enjoy. When this feature begins, you will see a secondary reel set. At the top of the screen you will notice that there will be a panel that will display three Box positions in which there is the option of making a deal or not making a deal. During your Free Spins a red Deal, No Deal? Box symbol overlay may appear at any time on any of the symbols on the fifth reel. If the player manages to accumulate three of the red boxes whilst playing their free spins, then they will enter the PowerPlay section of the game where the counter showing the free spins left will be locked (and won't count down when you spin). In addition to this, the special Box 23 icon will become active. During the PowerPlay, if a Box 23 symbol appears, then it can reveal a mystery symbol randomly in all the Box 23 symbols that are in view. This will give you many additional chances to win really big. During the PowerPlay spins a blue Deal, No Deal? Box can also be overlaid on any of the symbols that are on reel five. If the player manages to accumulate three of the Blue Boxes whilst playing their spins, then they will leave PowerPlay, at which point the counter showing the free spins left becomes unlocked - it will start to count down once again when you spin - and thus the Box 23 symbol isn't active. Your Free Spins will continue until they are all used up, at which point the player wins the prize amount that is displayed in the Bonus Winnings panel. PowerPlay cannot be reactivated during PowerPlay, although some extra spins can be given during the Locked 'PowerPlay' feature.

Finally, choosing the Deal, No Deal? Bonus as your prize during the What's In Your Box? bonus round means that you will be playing the Deal, No Deal? bonus feature. When the feature begins, after a moment or two you will be taken to the screen that represents what looks very much like the studio where the deals or no deals used to take place. You then get to select a box that you think looks lucky, and after that you will play an actual game of where you choose to make a deal or not against the Banker. While you are doing this, you are in the running to win a prize payout that is a mammoth 2500 times your total wager! At the conclusion of each round the Banker can make you an offer of some kind of a deal, and when that happens it is then entirely your decision what your course of action might be - whether to take the deal or to keep going with the round. You will keep playing until the end of the feature, at which point the Banker may entice you with the opportunity of swapping. Is the gamble worth it? It could be an opportunity to win really big and send your total sky high. Or maybe it won’t be - only you can decide!

No matter which one you reveal during the making a deal or not making a deal Bonus round, all of the extra games will provide a huge amount of entertainment and give you loads of chances to really boost your winnings.

Gamble Feature from Blueprint Gaming

When a player wins during the bonus features, they will have the choice of the Deal - collecting the feature prize - or No Deal, which will entail gambling to see if they can win another juicy prize from the feature. They will not be gambling for the making a deal or choosing not to make a deal Bonus, which is awarded automatically.

When the Gamble is initiated, you will see the Gamble screen, which will show the five features ordered from left to right. They will be ranked based upon their average payout. Your current feature will be shown highlighted. You then get to choose between the two boxes which are displayed on the screen. If you gamble and win, then the feature that you have gambled for can now be collected, which constitutes a Deal, and all features which are below that one will now be eliminated. This sequence will continue, and you may manage to win the top feature, which will then be awarded to you. Alternatively, you may reveal a Mystery Prize, which means that you could be given a cash prize surprise - this is usually a multiplier that is applied to your total wager for the round.

Blueprint Gaming Jackpots

Another delightful and popular feature of Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? is the jackpots. The Jackpot King Bonus may occur during any spin if you manage to get five Jackpot King overlaid symbols on reels one through five. You can also find this particular jackpot in other Blueprint games like Top Cat.

The pot system that is part of the Jackpot King Promotion can be available to anyone placing any wager in any of the games, as long as they are plugged into or connected to the Jackpot King rich promotion pot.

As you spin the reels, you can also gather Crown symbols, and with these you can ascend the ladder of wins. If you manage to accumulate more than 15 Crowns, then you get to enter a section of the feature known as the Wheel King. During this feature, following any of the spins you get to choose a symbol and various exciting things may be revealed. These include Spin, Collect, and Wheel King. Revealing Spin means that you get to spin again, and any extra Crown symbols that may appear will add to your position on the ladder of winnings. If you reveal Collect, then this will be the end of the feature for you for now, though you will be awarded some bonus winnings, depending on a multiplier that you will be given, which is related to your position on the ladder that tallies wins. If you reveal Wheel King, then you will go straight to the Wheel King section of this fun feature.

There is even more action to look forward to in this section of the game. If you manage to collect more than 15 of the Crown Symbols while you are playing the bonus associated with the Jackpot King, then you will be awarded the Wheel King Bonus.

