Megaways Wolf Legend Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

Our first impressions of Megaways Wolf Legend

As the game completes its loading process, the black screen is filled with a handsome wolf, staring out with beautiful amber eyes, against the sandstone background of Monument Valley. From there, the game takes us straight to the reels, which are set out against a rocky desert backdrop.

If you find yourself experiencing a sudden sense of deja-vu when you first set eyes on Megaways Wolf Legend, don’t worry, you’re not going mad. You really have seen almost the exact same game before, in the form of Megaways Buffalo Rising, also from Blueprint. There’s a bit more scrubland to be found in the foreground of the Buffalo version of the game, but that’s no doubt because the buffalo can’t survive in quite such an inhospitable landscape as wolves can.

As with Megaways Buffalo Rising, this Wolf Legend version of the game includes playing card icons as low-value game symbols. But higher-value symbols are represented in both games by regional wildlife, although in the case of Megaways Wolf Legend, the creatures look even less friendly. As well as the beautiful golden wolf from the title screen, you can expect to see a bald eagle, a mountain lion and a bison. A grey wolf serves as the game’s Wild symbol, while the Scatter symbol is represented by a wolf howling at the moon.

This howling comes into play during the game’s soundtrack took which creates the feeling of an epic Hollywood movie playing out. It’s a million miles away from the dreadful generic beeps and whistles that seem to accompany so many online slots games. But music is always a matter of personal taste, so the game offers players the ability to mute the soundtrack, if they prefer.

Megaways Wolf Legend Online Slot Theme

Megaways Wold Legend is set in the desert with an eye-catching theme that features a background depicting interesting rock formations and cactuses against a beautiful backdrop. Symbols include all sorts of desert animals like eagles, buffalo, cougars and, of course, wolves. In fact, the slot actually looks a bit like Megaways Buffalo Rising , so if you were a fan of that Blueprint slot, then you’ll be inclined to give this one a spin as well.

In-depth guide to playing Megaways Wolf Legend

In Megaways Wolf Legend from Blueprint, you can trigger up to 117 649 ways to win on each spin. This is because each reel can contain between 2 and 7 symbols; the more symbols that land on the reels, the more winning ways you have. The bet range here is pretty vast, as well, offering players wagers between just .10 coins and 10 coins per spin, which makes this game perfect for players with smaller budgets.

Even if you’ve never spun the reels of an online slots game before, we can help to get you up and running in next to no time. And although the volatility of Megaways Wolf Legend makes it less than ideal for new gamers to start wagering money on, it still makes a great first game as it’s so simple to play.

Armed with our trial balance of pretend money, you simply need to decide how much you’d like to bet on every spin of the reels. Ideally, you’d expect to be playing one individual slots game for at least 50 spins or so, so you need to make sure you’ve got enough money in your bankroll to allow for that number of spins.

Some games include paylines, meaning that players have to line up matching symbols in accordance with those payline structures to win the associated cash prizes. But thanks to the innovative Megaways mechanic, you don’t need to worry about paylines at all. This is an added bonus, as players usually have to pay their bet on a per-payline basis, with wins often paid on a per-line basis too, which can make winning calculations fairly complex. But when you spin the reels of Megaways Wolf Legend, you’re paying per spin, so the price you see is the price you pay.

Choose from as little as 0.10 per spin up to a maximum of 10.00 per spin. It’s a reasonably broad base of wagering options, but we’re surprised not to see higher-value bets in a game that’s clearly aimed at high roller players. Once you’re happy with the amount of your wager, just hit the Wolf-head Spin button and the game starts!

Some players think that hitting the Spin button for a second time, while the reels are still spinning, will have an effect on the outcome of that spin. But it won’t. Even if the reels do stop prematurely, the reels will end where they were destined to be. Any wins you manage to spin will be highlighted for you, with the amount displayed on your screen, so that you can keep an eye on how you’re doing. You’ll see your total balance displayed at the very bottom of the screen, and you need to keep a watchful eye on this figure to make sure it doesn’t go down too rapidly.

