Kingmaker Slot - Review, Demo Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

First impressions of Kingmaker

We wouldn’t have known what a sigil is, before watching Game of Thrones, but these days we understand it’s the symbol used on banners to denote the loyalties of great houses in battle. And although Kingmaker isn’t directly related to Game of Thrones, the game’s use of banners together with its use of symbols show that the developers are at least familiar with the way things are done in this sort of game.

Wherever there’s a King, there also needs to be a castle, and in the case of Kingmaker, the game’s graphic designers have opted for a full-on Bavarian fairy-tale palace, more reminiscent of a Disney princess than a fierce, battle-hardened warrior. The setting places the castle on the edge of a beautiful and deceptively peaceful lake, backed by snow-capped mountain peaks.

There’s a stiff breeze, as you can tell from the clouds that are scurrying past in the sky. They’re catching at the banners that flutter to the left-hand side of the reels. Contained with an ornate silver scroll, the reels are transparent, with the symbols mainly depicted against uncoloured leaded glass panels. The exception is the Wild symbol, which appears set against a stained glass backing.

So many apparently gorgeous-looking online slots games let themselves down at the final hurdle, when the soundtrack comes into play. Far too many slots games rely on generic sounds, including old-fashioned bells and whistles, which completely destroy the carefully-built mystique of a themed game. But in the case of Kingmaker, the game developers have gone the whole hog and created a compelling soundtrack. Occasional trumpet clarion calls rise above the orchestrated backing, which builds to some dramatic crescendos, which can even sound a little dark at times. It’s a compelling setting for an online slots game, and we couldn’t wait to get those reels spinning, to see what the game had in store for us!

Kingmaker Online Slot Theme

Kingmaker from Big Time Gaming features a theme that is truly fit for royalty. This online slot is set in the treasure vault of a castle, with the reels surround by piles and piles of gold coins. The symbols feature vibrant gems and various crests, alongside the usual poker symbols. Each symbol has a stained glass window behind it and the set of reels is set against the backdrop of a beautiful castle on a sunny day. You can tell that every detail of this game's design has been thoroughly thought out for an immersive theme that keeps players entertained.

How to Play Kingmaker Slot

Kingmaker is a Megaways online slots game, which means that the number of ways to win changes along with the number of symbols that appear on each reel. Between 2 and 7 symbols can be shown on each reel and, if all reels show the maximum number of symbols, you’ll have 16 807 winning ways available to you. A wide range of bet sizes are available, from .20 coins to 20 coins, so both high rollers and players with more limited budgets will be able to enjoy themselves.

In-depth guide to playing Kingmaker slots

When you’ve been playing slots games for as long as we have, you don’t need any instructions on getting started with a new game. But we never forget that we had to start out somewhere, although it’s becoming increasingly difficult to remember a time when we didn’t spin the reels for fun and entertainment. So we’re fully committed to helping every other slots fans, no matter where they happen to be on their slots journey.

If you’re a regular visitor to our site, you won’t need any help from us to get started with the game. But if you haven’t played online slots games before, or if it’s been a long time since you found yourself at the reels, we’re happy to guide you through the entire process, so you know exactly what’s happening and what to expect as the game unfolds.

This is a Megaways game, so there aren’t any paylines to bother with. So you can go ahead and simply decide on the amount of money you’re prepared to spend on each spin of the reels. This is a medium- to high-volatility game, so the betting range has been designed to appeal to all types of gamers, from penny players to high rollers. And with no paylines, that means your stake is your total stake - you don’t need to multiply a line bet amount by the number of paylines, or anything complex like that. The price you select is the price you pay per spin, and the sum of money on which all cash prizes are based. So go ahead and pick an amount from just 0.20 per spin, up to a maximum of 20.00 per spin. And once that’s done, all that remains is to activate those reels!

When you’re trying out a game, it’s helpful to set up a number of automatic spins so that you can pay close attention to what’s going on across the reels. The Autoplay button for Kingmaker is located to the bottom right-hand side of the screen, just to the left of the Spin button. Clicking or tapping it triggers a pop-up which lets you select up to 100 automatic spins. You can also set win and loss amounts that will end the feature earlier than you’d planned, although you can take control at any time with another tap on the button. All automatic spins take place at your current bet level.