Just so you know, the feature that is the Wheel King round consists of a Wheel in the style of a tombola that has elements that are multipliers to give players big wins - also some elements that are Progressive Pots. When you give that wheel a nice spin, you could win one of what is called the Big Total Bet Multipliers or even the enticing Promotional Jackpot. Additionally, the Jackpot King’s promotional jackpot is only up to be won when the Wheel King section of this exciting bonus is being played.

The Banker Is Calling, Courtesy of Blueprint Gaming

At certain points during the game the Banker is calling to offer you a deal. This is an exciting moment, as you could be awarded with a number of thrilling options that can really boost your winnings. This is a random prize that can occur at any time, so what’s not to like? As it can take place at any moment, this really adds to the excitement of playing the game.

One option is that, randomly, the logo at the top of the screen can start vibrating, and then the title of the prize that you have been awarded appears. When this happens, you might be awarded a bonus round of Respin Streak. When you are playing Respin Streak, winning symbols can be held on the screen as the reels keep spinning around them to help you build up lots of winning combinations on the reels. At the very end of this thrilling bonus round, all your wins are noted, your total is added up and the grand prize of your winnings is announced in the centre of the screen.

In another thrilling development, the Banker may call, and you will see three of the famous making a deal or choosing not to make a deal red boxes. These will be positioned across the centre of the reels. Each one will contain an exciting prize, so you will have to choose and open a box to find out what is inside it. After you have chosen your box, the contents will be revealed, and the contents of the other two boxes will be revealed as well. Then the name of your particular prize will appear in large letters across the centre of the screen and then your prize round will begin.

If you have won Colossal Symbols, then the centre of the reels will become the area where super-sized icons rotate in a clever bit of animation. When the reels stop spinning, you could be left with an enormous mug in the centre that covers three reels, or maybe even a giant notepad or an enormous envelope. Whatever the colossal symbol is, after a moment or two it will fragment into nine separate symbols covering the three central reels, and then you will be able to see how many winning combinations that you will be winning big prizes with after that. This is a really and surprising sequence that can also bring you fantastic rewards.

Other games that you may get to play when the Banker calls include Random Wilds - and who doesn’t love extra Wilds on the reels? - plus Mystery Symbol and Bonus Add. When you play Mystery Symbol, then mystery symbols are added to the reels as the game progresses, and at the end of the game the mystery symbols are revealed. They will all be the same, which will really increase your chances of collecting even more prizes. If you are playing Bonus Add, then there is the chance of more respins at the end of a spin, which may mean that many more prizes could be coming your way.

Each of these features is extremely entertaining, and the prizes that accompany them are rather wonderful as well. There is even another random bonus game courtesy of the Banker, and this one is called 5 of a Kind. This adds up to six amazing bonus features that can be activated at any time just because you are playing the game and spinning the reels. This adds loads of fun to playing Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? and gives you lots of opportunities to sweeten what is already in your winnings pot.

A Triumph

Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? is a very popular slots game, and deservedly so, with its huge range of bonus games and features that most players would never tire of. The base game is handsome and may even look deceptively simple, but there is a lot going on beneath the surface of this slots entertainment. It has a massive amount of variety for players and gives them so many inventive ways to win loads of exciting prizes. Whether taking part in the promotional jackpot, triggering the bonus by collecting three of more scatter symbols or just enjoying the randomly generated Banker Bonus Spins, there is always plenty of action and excitement in Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? Discover why this game is so popular by giving the reels a spin and see whether the Banker wants to offer you a mysterious deal, a mystery prize or some free spins. This game would have to be one of the most detailed and inventive that you can play, and anyone who enjoys slots action will have a great time playing Deal or No Deal: What’s in Your Box? from a game developer that is at the top of their field.


Disclaimer: Deal or No Deal Whats in Your Box trademark / license is owned by Blueprint Gaming. This site is not endorsed by Blueprint Gaming.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Deal or No Deal Whats in Your Box
Software: Blueprint Gaming
RTP: 92.601%
Volatility: Medium volatility
Paylines: 20
Reels: 5
Min Bet (all lines covered): £0.20 (GBP)
Max Bet: £500 (GBP)
Top Win: 0
Features: Bonus Game, Progressive, Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Free Spins, Medium volatility, 5 Reels
UK Available in UK? Yes. Blueprint Gaming have a UKGC license and are allowed to offer their games at UK licensed casinos.

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