When you’re trying out a game, you’ll almost certainly want to trigger any bonus feature rounds, and pressing Spin repeatedly can quickly become a chore. So if you’re planning on conducting a few spins at the same bet level, you’ll find Autoplay a useful tool in your arsenal. Clicking or tapping on this button will bring a range of automatic spin options, enabling you to play up to 100 spins without having to press anything. When you select the number of automatic spins you’d like, you’ll be invited to choose win and loss amounts that will restore manual control of the spins back to you earlier than expected. You can also switch off Autoplay by hitting the button for a second time when the feature is active.

The ‘I’ button, located at the far left-hand side of your screen, gives you access to the game’s rules and paytable. All payouts are given as multiples of your stake.

How to Win at Megaways Wolf Legend Slot

When you land three or more matching symbols on adjacent paylines, then you’ll hit a winning combination. The top prize available is worth 50x your stake, when 6 golden wolf symbols appear across the reels. Whenever you win, a cascade occurs and you’ll have the chance to hit more prizes. The regular wolf symbol is the wild; it doesn’t pay out its own prizes and only acts as a substitution.

When you play an online slots game with paylines, you need to match up symbols along that payline to win a cash prize. But there aren’t any paylines on a Megaways slots game, which can leave new players more than a little confused! But don’t worry, you can still win - and in fact your chances are increased, since Megaways uses a Ways to Win mechanic.

With a payline, the first instance of winning combination must appear on reel 1, with subsequent matches occurring on reels 2 and 3 as well, and hopefully on reels 4 and 5 too, all following the route of a payline. But with the Ways to Win mechanic, the only criteria is that matching symbols must occur on adjacent reels. You must still spin up the first example of a winning combination on reel 1, but as long as you spin up at least two more examples, in any positions at all on reels 2 and 3, then you’ll win the cash prize associated with that configuration.

And because this is a Megaways game, the actual number of winning combinations changes with every single spin of the reels. Each reel can hold between 2 and 7 symbols in total, meaning that there is a maximum of 117,649 Ways to Win with every spin. The actual number of Ways varies with every spin, and so the game shows how many are applicable with every single spin.

In the case of the golden wolf symbol, which pays out the maximum cash awards, you don’t even have to wait to spin up three examples to achieve a win. He will pay out when you land just two examples on reels 1 an 2 simultaneously, returning the cost of your spin.

And of course, there’s a Wild symbol, which is represented by a grey wolf. This Wild only appears on the seventh, horizontal reel, which adds an extra symbol to reels 2 - 5. Whenever the Wild appears, it has the ability to stand in for any of the other symbols on the reels, apart from the bonus Scatter symbols. So it can help to build up winning combinations and win you cash prizes with every appearance.

What is the RTP of Megaways Wolf Legend Slot?

The RTP (return to player) or Megaways Wolf Legend from Blueprint Gaming is 96.50%. It is also a high variance online slot, which means that you’re in for some very generous prizes as you spin the reels. However, this level of volatility also means that your prizes will come around less often than they would in a low or medium variance slot.

Why is the RTP of Megaways Wolf Legend significant?

The RTP statistic is the first thing that we look for, when we’re considering playing an online slots game that we’ve never tried before. But not for the reasons you might think. We’re always hearing it said that RTP shows the sum of money that players can expect to see returned to them over the course of a gaming session, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. RTP does indeed stand for Return to Player, but it’s a purely theoretical figure, representing average returns that a game plays out over a long period of time.

With an RTP of 96.21% in the base game, Megaways Wolf Legend pays out around 96.21 for every 100.00 that players spend on spinning the reels of the game. But it’s oversimplifying the matter to claim that all players will see this level of return. Would you seriously play a slots game if you knew, without doubt, that you’d lose 3.79 for every 100.00 you wagered? We don’t think there’d be too many takers at those odds!