You can also access Autoplay by clicking or tapping on the hamburger menu icon towards the bottom left-hand side of your screen. Navigate along the top of the pop-up box to access the game’s paytable, mute sounds and access the game’s rules.

Kingmaker’s symbols and paytable

With so much attention paid to the background graphics of Kingmaker, it’s no surprise to find that the symbols on the reels more than live up to expectations. Just as with most online slots games, the lower-value symbols on the reels are represented by playing card icons. You might find that they crop in winning combinations fairly frequently, in line with the game’s medium- to high-volatility rating, but be very cautious. The amount that they pay out is very small, particularly in the base game, with top cash prizes of between just 0.3x and 0.4x your wager for lining up five of a kind across all the reels.

But as we’ve already mentioned, Kingmaker is a slots game which is really all about the Free Spins round. Once you hit the Increasing Multiplier in the bonus feature, that’s when you’ll really see the cash prizes lining up in your favour.

You’ll already be aware of the four banners that are attached to the left-hand side of the reels, streaming in the stiff breeze blowing in from behind the mountains. Each of these banners, and associated sigils, represents one of the great houses that is vying for the Crown, and each house also has its own gemstone. The green double-headed snake awards up to 0.5x your stake for landing five of a kind, rising to 0.6x for spinning up five blue griffin gemstones. Five red minotaurs - half-bull, half-man - will pay 0.7x your stake, but the top prize is reserved for the purple dragon gemstone, which pays out a much more impressive 10x your stake for spinning up five examples on adjacent reels. And this symbol, unlike all the others, starts paying out cash awards when you spin up just two examples, on reels 1 and 2.

The crown symbol is the game’s Scatter, so it doesn’t have to spin up on adjacent reels to start awarding cash prizes. Because unlike the Scatter symbol in so many other online slots games, the one in Kingmaker also pays out cash prizes, as well as triggering the Free Spins bonus feature game.Spin up three Scatters, and you’ll receive an immediate cash payment of 4x your stake, as well as being introduced to the Free Spins round. Four Scatters will earn you 20x your stake, but if you’re fortunate enough to spin up the maximum five Scatters, you’ll see a return of 250x your original wager, as well as your Free Spins bonus.

How to win at Kingmaker slots

Most online slots games require players to spin up three or more matching symbols across active paylines. But Kingmaker has Ways to Win, not paylines. So in this game, you only need to line up three matching symbols on adjacent reels to win a cash prize. The only firm rule is that the first instance of a winning combination must always appear on the first reel, furthest to the left of the screen.

In the case of the top-paying main symbol, the purple dragon gemstone, you only need to spin up two examples, on reels 1 and 2, to receive a cash award. And in this game, even the Scatter comes with its own pay awards. Spin up three or more Scatters and you won’t just trigger the Free Spins bonus round, but you’ll also win an instant cash prize worth 4x, 20x or a whopping 250x your stake, according to whether you spin up three, four or five golden crowns. The Scatter is also the only symbol on the reels that can appear anywhere - it doesn’t have to conform to the usual winning paylines or structures, provided that you can see at least three Scatters on the reels, then you’ve definitely won a prize, as well as some Free Spins.

The Wild symbol can help to create winning lines by substituting for all other symbols in the game, apart from the Scatter. Wilds only appear on reels 2, 3 4 and 5, so since they can’t appear on the first reel they can never trigger their own exclusive payout. But Wilds can help to form winning combinations thanks to their substitution abilities, so they’re always a welcome sight on the reels. And in the case of Kingmaker, thanks to their delicate stained-glass background, they look really good too!

All wins that occur across the reels of Kingmaker are suitably highlighted for you, so you won’t miss anything. Rather than animating, as so many winning symbols do in these types of games, winning blocks slide out from the grid using a clever three-dimensional effect. It can be quite easy to get swept up in the excitement of winning, but head to our paytable breakdown section, where we explain exactly what you can hope to win back playing this game. But as a rough guide to keep you on track - if the amount of a win isn’t prominently displayed across the reels, then it doesn’t amount to the cost of the spin that generated it in the first place! Be warned, and keep a close watch on your balance at all times when playing such a high volatility slots game.

What is the RTP of Kingmaker Slot?

The RTP (return to player) of Kingmaker from Big Time Gaming is 96.65%. It is a high volatility slot, as well, which means that you’ll be able to cash in on quite large prizes.

What is the significance of Kingmaker’s RTP?

With an RTP of 96.65%, we know that the theoretical Return to Player ratio when playing Kingmaker is 96.65 for every 100.00. But let’s not lose sight of that important little word ‘theoretical’. We’re always seeing it written that RTP shows expected returns from wagering 100.00, but that’s clearly ridiculous! If you knew without any doubt that you could spend 100.00 on a game and end up 3.35 out of pocket, you’d save your money and buy yourself a pint instead!

So what’s the point of RTP, we hear you ask? Quite simply, it serves to prove that a specific game has been given the seal of approval by industry regulators. RTP ratios are calculated according to stringent conditions, and it’s a process that takes a lot of time and effort. Thousands of spins are assessed over a period of several weeks, resulting in some general ‘average’ figures that are completely meaningless when applied to individual players. Some players will hit major jackpot wins, whereas other players will see no return at all from their gaming efforts. But over time, the game is guaranteed to pay out a hefty percentage of its takings, which makes it a fair prospect for a fun gaming experience.

The other thing we can learn from a game’s RTP is what the house edge is. All you need to do is subtract the RTP from 100 to give the house edge, which in the case of Kingmaker comes in at 3.35%. We make a point of never playing any slots game for money with a house edge higher than 5%, so we’re happy to report that Kingmaker falls well within our guidelines.

What is the volatility of Kingmaker?

Kingmaker is classified as a medium- to high-volatility online slots game, which is sure to have high-rollers gathering around with great interest. But for those not familiar with the term, some explanation is required, as it’ll help you to get the most fun and enjoyment out of every slot-spinning session.

High-volatility slots games are considered to be the most risky of all games to play online. You might find you seem to be spinning up quite a few wins, but in most cases, these won’t even be worth the price of your stake, so can be discounted. Big wins are rare, but when they do come along the rewards more than justify the wait. These sorts of games can deliver massive, life-changing payouts, but penny slots players certainly won’t find them to their taste. You have to wager high, and ride out long periods of spinning and spinning the reels, with apparently no results, if you want to make it through to the Big Wins.

If you simply don’t have those sort of funds, or you shudder at the thought of spending so much money for so little gain, then you should look for low-volatility slots games. This is where you’ll find the traditional penny slots, but thanks to digital innovations, you’ll also find hundreds of exciting and innovative games that can also be played for very low stakes. Wins tend to be frequent with low-volatility games, but you won’t be spinning up any really big wins, so high-stakes players won’t be queueing up to play these games.

Kingmaker is rated as being a medium- to high-volatility game, so it’s hoping to appeal to a wide player base. These sorts of games often have a very wide betting range, to accommodate so many different budgets, but there’s a downside to that. In our experience, these games are designed to trigger quite a few payouts, to keep the more risk-averse players happy, but on closer inspection, most of those wins won’t cover the price of spinning the reels in the first place. For this reason, we advise playing Kingmaker as much as possible in demo mode, so you can see for yourself how far your actual bankroll could take you in an online casino.

Kingmaker Gem Multiplier feature

It’s the Free Spins bonus feature round in Kingmaker which delivers up the top earning potential, and this is helped by the Gem Multiplier collection, which takes place during the base game. The more Gem Multipliers you can collect during the early stages of the game, the higher your increasing multipliers will go during the bonus round, leading to some huge cash prizes.

Each of the four banners attached to the left-hand side of the reels represents one of the great houses, competing for the crown. And each one starts off with a Gem Multiplier of x1, clearly labelled next to its sigil. But each banner also has a corresponding gemstone on the reels, and it’s these stones that can generate increased multipliers. Spin up five of a kind matching gemstones, and the associated banner multiplier will increase by x1. This happens even where Wild substitutions have occurred, to make up for the lack of corresponding gemstone symbols.

Ideally, players will want to see the Gem Multiplier totals rise as high as possible during the base game, although they have no impact upon any winning lines. But once the Free Spins bonus feature is triggered, by spinning up three or more golden crown Scatters, those Multipliers become incredibly important. Now they are all added together, and the total becomes the starting Increasing Win Multiplier that remains in place throughout the bonus feature. So the more gemstone Multipliers you’ve managed to collect, the higher all of your Increasing Multipliers will climb, potentially creating some huge cash prizes in the process.