The RTP of a game is calculated using data from hundreds of players, gathered over a period of weeks. Some players will hit jackpot payouts, whereas others won’t see any of their stake again. So you can’t use RTP as any kind of suggestion of expected winnings. But what it does do is prove that the game is fair and reputable, and that it’s been thoroughly tested. Industry regulators can be astonishingly strict about this kind of thing, so players can rest assured that a published RTP automatically puts that game in a good light.

One very important fact that we can learn from a game’s RTP ratio, is how much profit the online casino is making. Subtract the RTP from 100 to find the house edge, which in the case of Megaways Wolf Legend comes in a very reasonable 3. 79%. Our advice is to stick to playing online slots games with an RTP of 5% or lower, and this game falls well within that category.

Why do I need to know the volatility of Megaways Wolf Legend?

After we’ve checked out the RTP of a new online slots game, the second thing we do is establish its volatility. It sound complex, but it really isn’t - just replace the word ‘volatility’ with ‘risk’ and you’ll quickly see how it works.

If you aren’t a very experienced online slots gamer, or you prefer to keep to low-risk activities, or even if you only have a modest gaming budget, then you should class yourself as a low-risk, low-volatility online slots gamer. Search around, and you’ll find literally hundreds of low-volatility online slots games, that will spin you up loads of wins, although you’re highly unlikely to walk away with a life-changing sum of money. But you won’t incur any spectacular debts either, so this is the perfect place to base yourself for low-risk fun and entertainment.

But at the other end of the scale, if you happen to be a high-risk, high-stakes gamer, then you’ll want to head straight for the high-volatility games, including Megaways Wolf Legend. These games promise only occasional wins, but the sums of money they can pay out can be truly spectacular, making it worth the wait between wins. But if you want to get the most from these high-octane games, you should make sure that your bankroll is robust enough to tide you through some possibly lengthy spells of nothing much happening on the reels. It’s not unheard of for players to go for 200 spins without spinning up any significant wins, so high-volatility games are definitely aimed at players who are in it for the long game.

Megaways Wolf Legend special symbols

Most online slots games include Wilds and Scatters, which bring extra elements of fun into the game, and can increase the player’s chances of achieving a winning spin. And Megaways Wolf Legend manages to include both of these symbols, as well as other reel modifiers that make the game more entertaining to play.

The game’s Wild is a grey wolf, which can stand in for any other symbol on the reels, apart from the howling wolf Scatter. The Wild only appears in the top, horizontal reels, which adds an extra row of symbols to reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. But whenever the Wild appears, it can help to generate winning combinations, helping the player to win big cash prizes.

The howling wolf Scatter symbol triggers the Golden Streak Free Spins bonus round, when you manage to land three or more Scatters in view on the screen, with one single spin. When this occurs, you’ll be given the chance to Gamble your Free Spins. Spin the Bonus Wheel to discover whether you’ve won extra Free Spins, or lost them all, only to be returned straight back to the main game! You don’t have to participate in the Gamble option, and can choose simply to proceed to the Golden Streak Free Spins, if you prefer.

Megaways Wolf Legend paytable

You can access the game’s paytable at any time during the game, simply by clicking or tapping on the ‘I’ icon, which is towards the bottom left-hand side of your screen. This also gives you an insight into the game’s rules, and the various features of the game, so you can use it to check any aspects that you’re not sure of.

The paytable shows wins as a percentage of the stake, and straight away it becomes clear that some wins are barely worth having, which is a feature of many high-volatility games. Playing card symbols offer the lowest returns, with the 9, 10 and J returning a rather underwhelming 0.1x your stake for landing three of a kind on adjacent reels. Match up six of a kind, and you’ll only just win back your stake. The A, K and Q pay out slightly better odds, but wins still only amount to 0.2x your stake for matching three symbols, rising to a top prize of 1.5x for six of a kind across all six reels.

The mighty eagle may look impressive, but he pays out just 0.3x your stake for thee matches, rising to a top payout of 2x your stake for six of a kind. Next comes the bison, which returns your stake for landing five of a kind, rising to 2.5x for six of a kind. The mountain lion returns your stake promptly for landing just three of a kind, increasing to a top prize worth 5x your stake. But it’s the golden wolf himself who pays out the biggest rewards. He’ll return your stake as soon as you spin up just two matches across reels 1 and 2. Land the maximum six of a kind, and he’ll pay you handsomely with a 50x return on your stake.

Megaways Wolf Legend Cascading Reels

Cascading Reels are a popular feature with slots gamers, since they effectively offer a free respin with every single win. It’s a mechanic which is often used in Megaways slots games, although other games also make use of the mechanic. You’ll sometimes see Cascading Reels called by other names, such as Tumbling Reels, Avalanche Reels, or even just plain Reactions.

When the reels have stopped spinning, following a Spin, and any wins have been assessed, the Cascading Reels mechanic causes all winning symbols to disappear from the reels completely. This obviously leaves spaces in the grid, so new symbols fall down from above, to complete the grid. If this process creates more winning combinations, the totals are added to the win, and those symbols now disappear from the reels, to be replaced by new ones. This process keeps on occurring until no new winning combinations are created.

Megaways Wolf Legend Mystery Symbols

Mystery Symbols are another feature which has proved incredibly popular with online slots gaming fans. AT the start of every spin, a number of symbols are replaced on the reel by Mystery Symbols, covered with a desert scene. Once the reels have come to a stop, all Mystery Symbols are replaced by one randomly-chosen symbol, potentially creating some big winning combinations in the process.

Megaways Wolf Legend Bonus Bet

Waiting around for the Free Spins bonus round to appear can take ages, which is frustrating when it’s all that’s occupying your mind. But Blueprint have included a neat little Bonus Bet feature, which allows you to purchase the bonus round for 75x your current stake.

You can activate the Legend Bonus, situated at the left-hand side of the reels, at any point in the game, provided that your chosen online casino operators allows this feature. You’ll be asked whether you wish to proceed with the payment, and then the bonus round begins, spinning up three or more howling wolf Scatters with your next spin.

The Golden Streak Free Spins bonus round starts with an interesting little Gamble option, which players can take or leave, as they choose. Spin the bonus wheel, and you could win extra Free Spins, or Streaks, as the game refers to them. But you could also lose your Free Spins completely, returning you back to the base game with nothing at all to show for your trouble, except a dwindling balance, if you chose to buy the bonus round.

Megaways Wolf Legend tips and tricks

If you’ve visited our site before, then you’ll probably already be aware that online slots games are pretty much tamper-proof. We advise players not to even attempt to influence the outcome of any spins, since it could result in prosecution, and it won’t actually help you to generate any winning spins either. That’s because all reputable online slots games are completely governed by sophisticated Random Number Generating algorithms, ensuring a completely fair and random outcome with every spin.

What this means for the player, is that you’re always guaranteed a completely fair game, no matter how many times you spin the reels. So in theory, this means you can’t do anything to win an advantage over any other slots gamers.

However, as with most things in life, it’s possible to gain an advantage simply through preparation. So rather than heading off to an online casino and wagering your own money on the outcome of your spinning session on the reels of Megaways Wolf Legend, we advise creating a strategy first. And that starts with playing the game for free as much as you possibly can, right here on our website. We always suggest that players should try out new games, that they haven’t played before, for a minimum of 500 spins in demo mode. In our experience, that’s usually ample time to spin up any Free Spins bonus rounds and experiment with a variety of wagering strategies. However, in the case of a high-volatility game, such as Megaways Wolf Legend, a spinning session of up to 1,000 spins could prove to be beneficial, allowing you to assess the gameplay over a protracted period of time.

But once you’ve played the game as much as you possibly can for free, there are still steps that you can take to ensure the most positive outcomes from your gaming session. And one of the most important rules that we know of, is to set aside a specific sum of money for playing a game. The key to ongoing success is to stick to your limits, and stop playing as soon as your reach your specified target amount. We know how hard this can be to do, particularly if you’re deeply involved in chasing wins, or losses, at the time you hit that sum. But quitting precisely when you decided you were going to is paramount, ensuring that you still have some funds remaining for playing slots games another day.