Kingmaker Demo Play

Kingmaker will be available to play as a free slot here at Slots Temple, as soon as the game is launched by Big Time Gaming. When the game is launched, you’ll be able to play the demo slot with 1000 free-play credits.

Play Kingmaker on Mobile – Android, iPad and Tablets

Like all Big Time Gaming slots, Kingmaker is available to play using any mobile or desktop device. Regardless of how you choose to play this online slot, you’ll have a great gaming experience with vibrant graphics and smooth gameplay. You don’t have to download any software to give this game a spin, which means that the slot will run on any iOS, Android or Windows device.

Kingmaker tips and tricks

As soon as people find out that we play and review online slots games for a living, they want to know what they can do to cheat the system. But sadly, they’re barking up the wrong tree, since there’s no legal way of causing a slots game to spin the reels in your favour. All reputable online slots games are governed by RNGs, or Random Number Generators, which make sure that every single spin offers an equal chance of hitting the top cash payout. Hitting the Spin button while the reels are in play, or tapping combinations of numbers and letters into your keypad won’t make any difference to the outcome of any spin, so it’s really quite pointless to even try.

But with that said, it doesn’t automatically follow that there’s absolutely nothing that players can do to improve their chances when playing an online slots game for real money. So we’re here to impart two very valuable pieces of advice, which will hold you in good stead throughout your online slots gaming journey.

First of all, always do your homework before wagering any of your own money on the outcome of a spin. The symbols that spin up may be random, but some games are more volatile than others, so always check the volatility of your chosen game. We recommend taking a game for at least 500 spins in demo mode before even thinking about wagering any of your own cash. But in the case of high-volatility games, such as Kingmaker, we’d suggest increasing that to 1,000 spins, just so you can be really sure how far your bankroll could take you.

High-volatility games might not pay out any decent returns for even a couple of hundred spins, so you need to make sure that you can divide your budget up into suitable amounts to cover that many spins, at a bare minimum. But be warned - Kingmaker can gobble up a bankroll within minutes, so play it over and over again, altering your wager to see how that impacts over time.

Some gamers swear by using a ‘system’, and there are plenty to be found online if you’re prepared to go searching for them. One of the simplest systems that we know of involves doubling your stake for every non-winning spin. In theory, this will trigger bigger wins over time, which should more than cover the cost of your spins. But as with all such systems, it’s down to individual players to put in the hours of research - never rely simply on somebody else’s word.

Our second piece of advice is to set aside a sum of money for spinning the reels of Kingmaker at an online casino, if that’s what you’d like to do. Setting limits before you start is an important step in retaining full control over your bankroll, so don’t be tempted to avoid it. The key is to stop playing the moment you reach that limit, regardless as to what’s happening on the reels. You could be apparently in the middle of a winning streak, or you could be intent on chasing losses. But whatever your feelings, it’s essential to stop playing straight away and save the rest of your bankroll for another day. It might seem a little painful at the time, but it’s guaranteed to be a whole lot less painful than discovering you’ve got no funds left to play again tomorrow!

Our rating for the Kingmaker online slots game

We love a Megaways game and Kingmaker, with its stunning graphics and gorgeous reels is a real treat for the eyes. It’s a treat for the ears too, unlike many similar games we could mention! It’s a shame not to see Avalanche Reels featuring in the game, as we love the extra chance to win that the mechanic provides, but the Gem Multiplier feature helped us to make the most of the game as soon as we hit the Free Spins round.

It’s quite a high-volatility game though, for all that it boasts its medium-volatility credentials, so we advise extensive free play before wagering your own money on the outcome of each spin.

Kingmaker FAQs

👑 Can I play Kingmaker slots for free?

You’ll be able to give Kingmaker slots from Big Time Gaming for free here at Slots Temple. No deposit or signup is necessary.

👑 Does Kingmaker slot have free spins?

Landing three or more scatters during the base game will trigger the Kingmaker free spins bonus.

👑 Can I win real money playing Kingmaker slots?

For the chance to win real-money prizes on Kingmaker slots, you’ll have to sign up and make a deposit at a Big Time Gaming-powered online casino.

👑 Can I play Kingmaker slots with no deposit?

You don’t have to make a deposit to play Kingmaker slots here at Slots Temple, but only play money prizes can be won.

👑 Can I download Kingmaker slots?

You don’t have to download software to play Kingmaker slots, as it is a browser-based game.

👑 What is the RTP of Kingmaker?