While you’re playing Megaways Wolf Legend for free on our site, you could take the time to experiment with a wagering strategy. Search online to find all sorts of gambling techniques, and use the free play opportunity to try them out for yourself. It’s the perfect way to make the most of every demo gaming session, and could lead to some huge cash prizes over time.

Megaways Wolf Legend Demo Play

You can play the Megaways Wolf Legend slot demo here at Slots Temple. You’re given 1000 free-play credits to spend as you wish, making this the perfect time to determine whether or not this is the kind of game that you’d like to wager real cash on. We always recommend playing between 150 and 200 spins to give you a good idea.

Play Megaways Wolf Legend on Mobile – Android, iPad and Tablets

Megaways Wolf Legend is an online slot that you can play on your tablet, smartphone or PC. This slot looks great and runs well no matter how you choose to play. Whether you’re spinning the reels on a smaller screen or larger screen, this slot looks fantastic and you won’t miss out on any gameplay details.

Overall Review – Megaways Wolf Legend Slot

Megaways Wolf Legend is a fantastic addition to Blueprint Gaming’s catalogue. The game features impressive graphics and a whole host of bonus features that players are sure to enjoy. Our only gripe is that it seems a little bit too similar to Megaways Buffalo Rising in terms of aesthetics, but it’s still a fun game in its own right.

The multi-level bonus game really ramps up the excitement as you spin the reels on Megaways Wolf Legend, and we appreciate that you can bypass landing scatters by using the Bonus Bet. This game is definitely a great choice for players who are looking for a thrilling online slots experience.

Megaways Wolf Legend FAQs

🌵 Can I play Megaways Wolf Legend slots for free?

You can play Wolf Legend Megaways as a demo slot here at Slots Temple. You don’t have to make any deposits or register to any online casinos.

🌵 How does the bonus round work in Megaways Wolf Legend?

You’ll need to spin up at least three of the howling wolf Scatters to start the Free Spins Golden Streak bonus feature round. But before your Free Spins start, you have the option of gambling them. Take care, as choosing to gamble could cost you your Free Spins round completely! Throughout the Free Spins, increasing multipliers rise x1 with every reel reaction, which can lead to some huge cash prizes.

🌵 What is the biggest win available on Megaways Wolf Legend?

If the reels spin in your favour during your session playing Megaways Wolf Legend, you could walk away with as much as 50,000x your stake. But remember, you can’t keep any of the winnings you generate playing the game here on our site, as the money is only for entertainment purposes.

🌵 How volatile is Megaways Wolf Legend?

As a highly volatile online slots game, Megaways Wolf Legend needs to be approached with a high degree of caution, at least if you’re planning on playing the game with your own money. It’s best suited to high rollers and players with elastic bankrolls, although everyone can enjoy playing it without any financial risk here on our site in demo mode.

🌵 What is the RTP of Megaways Wolf Legend?

The RTP of Megaways Wolf Legend is stated as being 96.21%. Theoretically, it means that the game will pay out 96.21 in winnings for every 100.00 it takes, but since it can take weeks, if not months, to see that precise level of return, players should never use RTP as a guide to possible winnings. What you can gain from knowing that Megaways Wolf Legend has an RTP of 96.21% is that the house edge must therefore be 3.79%, which is well below our 5% cut-off point.

* Megaways Wolf Legend trademark / license is owned by Blueprint Gaming. This site is not endorsed by Blueprint Gaming.

Game Name: Megaways Wolf Legend
Software: Blueprint Gaming
Themes: Animals, Nature
Volatility: High volatility
Features: Bonus Game Wild Symbol Scatter Symbol Multiplier Free Spins Megaways Gamble High volatility 6 Reels
Paylines: 117649
Reels: 6
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.1
Max Bet: 10
Top Win: 50
RTP: 96.50
User Reviews
Overall score: 3.6 out of 5 stars
K Kirby Hughes
legendary 03/02/2020

This is such a fun game. I really like the respins bonus, would like to see it in a lot more of the megaways games.

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