According to data released by Big Time Gaming, the RTP of Kingmaker is 96.65%. With a theoretical return to players of 96.65 for every 100.00 wagered, this is a good indication that the game is fair and reputable. The house edge when you spin the reels comes in at a perfectly acceptable 3.35%, which is well within our recommended cut-off point of 5%.

👑 How volatile is Kingmaker?

Kingmaker is a highly volatile game, which means we strongly suggest cautious players, newbies and anyone with a modest bankroll to confine their playing experience to demo mode, right here on our site. After extensive play, you may decide that you’d like to play the game for real money, but if that’s the case, make sure you have sufficient funds to tide you through at least 200 spins, since winning spins can be few and far between.

👑 What is the biggest win available on Kingmaker?

If the reels of Kingmaker spin in your favour, you could be walking away with a top cash prize worth 10,000x your wager. At maximum stakes that means a big win could be worth as much as 200,000.00. That’s got to be worth the attention of some serious high rollers!

👑 How often does Kingmaker slot pay out?

Discovering exactly how often an online slots game pays out is the Holy Grail of gaming fans. But unfortunately for all of us, there’s absolutely no surefire way of calculating when to up your stakes on the reels of Kingmaker. Admittedly, it would be possible to hunt down an average figure, but just like RTP ratios, that figure wouldn’t be of any actual help to individual players. All reputable online slots games, including Kingmaker, are governed by RNGs, or Random Number Generators, which ensure completely random outcomes from every spin.

👑 Can I play Kingmaker on mobile?

Yes, Kingmaker has been designed to optimise itself automatically for every device it’s displayed upon. So whether you decide to play the game on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, you’ll always have the optimum playing experience.

👑 Can I keep the winnings I spin up on Kingmaker?

When you decide to play Kingmaker on our site, you’re playing with pretend money. It looks and behaves just like real money, so you can use it exactly as you would if you were playing the game for real money at an online casino. But unlike real cash, hitting a losing streak won’t have any impact on your personal finances, so it’s a great way of trying out games completely risk free. But not being liable for any losses incurred also means you won’t be able to bank any winnings from the game either. If you’d like to play Kingmaker and be in with the chance of spinning up some real money prizes, then you need to head to an online casino that offers Big Time Gaming software, sign up and deposit funds.

👑 Do I have to go to an online casino to play Kingmaker?

Some of our regular visitors like to come to our site, track down new games, which they play for free for a while, then take their knowledge to an online casino, in the hope of spinning up some big cash prizes. But there’s absolutely no obligation to do so. Plenty of other visitors like to spend some time here at Slots Temple chilling, unwinding and trying out a selection of great slots games that they can play for free. So whether you’re playing for knowledge and experience or playing just for fun, you’re always welcome, whenever you feel like stopping by.

👑 How does the bonus round work in Kingmaker?

Spin up 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols to be awarded 7, 12 or 20 Free Spins respectively. And the feature can be retriggered during play too, awarding up to 20 additional Free Spins. A Win Multiplier is active throughout the Free Spins feature bonus round, and before your spins start, your starting multiplier has to be calculated. This is done by adding up all the multipliers across the banners, at the left-hand side of the reels. The total figure is your starting Multiplier, which increases x1 for every win throughout the feature.

👑 How do I find an online casino where I can play Kingmaker?

If you’ve tried Kingmaker in demo mode here on our site, and you’ve decided that it’s a game you’d like to play with the chance of spinning up some real money prizes, then we’re here to help. Just head to our casino review pages to find out everything you need to know about all the top casino brands. We even give you a breakdown of the Welcome Bonus offers too, so you know what wagering requirements are required, and how to apply any bonus codes. The only thing you need to do is check that your chosen online casino offers BTG software, and then you can be sure that it will give you access to Kingmaker.

* Kingmaker trademark / license is owned by Big Time Gaming. This site is not endorsed by Big Time Gaming.

Game Name: Kingmaker
Software: Big Time Gaming
Themes: Gold, Jewels
Volatility: High volatility
Features: Wild Symbol Scatter Symbol Multiplier Free Spins Megaways High volatility 6 Reels
Paylines: 16807
Reels: 6
Min Bet (all lines covered): 0.2
Max Bet: 20
Top Win: 10000
RTP: 96.65%
User Reviews
Overall score: 3.9 out of 5 stars

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